Art (The Evie Story)

Art (The Evie Story)

A Story by T. Logan

So... I got bored. So here's a short story!


            Boredom. That’s all that has been coursing through my mind for weeks. ‘Course, I have friends, and we could always do stuff together, but the simple fact is that I don’t really want to. Sure, they’re good people and everything, but sometimes they can really get under my skin. Just yesterday Rozlynn started talking about guys and how ‘hot’ she thought her next-door-neighbor was, and I had no choice but to sit there and listen. I’m not a lesbian or anything, but still. Do we have to talk about guys all the time? Even when I’m with guys they talk about other guys, and who beat whose high score. I’ll put on a fake smile for the time being, but seriously, I really couldn’t care less.

            So I choose to be a loner.

            Ever see that girl eating by herself at lunch? Maybe it’s not the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, maybe it’s just because she chooses to be alone. Like me. People just irritate me too much. Besides, if I’m alone, I have more time to work on my art. It’s not like it’s good enough for museums or anything, but Miss Todd likes it, so that’s really all that matters I guess. Maybe I’ll have my own exhibit one day, but for now I’m happy with my charcoal pencils and notebook.

            I think art’s kind of a friend itself. Art and music. I listen to music a lot when I draw or paint; it just seems to bring out stuff that I didn’t know was there in the first place. Now, you’re probably not getting what I’m talking about, but let me put it this way. Ever had that one friend that you keep around for no reason? And you want to let that friend go, but the moment you try to leave you realize that your life would suck without them? It’s kinda like that. I don’t know why I draw, I just do. It makes me feel better.

            I don’t really know where I’m going with this, other than just rambling about my sad little excuse for a day.

            “What did you do today, Evie?” my journal asks me every day.

            “Oh, nothing really,” I respond, though it can’t hear me.

            “That sounds exciting! Why don’t you write down your day of doing nothing in here? Maybe you could doodle in my margins!”

            And because it just sits there and taunts me for no reason, I give into it, realizing how dull my life really is. Maybe that’ll change, maybe it won’t. But I don’t really care either way. I have my art and me and that’s all I really need.

© 2012 T. Logan

Author's Note

T. Logan
Judge all you want. This is the brainchild of my boredom today. :P

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Your story is clearly written and easy to follow, making for a successful communication. In the last paragraph, first sentence, you could break up 'into' and make it 'in to'. My wife says only boring people get bored. And if you feel better by creating something, such as a story or drawing, then go for it. I'm the same way. Drawing, painting or writing really helps, along with a good iced coffee.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2012
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T. Logan
T. Logan

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