Artemis Volume 1

Artemis Volume 1

A Screenplay by GoodOlNoah

A young girl in a town away from all of humanity suffers a terrible tragedy that leads her on an epic journey to take down the corrupt leader of her civilization.


The Rebirth of Artemis

Copyright © 2019 Noah Sullivan. No part of this content may be reproduced without the written consent of the author. 

Art by Maxa-art

Story started December 3rd 2019

Story finished April 1st 2020

Editing started July 30th

Editing finished August 14th

Story starts in 2014, after 5 year time skip it is 2019.

Terra is 16 by the time skip.

Issue 1 - A lonesome town

A little girl was running through the forest at top speed. With some food in a handbag over her shoulder. She wore a green tunic and a farmer's dress. A man was chasing after her with a pitchfork in his hand. 

Man: Goddamnit woman! This will be the last time you steal from me! 

She continued running and stumbled a bit. So she latched onto a nearby tree and climbed up it to avoid capture. The man caught up to her and looked up in the tree. The girl was silent. She was in fear. 

Man: Are you serious? Do you really think you can hide? I’ll scale that tree myself. 

The girl slid down and hit the man in the head and ran for it once again. However, she tripped on a root that was sticking out of the ground, and the man wasn’t that far behind her. 

Man: Gotcha!

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

The little girl stood next to the man in front of a woman at a desk. 

Man: I caught her trying to steal my crops! Me and my family slaved away making those trees grow! And they were just perfect for eating too!

Woman: What’s your name girl?

???: Terra Lorbia ma’am. 

Woman: Alright. I’ll write this down. You can leave now. 

Man: What about my crops?

Woman: She clearly needs them more than you do, dick. 

The Woman walked past the guy and grabbed Terra’s hand and walked out of the office house with her and into the outside. The entire town was very old-timey, with small houses and bars. 

Terra: Thank you so much Ma'am. 

Woman: Call me Miss Los. 

Miss Los wore a big brown poncho and had big puffy brown hair. One of her eyes was covered by her hair. She wore loose fitting brown pants and brown worn shoes. 

Terra: Well, am I in trouble?

Miss Los: No. I won’t punish you. I know your grandparents. They raised you well. Just don’t steal okay? We’d be more than happy to get you a job here. Even though you’re underaged. 

Miss Los laughed joyfully at Terra. 

Terra: What’s so funny? Did I say something?

Miss Los: No, you just remind me of someone. My son. 

Terra: ...Can I go home now?

Miss Los: Yes.

Terra grabbed her bag of apples and looked at Miss Los. She slung the bag on her shoulder and walked away, past many normal looking houses and past the bar. She walked further past all of the civilization and into the woods. There was a lone small house in the woods. On the mailbox were two names. Carl and Ellie. Terra opened the door to the house and entered. 

Terra: I got food!

An old man and woman called Terra over to their room. 

Ellie: Let me see how these look. 

Terra came over and gave her grandmother the bag.

Terra: Freshly picked just like you wanted em!

Ellie: How did you even get these good crops?

Terra: Oh, um. I have my ways. 

Ellie: *Sigh*. You stole them. Didn’t you? I told you already. We can handle ourselves. 

Terra: I-I just wanted to help you. 

Ellie: Next time you want to help, don’t go off stealing things!

Terra: Okay…

Carl was glossing up one of his relics. 

Ellie: I was on my way back from Miss Los’s house when I saw another one of those men on motorcycles. 

Carl: Ugh. I wish they would go away. They’ve always left us alone prior. 

Ellie: I think they're searching for someone here.

Carl: Of course he is. 

Carl shook his head. 

Terra: Motorcycle people? I see them a lot when I’m in the woods. I saw them yelling at a woman. And then one of them hit her! 

Carl: I’m sorry you had to see that. 

Terra: Why don’t we gather the village to fight back? I bet you could take a bunch by yourself Grandpa! 

Carl: The village people don’t want to have anything to do with those men. And we’ll avoid them for now. 

Terra: We should teach them a lesson and kill one of their men! 

Carl looked surprised. He stopped what he was doing and came down to Terra’s level. 

Carl: Do you know what killing entails? 

Terra: Um...Of course. It’s taking their life. 

Carl: Doing it like that...with hate in your heart. It can corrupt you. And it hurts more people than you know. Innocent people. They don’t kill. Promise me you’ll never kill. Unless absolutely necessary. 

Terra: ...Promise. 

Carl: Pinky promise? You know you absolutely can’t break those. 

Terra pinky promised Carl. 

Carl: Now, look. This relic here is Athena’s shield. 

Carl took the huge white shield off it’s display. 

Carl: Here. Try holding it. 

Terra: I can hold it? You never let me! 

Carl: You look like you may be of suitable age. 

Terra took the shield off of Carl’s hands. And held it. She almost dropped it. 

Carl: Be careful. 

Terra: Why did it get lighter? 

Carl: It adjusts to its user. Like most olympus relics. 

Terra: Wait, so I could use a relic from olympus?

Carl: There is a relic out there. The Artemis Armor. 

Terra: Really? 

Carl: Yes. It’s said that it’s actually very close to us. 

Terra: Wow. I wonder if I could wear it one day…

Carl: I’d love to see that. All my relics just sit here now. 

Carl: Here, I’m tired of sitting down. Ellie is making dinner. So let’s train for a little. 

Terra: Ugh...Alright. 

Carl: What is it? 

Terra: Nothing. 

Carl: Here. Let me introduce you to a family tradition. 

Terra: A family what? 

Carl: Tradition. This is a thing our family does all the time. Here. Grab your training staff. 

Terra grabbed her staff. 

Carl: I want you to customize it an some way. Any way you want. 

Terra: Uh, can we give it a cool color? 

Carl: Come on. More. Something that you’d really like. 

Terra: ...What if we put a spearhead on it? 

Carl: Elementary! That is a great idea. Let’s try it out. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Carl was standing in a fighting stance. Terra was holding her new spear. Terra lunged forward with her spear. And Carl knocked it off course. He then jabbed Terra lightly with the staff he was holding. 

Carl: Now, try and strike me again. 

Terra: I won’t be able to hit you! I’ve already tried like 100 times! 

Carl: With that attitude you’ll never hit me. 

Terra: I don’t think I’m cut out for fighting. It’s impossible! 

Carl sat down next to Terra. 

Carl: Do you know why your name is Terra? 

Terra: Why? 

Carl: Terra is the goddess of the Earth. And her name means Mother Earth. Do you think Mother Earth backs down from a challenge when it stands in the face of her? 


Carl: What I mean is. When a challenge stands in front of you that looks unbeatable. If it seems impossible. Stand up and spit in the face of that impossible challenge. Nothing is impossible kiddo. Impossible isn’t a declaration. It’s a dare. 

Terra; A dare? 

Carl: Now try and strike me with that state of mind. 

Terra held her spear tightly. 

Carl: Break my guard. And then lunge in for a strike. 

Terra: Won’t I hurt you with this blade? 

Carl: So you didn’t ever believe you would hit me? 

Terra: Well…

Carl came over and felt the blade. It was barely sharp. 

Carl: I wouldn’t give an 11 year old a sharpened blade. 

Terra stabbed forward at Carl. Who blocked the blade off course. She kept attacking. Until she realized an opening in Carl’s guard. She hit him in the side with the spear. 

Carl: Well done! You hit me! See. With a little dedication you will be great. 

Terra: Wow...I did hit you. 

Carl: Sometimes dedication also takes sacrifice. I hope you muster the courage to sacrifice in the future.

Terra: Yea-

Ellie: Dinner! Come and get it while it’s hot!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Terra came back through the door. Carl was reading a big book. It looked ancient. 

Terra: Whatcha reading? 

Carl: Ah this old thing? This is a book about the goddess of the hunt. Artemis. 

Terra: The goddess of the hunt? That’s Artemis? 

Carl: Yep! The other towns around here worship her. 

Terra: Really? I hope I meet Artemis one day. 

Carl: The legend tells that she lives somewhere in the woods. With a colony of other women. 

Terra: Maybe I could find her one day...

Carl: haha, you should! 

Terra: Can I uh, read with you? 

Carl: Of course!

Terra squeezed her little body into Carl’s big chair. He read the book to her. Until she fell asleep for the night. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

A robotic hand was tightening a bolt on his motorcycle. The man was holding a dog tag that said “Beck Robertson.” The man was of African American heritage, he wore no shirt, showing off his burly chest. He wore a belt with an R on it and wore pants with a horizontal red and black pattern one each pant leg.Along with many other names behind. A soldier with various guns strapped to him came over. 

Soldier: Beck! 

Beck was knocked out of his staring into nowhere. 

Beck: Soldier. Are we ready?

Soldier: Yes, everyone is ready. Don’t you think this is a bit much? I mean these are just townspeople. Maybe we should just leave them al-

Beck: You don’t believe in Integer’s cause? 

Soldier: W-well of course I do! I just-

Beck punched through the soldier’s chest with his robotic hand. And left him on the ground. 

Beck: You nonbeliever. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Terra was reading the Artemis book from yesterday. Something about it just piqued her interest. Carl came over. 

Carl: Hey, look at this. 

Carl flipped to some of the middle pages of the book. 

Carl: Starting here, it lists spells. I want you to keep this book. I think it would help if you learned from it in the meantime. 

Carl handed Terra a backpack. 

Carl: Put it around your shoulders. My pa gave me this backpack. And it served its purpose well. Keep it with you. 

Terra plopped the book in the backpack. She slung it over her shoulders. 

Terra: Wow, it feels like it’s not even there! 

Ellie: We’re almost late for the town meeting! And we have to get you ready! 

Carl: She’s fine. She’s herself. 

Ellie let out a sigh. 

Ellie: Well I guess we’re already late. Let’s go. 

They left the house and started walking. 

Terra: Town meeting is always boring! 

Carl: Not this time. 

Terra: That’s what you always say…

Carl: Don’t worry. It’s not even that long. After this we can go to the ice cream joint. 

Terra: Is that a deal? 

Carl: Sure, If you want to call it that. 

The family came over to a bunch of seats and sat out in front of a podium. A short man came out in front of the podium. The head of the town. 

Town head: Hello everyone! It is nice to see that almost everyone in town has attended today’s town meeting. And that’s because today is an important day. The anniversary of the founding of this town. I would tell the tale. But I will spare you the frustration. Because festivities are in order!

A couple torches were lit. And the fire went up high across the sky. 

Terra: Wow...What even is this? 

Carl: I told you it wasn’t boring this time. 

Terra: Was the town really founded on this day? 

Carl: Well not really. Town head usually just picks a day out of the general week that we thought it happened. 

There were fireworks going off, and performers came out. Doing dances all around. Terra mainly marveled at the fireworks. A bunch of the other kids from the town came out and they began playing a game of soccer. Terra joined in.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Beck watched the fireworks go off. 

Beck: They are calling us straight to them. Fools. 

A group of Beck’s soldiers were all sitting on motorcycles. With battle armor that had the words “MFI” on them.  Beck got on a bigger, suped up motorcycle and fired on the machine. All of the motorcycles were fired on.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Townsfolk: Hey. Does anyone hear that sound? 

There was a small army of motorcycles coming down towards the village. 

Carl: S**t…

Carl ran back to the house to get his weapons. 

Terra and Ellie looked down at the screaming machines. They were getting closer and closer. 

Town Head: Everyone go for your houses! 

Ellie: Come on Terra! 

Ellie grabbed Terra’s hand and started running towards the house. They made it home and saw Carl coming out with Athena’s shield. 

Ellie: Where the hell are you going?

Carl: I’m protecting my people. 

Terra: I can go with you! 

Ellie: No you can’t. Stay here. 

Terra: But what if-

Carl: I’ll be alright. I’ve had it with Jilaya. 

Terra: Who? 

Carl: Stay safe. 

Carl ran off. 

Ellie: Come, Terra. 

Terra: What’s going on?! Where did grandp-

Ellie: Calm down. We are all going to be okay. 

A motorcycle came down the woods and to the house. The man stepped off. It was Beck. 

Beck: Ellie! I know you’re in there! Come out before things get bloody! 

Terra: Who is that? 

Ellie: Keep your head down. In here. 

Ellie lead Terra into a cubby hole. That only fit her. Terra squeezed in. 

Ellie: Shhh. I’m going to reason with him. 

Terra heard the door close. And she heard nothing for a minute. And then yelling. The yelling turned into screaming. Ellie’s screams. Terra’s breathing started getting shaky. And it wasn’t long until she burst out of the cubby. She grabbed her spear. It was only one guy, right? She peeked out the window. And saw Beck only standing there. Shaking his hand. It looked like he was getting something off. It couldn’t be. He picked up a torch and set it on fire. He threw it into the window. Breaking it. The flaming torch breezed past Terra’s head. She ran out of the house. And saw Ellie on the ground. With a hole in her chest. Terra looked down and her face swelled up with tears. She dropped her spear and put her hands over her face. Bawling her eyes out. 

Beck: Ugh. 

Beck picked up Terra’s spear. And then Terra herself. 

Beck: You’ve made a mistake. 

Beck stabbed the spear through Terra’s chest. Pulled it out and then slit her neck. Well, that would’ve happened. Beck went to stab the spear through Terra. But he was forced to drop Terra in order to block a strike from a sword. He punched up. And the person jumped out of the way. She was standing on top of a slab of wood that hadn’t been taken out. She stood in front of Beck. With the flames rising behind her. She was Miss Los. The only difference was that she had a sword in her hand. 

Beck: ...You. 

Miss Los: Me? 

Beck: KRILLA! I’ll kill you! 

Beck punched down at Krilla. She dodged out of the way and pushed Beck out of the way. 

Krilla: You remember how this ended last time, right? 

Beck: I am more prepared this time. 

Terra got up and looked at the town. It was burning to the ground. She watched soldiers kill her village people. And debris fell from houses. Krilla blocked some punches from Beck. And kicked him in the stomach. She slashed up with her sword. A cut going right up Beck’s stomach. He grabbed her sword as her slash ended and cast it aside. He grabbed her and punched her right in the face. Sending her flying back. Beck blitzed her. Beck threw a powerful punch, but Krilla dodged under. Her sword turned transparent. And she slashed it up Beck’s robotic arm. It went limp. Beck kicked Krilla in the side and kneed her in the stomach. She headbutted Beck and slashed across his stomach. Beck’s face got increasingly irritated. He grabbed Krilla by the neck and drove her into the ground. Before he could do anything he was hit in the side by a shield. 

Carl: Krilla!

Carl spun his staff around and jabbed Beck in the stomach. He punched Carl’s staff down and did a jump front kick. Carl moved out of the way and slammed him in the side with Athena’s shield. He pointed his hand towards the nearby fire and made it flow at Beck. He got hit by the fire and stumbled back. Carl threw the shield at Beck. Knocking him down. Carl and Krilla ran over and kept Beck down. 

Carl: Stay down! I’m done sitting around. Where is Integer?!

Beck: You’re old as dirt. You couldn’t do anything to her. 

Krilla: I’m going to finish what I started, 

Carl: Wait Krilla! We can get info out of him! He leads the men here! 

Beck: True. And it looks like my men are obliterating your useless farmers! 

Beck’s robotic arm started to be lit up with an electric charge. 

Carl: S**t...We weren’t enough. 

Beck: Also. You were obviously too busy to notice your wife. 

Carl looked over and saw Ellie on the ground. He jumped over to her. And looked at her corpse. He closed his eyes and shut hers. A single tear going down his face. 

Carl: Krilla. Finish it. 

Krilla stabbed her sword down. Beck screamed and smashed his robotic hand on the ground before he was hit. A gigantic shockwave went across the ground. Knocking Krilla and Carl to the ground. Terra stood off against Beck. Terra grabbed her spear and ran at him. Terra stabbed forward at Beck. Who knocked the blade off course. She kept attacking. Until she realized an opening in Beck’s guard. She slashed for his side. And he kicked the spear down and out of Terra’s hands. 

Beck: You will learn from this little one. 

Beck stood up and grabbed Terra’s spear. He stabbed Carl with it. 

Terra literally couldn’t even cry anymore. She just stood there. Frozen. 

Carl looked at Krilla as he was dying. 

Carl: ...Protect Terra…

Krilla took a deep breath and slashed at Beck with an enraged scream. Slashing Beck on the arm. She picked up Terra and her spear and fled. Terra realized she was still wearing the backpack from earlier. With that book in it. 

Issue 2 - Stick

Krilla was running through the woods. 

Terra: Miss Los! We have to go back! The village! It’s-

Krilla grabbed Terra’s book and scrolled through the pages. 

Krilla: You have to rest. 

Terra: No I don’t. Listen to me! People are going to die! 

Krilla: I wasn’t asking. Sleap minos duinos. 

Terra fell into a deep sleep. Krilla sighed. 

Krilla: I have to do something…

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra awoke inside of a dojo. She sat up and looked around. No Krilla in sight. 

Terra: What is this place?

Terra looked up. And realized an old man was standing above him. He had white hair. And his eyes were completely white. With pupils still obviously being there. But they were barley visible. He had a black shirt under a dark green long coat. He had long, light black pants on. Along with steel toe boots. 

???: Shut up and get up. Come over here. 

Terra got up hesitantly. She was annoyed by his demands. She walked over to the blind man, who was standing in the corridor. 

???: Come on. 

Terra followed him into a room that was lined with chairs. There was nobody there however. 

???: Sit down. 

Terra sat down on one of the chairs. 

Terra: Who are you? 

???: I’m your sensei. Stick. Here, have some food. Eat it and shut up. 

Terra took the food. It was a small plate with a sandwich on it. She did as Stick told her. Stick sat next to her 

Stick: Well, let’s get started. So here’s the thing I tell all of my students. Nobody feels sorry for you and nobody ever will. The world is full of fakers. 

Terra: That’s dumb. 

Stick: What did I say? 

Terra: To be quiet…

Stick: Don’t get pouty. So tell me your story.

Terra: My town! It was attacked by a bunch of men on motorcycles! You have to help me! We have to go back and see if-

Stick: Like I said. Nobody feels sorry for you. Including me. I don’t give a s**t about your town. There’s much bigger threats that could destroy cities. And have. 

Terra: I watched my grandparents be killed! 

Stick: Oh boo hoo. Your grandparents were killed. You are a survivor, and if you wanna continue to be one then you're gonna need some training. 

Terra: That’s harsh! I’m telling you something! And how did I get here?! 

Stick stood up and kicked Terra in the stomach. She clutched it in pain. 

Stick: You have quite the mouth on you kid. Krilla dropped your sorry a*s off here. She has better things to do. So I want you to stop overreacting and hit me. 

Terra: ….You know what? 

Terra put all of her power behind one punch to Stick’s stomach. Stick didn’t even flinch. 

Stick: Wow, pitiful. 

Terra screamed and threw a bunch of sloppy punches at Stick. Who easily dodged them with his hands behind his back. He caught her punch and twisted her hand. 

Terra: Ow! Stop! 

Stick stopped and sat back down. 

Stick: Wow, that was s**t. You’ve got a long way to go. Here, take all the s**t out of your bag. 

Terra: Uhm, ok. 

Terra grabbed her bag and brought it to Stick. She took out the Artemis book. 

Stick: What is this s**t? 

Terra: A book that I got from my grandfather. It’s one of the last things he gave me as a gift. I think it actually has spells in it! 

Stick: Reading spells off of a f*****g page isn’t real skill. 

Terra: I’m skilled enough! I have my spear. 

Stick: And what if you didn’t have it? Like now? A three year old could punch harder than you. 

Terra: Hey! 

Stick led Terra into a new room. 

Stick: Here, meet one of my newest pupil, Fenix.

Fenix was practicing very precise strikes on a dummy. 

Stick: Well, enjoy. 

Stick pushed Terra into a sparring ring with Fenix. 

Fenix: A new one?

Stick: Yup, I want you to kick her a*s. 

Terra: Seriously? 

Stick: Fights can happen at any time. You have to always be prepared. 

Fenix: Guard up. 

Terra got into a very bad fighting stance. Fenix ran up and kicked her in the side. Terra ran towards  Fenix and threw an overhand punch. Fenix dodged and punched Terra right in the face.

Fenix: Hands up.

Terra’s anger was growing. She threw a punch at Fenix’s stomach. Which was delivered with a punch to the face. 

Fenix: Hands up.

Terra threw a punch at Fenix’s face. She dodged and quickly pressed down on a point on Terra’s arm. Her arm went limp. 

Fenix: Hands up.

Terra: I swear to god…

At this point Terra stopped being offensive and started being defensive. So she stopped attacking. Fenix approached her. Terra threw a sloppy punch with her working hand. Fenix ducked under and pressed on a pressure point on Terra’s torso. Terra convulsed and felt her stomach in pain. She fell to the ground.

Stick: That’s enough.

Fenix walked out of the sparring ring. Terra stood up painfully. 

Stick: Well, you have got a long way to go. 

All of them walked into the previous room. Everyone sat down. However someone was looking at Terra’s spell book.

Stick: Mina get the hell out! 

Terra: Hey! 

Terra took the book from Mina. Mina had a bottle of beer in her hand.

Mina: Hey, what the hell!? I was enjoying that reading.

Fenix: Ugh, drunks. 

Stick: Mina. Join us and show Terra how to truly fight. You and Fenix are going to do a bit of sparring.

Mina: Okay. 

Fenix: Can’t wait. 

Mina chugged down her bottle of beer. Fenix rolled her eyes. 

Stick: Alright, in the cage. 

Mina got into a very drunken stance. She crossed her feet and tripped over herself a bit. Fenix got into a very defined stance. Ready for whatever Mina had. Mina approached drunkenly and threw a few high punches, which were blocked by Fenix. Fenix moved her feet backwards and Mina lunged her body into her with a shoulder and a very lazy kick. Fenix threw a front kick to send Mina back a bit. However she approached again and kept the pressure. Mina tripped on herself and came flying into Fenix. She moved out of the way and did a powerful chop to the back of Mina’s neck followed with some punches to the stomach. Mina grabbed one of Fenix’s arms and threw it to the side, throwing Fenix off. Mina ran in and swung both of her arms into her following with a lazy headbutt and a couple punches. Fenix threw a high kick and Mina ducked under and punched her and threw her leg behind her and threw that leg into Fenix. Fenix hit Mina with a kick to the chest and followed through with some chops to the neck and a punch to the face. Mina ran up and threw a kick to the face. Fenix got hit and fell to the ground. Mina walked closer but Fenix tripped Mina with a leg sweep from the ground. Fenix got up and grabbed Mina’s arm and locked it in between both of her legs and pushed up with her hips. Almost breaking Mina’s arm.

Stick: Enough! That is some almost passable fighting. Now, let's get started. 

Terra: O-okay. 

Terra had to train with both Mina and Fenix for the rest of the day. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

1 year later, Terra is in her first test for her first belt. 

Stick: Alright, we are all going to start with jumping jacks. The key to getting bouncy and ready to fight. Fenix, Mina, Terra, and Sae. You will each do 2,000 jumping jacks. That’s 8,000 jumping jacks. For you ALL to do. If you stop you are all shocked. Like seriously. 

They all started doing their jumping jacks together. Starting with Fenix. Terra got shocked at least 20 times and was knocked to her feet once. Stick yelled at her a lot as well 

Stick: Alright, onto the second part. You will all do sparring for 4 hours straight. 

Sae and Fenix were matched up and Mina and Terra were matched up. Terra was pretty much beat to s**t by Mina. But she did win about 1 round for every 5. By the end of this everyone was exhausted and in pain. Mina even more from her excessive drinking. 

Terra: God, I can’t do this anymore. 

Stick: What was that Terra?!

Mina: Oh s**t. 

Stick took out Terra’s spell book. 

Stick: Etem Illuio ghios!

Terra was flung into an unconscious state. She was reliving her village burning. She looked around. Seeing people getting killed and slaughtered. Buildings falling on helpless individuals. Terra tried to move, but she couldn’t, A figure walked up to her. Beck. 

. Beck: Look at what you walked away from. 

She was hit by falling debris. Terra awoke, crying. 

Stick: Do you want to be like these people?! Dead? That is what happened to your village! This is why you must separate yourself from your emotions. Your body is doing the work. Not your f*****g brain! 

Everyone was looking at Stick. 

Stick: Why the f**k did you all stop? Let’s all get back to testing. Terra, up. 

Terra stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes and got back to testing. 

Stick: Alright, time for a 10k run! 

It was the end of the testing day. Terra did receive her first belt. Just barley. 

Stick: You all are a part of something greater. You are all part of the Chaste! 

Everyone cheered. Terra did as well. She felt it was the right thing to do. 

She pretty much slept right after. Too tired to even ask what the Chaste was. But she was disturbed by Stick’s alarm in the morning. It was time for more training. In the morning Terra came up to Stick. 

Terra: Sensei, what really is the Chaste? 

Stick: An organization. This isn’t an ordinary dojo. The Chaste is a cause. A cause to stop the fuckers out to get you from the shadows. 

Terra: Who? 

Stick: The Hand. 

Terra: The Hand? What is that? 

Stick: No more questions. They're the people you are fighting to kill.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

The next 5 years of training were nothing close to easy. All of the students would train every other day for the entire day. Everyone was expected to hunt their own food when they were hungry and keep up their training on off days. Over the years more and more students were trained by Stick and the class started to fill up even more. 

Issue 3 - Armor of An Olympian

5 years later

Terra's look had completely changed. She had long red hair. With her bangs being braided. The rest of her hair was a mess and was sticking up all over the place. She wore a black top like most of the other girls there. Leaving her midriff exposed. And she had long black pants as well. She had a ripped piece of her green tunic as a sort of scarf. Everyone was exhausted from the intense training of the day. 

Stick: It’s time for sparring. Who will go first?

Stick “looked” around at the many students in his class. 

Stick: Terra, me and you.

Terra: *sigh* 

Terra walked into the middle of the training field. 

Stick: Show me what you got kid. 

Terra and Stick circled around each other. Terra closed the gap between her and Stick slowly. She closed the gap with a step-side kick which Stick grabbed. He threw her on the ground. Terra fell on the ground and sprung up with a jumping kick. Stick dodged out of the way. Terra threw a flurry of well placed punches at Stick. Which he avoided. She hit Stick with a kick at the shin. Stick threw a punch at her face and she threw the punch off. She threw a front kick. Stick stepped back and punched her hard in her gut. She spun and went to nail Stick in the head. Stick caught her hand and sprained it. Terra fought on however. Stick threw a hook at her face and missed. Terra threw a punch at Sticks face but before she hit she was elbowed right in the chin and was knocked out cold on the ground. She woke right back up however and Stick helped her up. 

Stick: Alright. Next up is Mina and Sae. Terra you get a 20k run. 

Terra: Seriously?

Stick: Terra.

Terra: Okay, okay. 

Terra started to run the huge perimeter of the field. She thought of the last 5 years. How she hates Stick for his abusive attitude but also loves him for saving her life. She thought about how, throughout the years she became even more skilled and strong all thanks to him. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -      -       -        -        -        -        -        -      -      -      -     

She ran and got back to her quarters. She was sweating and was exhausted from the long day. She felt her bed, ready to call it a day. She grabbed her Artemis book to settle down for the night. She got to the passage about Artemis’s lost armor. This brought memories back to Terra. 

“Carl: There is a relic out there. The Artemis Armor. 

Terra: Really? 

Carl: Yes. It’s said that it’s actually very close to us.”

Terra: I wonder if the rumors are true. 

Terra closed the book and went to bed. With a bunch of other mattresses being spread across the room. Everyone living in the dojo slept there. But she couldn’t fall asleep. The image of the armor in the book coming back to her over and over. Eventually Terra got up and snuck out of the dojo. She was worried about what lurked in the dark. But that armor could help. She had her spear by her side. She looked at her book. It was said the armor laid in a cave. So Terra took off, looking for a cave of some sort. 

???: Hey! What the hell are you doing ginger? 

Terra turned around. It was Sae. Since she had arrived she worked closely with Stick. 

Terra: Uh...I’m going hunting. 

Sae: In the middle of the night? Don’t lie to my face. 

Sae had a dark green long coat over a black top. And had long sweatpants on. She had long white hair that looked as if it almost touched the ground. Like Terra, she wore no shoes. 

Terra: I want to be ready for the morning. 

Sae: If it’s a simple hunt. Then I’ll go with you. 

Terra: Fine! I’m going to look for some sacred armor. 

Sae: Why? 

Terra: me against the Hand. 

Sae: I suppose if it’s to help the Chaste then you are premitted. But I’m still going with you. 

Terra started walking away. Sae followed. 

Sae: I had no idea you were so dedicated to the Chaste. Almost like you’re lying. You have other goals? 

Terra: Why do you care? 

Sae: So you do have ulterior motives? 

Terra: My motive right now is to find the armor. You get to ask questions about me. So what’s training with Stick so closely been like? You even sound like him. 

Sae: I am a weapon. I am trained to be a weapon. The perfect weapon that will destroy the hand. 

Terra: So what does that make me? A weapon too? 

Sae laughed. 

Sae: You are best compared to a confetti cannon. Weapon-wise. 

Terra: Hey! Well you’re best compared to a-

Sae: Shut it! Bushes! Now. 

They both ducked into some bushes. Some of the MFI soldiers walked past. The same men that were riding in with Beck on motorcycles. 

Soldier 1: Beck seriously thinks there’s another organization operating out of here? 

Soldier 2: Sometimes I wish it was anyone else in charge. Like the guy who controls the New York branch. 

Soldier 3: This place is just creepy. Like that cave East. The weapon in there is said to be the weapon of a god. But Beck doesn’t want us to go there. 

Soldier 4: It’s like he’s scared of it. 

Sae came out of the bushes and grabbed a guy by the face, pulled him back and stabbed him in the neck. Blood spilling out all over her. The soldiers took out small knives and lunges at Sae. One slashed at her face. She grabbed his arm and kneed him in the elbow. She took his knife out of his hand and stabbed him in both sides of the head with both of her knives. She kicked the last two men in the face and then jumped at them with her knives. Stabbing both of them in the chests. She wiped the blood off of her. 


Sae: Thanks for helping, ginger. 

Terra swallowed and got up off the ground. 

Sae: Come on. 

Terra: ...One of those guys said east. Maybe he’s talking about the armor! 

Sae: East it is. You didn’t seem to like all that killing. 

Terra: I mean, senseless killing is senseless killing. I mean killing is taking their life. All they were doing was walking by! 

Sae: They said they were looking for the dojo, 

Terra: I know, But I doubt they’d find it at night. 

Sae: The sun’s starting to come up. I bet they would’ve. It’s just so fulfilling. To truly feel something like that. 

Terra:...Now I see why Stick chose you to be his pupil. 

Sae: Why would that be? 

Terra: You’re crazy to put it lightly. 

Sae: If you weren’t part of the Chaste. You might’ve been like one of those soldiers, ginger. The strong survive. That’s why the only ones left are the MFI and the Chaste. 

Terra: What is the MFI? 

Sae: Meta/Mutant Facilities Incorporated. They make metas or mutants, lock them up. And more. There’s a bunch of camps around the world. 

Terra: They don’t seem like good people. Why would they just burn down a random village? 

Sae: You’re still hung up about your village? It’s been five years. 

Terra: Look! There’s a cave! 

Sae: There’s two. You take one. I’ll take the other. 

Terra went into one of the caves. She peeked into the cave. Only to see a pack of hounds around the armor. Terra took her spear out. All of the dogs jumped at her in sync. Terra was blown back by a big energy blast. She realized the dogs were gone. Like the poofed out of existence. She went back into the cave. 

Terra was traveling through the woods. She got to a passage of trees. They all had scratches down them. Some that only an animal could’ve done. 

She looked over and saw a giant inscription. It said “Cean was here” 

Terra: Cean…?

A figure floated through the wall. And looked at Terra. 

Terra: AHH! W-what the hell are you?!

???: Ah, I’m Cean. Did you not read my diabolical prank? 

Terra: What?

Cean: My prank. Look it says “Cean was here.”

Terra: Okay, okay. Just stop talking for a second. 

Cean: Rude! 

Terra: You are Cean. But what are you? Is this real? 

Cean: To you and your puny mind, I’m a god. 

Terra: A living god?! An olympian? YOU are an Olympian god?!

Cean: No. I’m much better than those people. Their a******s! Especially Artemis here. 

Terra: Artemis is here? 

Cean: No. But I like to imagine she is so I can yell insults at her. 

Terra: I need this armor. It’s for a cause. 

Cean: What kind of cause? 

Terra: I want to avenge my family. I want to hurt Beck. 

Cean: Aren’t you just...A girl? 

Terra: Yeah. But I’m a skilled girl! And with that armor I could have the power to beat him! 

Cean: Not my place. Take it. Try it on. 

Terra lifted the armor off its pedestal. She put it on and it fitted to her. It was broken into multiple pieces. A helmet, a breastplate that went across her chest and a little into her upper chest, Wrist coverings, hip guards of some sort, kneepads and shinguards. 

Cean: Looks like it was made for you. 

Terra: Really? 

Cean: Nah, it just fits to your body. 

Sae came out of virtually nowhere and stood in front of Terra. 

Sae: Ginger! You found the armor. 

Terra: Yeah! 

Sae: Let’s go before it’s morning time. 

Terra: Okay. 

A soldier’s voice was heard in the distance. 

Sae: Hide! 

Sae and Terra hid in the cave. Cean had disappeared. Terra hoped and prayed they would just walk by. But alas, a soldier walked in. And Sae drew her knife and stabbed him in the side and got him in a chokehold. And snapped his neck. Two came in, Sae stabbed both of them in the necks. Then three. She stabbed two. But the third cried out. Calling all the soldiers in the area over. 

Sae: Don’t stand there! Do what you trained to do! 

Sae tackled a couple soldiers and killed them swiftly. She got punched to the ground by another from behind. She threw a kunai straight into his neck. And then drew her sword. She started cutting through soldier after soldier. 

Terra got attacked by a couple soldiers. She threw a one two punch. And nearly sent the soldier off the ground. She threw a kick and knocked one to the ground. She kicked him out cold. She turned and did a jump front kick. Sending one flying. She spun around and cut a couple soldiers across the chests. And then knocked them both out with the end of the spear. She realized there was something she always wanted to try in battle. 

Terra: Sleap minos duinos! 

A soldier that was running towards Terra fell on the ground. Asleep. 

Terra: Is that all of them? 

Sae: Terra. As the Chaste we’re trained to kill. 

Terra: *Sigh* I know. 

Terra thought about Carl’s words. To not kill innocents. With hate in her heart. 

Terra: Killing so much like that. it hurts more people than you think Sae! 

Sae: Do you expect me to care? Those are just soldiers. 

Terra: Just soldiers? 

Sae: You’ve been with the Chaste for five years. You know the rules. 

Sae went over to a knocked out soldier and slit his neck. 

Terra: Hey! He’s defenseless! There’s no reason! 

Sae: Wouldn’t want them spouting about us once they wake up. 

She killed another. Terra got up and pushed her on the ground. 

Terra: No! Leave them! They won’t say anything! 

Sae: ...Fine. Have it your way. 

Sae got up and walked away. 

Sae: Let’s go back. Get a little sleep before morning. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Issue 4 - The Chaste

Terra woke up in the morning. To see her armor still beside her. Stick was walking past everyone’s beds to make sure they were awake. 

Stick: Where’d that armor come from kid? 

Terra: Late night adventure. I was allowed! Ask Sae. Don’t worry. It’s too help your cause. 

Stick: Our cause. Put it on. 

Stick kept walking. He dragged the unfortunate still sleeping students out of bed. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Stick: We’ll be running our first mission today. This is the first mission for most of you. 

This was indeed Terra’s first mission. She was more skilled than most people there. More because it had been five years up and coming. 

Stick: Terra, Fenix and Mina. You’re all ready for your first mission. And Sae. You’re coming too. We’re going to New York. Everyone else. You will all stay here. I have another master who will show as soon as I leave. 

Mina: New York? That’s a long way! 

Stick: Any problems? 

Mina: No. Not at all! 

Stick: Sae. You’re driving. 

Sae: Master Stick. A moment of your time please? 

Stick: What is it? 

Sae: Terra. She plans to leave one day. To attack the MFI on her own terms. I must ask, shall we help her? 

Stick: What was that? 

Sae: The Chaste could be the only ones left in the White Mountains. We could own it. 

Stick: No. The MFI is none of our business. Unless you made it your business. I can smell the blood off of you. The soldiers had knives, and their gear...It was MFI. Don’t f**k with them. If you do again. You know what happens. And Terra will show me where her loyalty lies today. 

Sae: Yes master. 

Fenix came over to Terra. 

Fenix: First mission. You worried? 

Terra: Kind of. I’m not even worried about who we’ll fight. I’m worried about Stick’s expectations. 

Fenix: Aren’t we all? Don’t worry. You’ll do good. Plus, that armor looks good on you. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Hours of driving later. 

Sae stopped in an alley and got out. Along with everyone. Someone else was watching everyone move in from the rooftops. Stick stopped and looked back. 

Sae: What is it? 

Stick: Nothing important. 

Sae: Take the vent?

Stick: Don’t get ahead of yourself. 

Stick and everyone else jumped into an air vent on the side of the building. It was a large building. Stick, with his superior hearing, led everyone right above a group of people.

Stick: Remember the plan. Lure him in.

Stick grabbed the vent under him and fell into the main area and cut off a hand soldiers head. 

Stick: Aim for the head! They’ll come back if you don’t! 

Fenix hit a ninja on a neck pressure point which killed him. Sae took on about three ninjas at the same time and traded some blows. She cut one of their heads off then was kicked away by one of them. The two that were left went to stab her right through the heart. Sae threw a bunch of Kunai into their necks. 

Terra: Alright. We got this. 

One ninja came up behind Terra and slashed at the back of her neck. Terra swung around and stabbed forward with her spear. Making some space between them. Terra threw a flurry of strikes at the ninja. He started to walk around her in a circle. He took out some ninja stars and threw them all at Terra. She sidestepped this and went in for a risky stab. The ninja pushed her spear out of the way and went in for a slash. Terra brought up her wrist. And blocked it. She kicked him in the face. Knocking him out. Stick came from behind and stabbed the ninja through the heart. 

Mina: What about the head thing? 

Stick: This blade is the muramasa blade. Made specially for killing immortal shitheads like the hand’s ninjas. 

Mina: So you were just showing off?

Stick: Come on. The person we’re dealing with is one of the hand’s fingers. Mina and Fenix. Jump back in the vents and be lookout for us. 

Fenix: Understood. 

Sae and Terra followed Stick closely. Sae turned around and slashed a ninja up the chest and then slit his throat.  

Stick: they will never stop coming. 

Terra: y-

Stick put his finger over Terra’s mouth. He could hear someone in the room. Alone. A sword was swung right at Stick from behind him. Stick ducked it and sprawled to the ground and hit the person with two kicks. 

Stick: There you are. 

???: Stick.

Terra: Why didn’t we hear any signal from Fenix and Mina? 

Sae: He’s too quiet. 

Stick: Tabashi. That’s you under that scarf. I left you presents. 

Tabashi: I don’t need to hear this from you of all people. You are going to be sorry you came here. 

Stick: I’ve heard this before. 

Tabashi: Do you really want to challenge me old man?

Stick: You say that like it’s a threat. 

Tabashi took out two short-swords. He jumped towards Stick. Who blocked and threw him off course. Tabashi swung wildly at Stick. Who sidestepped his assault. He slashed him on his torso and punched him on the side of the face. Tabashi stumbled. Stick kicked him in the back of the legs and made him fall to his knees. Stick grabbed him and pulled his face up. Leaving his neck exposed. 

Stick: Terra. Kill him. 

Terra: Kill him? Wouldn’t you uh...want to interrogate him? 

Stick: Good. Remembering the plan. Let’s bring him back. 

Stick kneed him in the face, knocking him out. 

Stick: Tie him up. And watch him like a hawk. Hand soldiers are slippery. 

They hoisted Tabashi into the car and Sae got back in the driver's seat. 

Stick: Since I’ve been interrogated by the hand once or twice I know their methods, even worse ones. 

Terra: What kinds of methods?

Stick: You’ll see. 

Terra looked out the window. Through all the chaos she just noticed that she was seeing some of the real world. The world where all those people lived. And she was just a few miles away from them. She was amazed by the big buildings and lights all around her. Terra tried to keep her amazement quiet. She was surprised that everyone wasn’t taking time to enjoy the scenery. With the sun just coming up and the sky a faint color of orange. She’d have to keep her feelings about the world suppressed for so long. Her family would be happy for her. 

Stick: Terra! Out of la la land! We’re here. 

Terra: O-oh yeah. 

Terra helped Sae hoist Tabashi out of the car. Stick brought everyone inside of the Chaste’s headquarters. Leaving Terra and Sae left. 

Sae: Stay focused ginger. 

Terra: Yeah. 

Terra and Sae brought Tabashi into the dojo. And tied him up to a chair. 

Terra: I don’t know how you do it. Being locked up in this place for 5 years, unable to go outside and find out if any of my family and friends are still out there. Don’t you think Stick just wants us to be slaves of his army? 

Sae: He’s trying to help us! He’s trying to save the world from the Hand. 

Terra: But do you think he cares how many people die at his expense?

Sae: I don’t wanna talk about this. Let’s take care of Tabashi. 

Terra: The way you killed those soldiers yesterday. It was out of hate. You killed those hand soldiers today because you had to. Did Beck do anything to you? 

Sae: He killed my parents. Along with the doctors at the mental hospital I lived in. Because they thought there was something special about me. They called me a mutant. 

Terra: I’m sorry. Those wounds are still open. Right? 

Sae: The Chaste is my family now. 

Terra: I don’t have a real family anymore. I’m going to avenge my family. 

Sae: I heard you yesterday. Talking to whatever was in that cave. 

Stick walked in, 

Stick: Up! Let’s take care of Tabashi. Terra. You can eat with the rest of the class. 

Terra: Got it. 

Terra left the room. She ate her rations for the day. Sae and Stick eventually came out of the room with Tabashi in it. Stick heard something. He looked out the window. To see a combination of hand soldiers and Beck’s soldiers coming up at them. 

Stick: Everyone! Weapons! We’ve been found! 

Everyone scrambled. Terra came over to Fenix. 

Fenix: Looks like we’ve been found by the hand. 

Terra: Oh s**t...This is my fault! 

Fenix: Uh...I doubt this is your fault. We all went on that mission. 

Terra: No! It’s not that. 

Everyone in the Chaste came out of the dojo. And clashed with the combination of soldiers. Many of the lesser members of the groups dying. Terra came through and spun herself off her spear. And knocked out three soldiers. Sae killed a bunch of them. But she got overwhelmed by ten hand soldiers. They knocked her out and dragged her away. Terra jumped at them. But got kicked back by a bunch of soldiers. She landed next to Stick. 

Stick: Ending this here. 

The soldiers pulled Sae down the hill. Stick took out a switch of some sort. He pushed down on the button. And an explosion was heard. Along with screaming from a bunch of soldiers. 

Fenix: What was that?!

Stick: Sae. 

Terra: What do you mean? 

Stick: I put a bomb in her. Which I wouldn’t have had to explode if it wasn’t for you. 

Terra: A bomb?! You put a bomb in her!? You don’t care about a single one of us! 

Stick: We kill our opponents. Not out of hate. But so things like this don’t happen. 

Terra: Don’t blame this all on me! 

Stick: You didn’t kill a single person when you were with Sae yesterday. She did all the killing. And she agreed to leave yours. 

Terra stood up and looked Stick in his cold, dead eyes. 

Terra: You were her family! 

Stick: Yeah? It looks like I failed as a master. 

Stick grabbed a hand soldier. And gave Terra a knife. He held him to Terra. 

Stick: Prove you are still part of the Chaste. End this sorry m***********s suffering. 

Terra: ...No. 

Stick: Ungrateful b*****d. 

Terra felt a numb feeling in her stomach. She then felt blood spilling out of herself. 

Stick: You are better off dead. You’ll survive, or you’ll die. 50/50. Your training is over. The Chaste is doomed. 

Terra fell right to the ground and looked up at Stick. Stick walked back into the Chaste headquarters. Ready to scram with his remaining students. Terra looked down at herself. She felt paralyzed all over and she lost consciousness.

Issue 5 - Seeing Red

Terra awoke in a bed she’d never seen before. She looked around and startled herself. Terra tried to get up but was in just enough pain to want to stay down. She looked around the room. There was a giant barn door which enabled her to see through and see a bar to the side of the room furthest to her. She saw a little living room set up. With a couch and a table in the middle. 

Terra: Hello? Someone here? 

A person walked into the room. He was looking very tired. 

???: Your awake.

Terra tried to attack the person in front of her. He was a man with some circular glasses. He easily restrained her. 

???: Hey, listen. I’m not going to hurt you. 

Terra: Then who are you?

???: I’m Matthew Murdock. Just call me Matt.

???: Oh, hi Terra. 

Terra: Hey...I know you. You’re Miss Los. You saved me. 

Matt looked over to Krilla. She nodded slightly. Matt left the room. 

Krilla: You were betrayed, huh? By Stick? I shouldn’t have left you there. I’m sorry Terra. 

Terra: ...How do you even know that Stick exists?

Krilla: Matt was one of Stick’s pupils. 

Terra: Oh. 

Matt walked back into the room. 

Matt: Here’s why you could trust us. Look. 

Matt took a mask out of a bag. It was red and had horns.

Terra: Wait, Wait. WAIT. You’re The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?! 

Matt: How do you even know about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?

Terra: Stick told us all about you in the Chaste. Wait, you're actually blind? You don’t seem blind. 

Matt: I am but I “see” through echolocation. I can hear and feel everything around me. Even your heartbeat. 

Terra: That’s creepy...

Matt: I get that a lot. Either Way. We’ll let you go wherever you want. You can go to whatever state, town. Anywhere.

Terra: Why are you doing this?

Krilla: Stick will come after you. I should’ve left you somewhere else. 

Terra: You don’t need to keep saying that. 

Krilla: I’ve been keeping an eye on you though. Making sure you’re safe. I brought you here as a matter of fact. 

Terra: You saved my life...again. 

Krilla: Yeah I know. I’m awesome. 

Matt: What was your relationship with the Chaste? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

Terra: I knew I was part of the Chaste from the beginning. But I didn’t really know the full gravity of the situation. I always wanted to go off and be my own person though. But I didn’t feel like I could go anywhere without Stick getting angry. 

Krilla: There’s always a motive. So it’s kinda half your fault. You are still naive. Even with years of training under the most cynical person in the world. 

Terra: I don’t like to call it being naive. Optimistic. 

Krilla: You still have got learning to do. 

Matt: You have a good heart. With all the corruption in the world there has to be a little bit of light. Since I took down Fisk there hasn’t been much to fight against. And if there is then other heroes take them down. It’s kind of been peaceful here. You could stay here for a little while to decide on what to do. 

Terra: No...I know where I wanna go.

Krilla: That’s quick. Where too?

Terra: Back to my village. 

Matt: Your village? Why?

Terra: It was destroyed. But I need to go back and find the culprit. I know who he is. 

Matt: I am sorry for that Terra. But you should just move on rather than take him down. 

Terra: No, I need too! He’s taking down even more towns. Torturing people. I’ve seen his face. I need to find him. 

Matt: Well if you insist. Do you have any idea about who he is?

Terra: Dark skin, prosthetic arm. He had a belt that said R on it. Maybe it means something. I’ll walk all the way back if I have too. Those words of his, they kept me going when I felt like giving up in Stick’s trials. It motivated me to gain the strength to take him down and make my family proud. 

Krilla: Well you're not going to back down so I suppose we can take you back there. 

Matt: I like your motivation kid. Keep it up. We’ll take you back there. 

Terra: Thank you. 

Terra went to get up but fell back down. 

Terra: S**t. 

Matt: Haha. You should stay here for a bit. You can’t go and survive in the woods with that bad of a stab wound. 

Terra: Yeah, I know. 

Krilla: Don’t forget. Stick is in your same area. Don’t think that he isn’t going to send his students after you. 

Terra: I’m pretty positive he left. The hand and Beck’s soldiers attacked. That’s where Stick got mad and almost killed me. 

Matt: Okay. We’ll take you there on one of my friends private jets. 

Terra: A private jet? Like a type of plane?

Matt: Oh yeah, you haven’t even come into contact with the outside world in however many years. Don’t worry. You’ll like it. But you should stay here for a day or two. You need to heal. 

Terra: Ugh, alright. 

Matt: I’ll talk to my friend about this private jet.

Terra looked over at Krilla. 

Terra: Is Matt rich or something? 

Krilla: No. But he has rich friends. 

Terra: Hey, thanks again for saving me. I would’ve been dead double times over if it wasn’t for you. 

Krilla: Let’s just not make it a third. I’ll let you get some sleep. 

Terra laid all the way down on the bed. She hoped she wasn’t being too much of a burden. She felt something sharp lightly stabbing into her leg. She pulled up the object. It was her spear. She threw it off the bed and to her side. She drifted off to sleep. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra was in a field of tall grass. She looked around, seeing a lone house in the woods. With vibrant wood that looked very inviting. She was drawn to the house. She opened the door and walked in. She saw someone on a chair. Looking closely at a newspaper. 

Terra: Hello…?

They put down the newspaper. It was Stick. In her grandpa’s chair. 

Stick: Your training is over…

Terra: What the...You aren’t grandfather...

Stick: Shut it. I never was. I’m not dead. I’m not defenseless like they were. 

Terra: Shut up! He had an army! 

Stick walked closer to Terra. Terra backed up. Stick had Terra’s spear. He swept her off her feet.

Stick: Work on the stance kid. 

There was a warm fireplace behind Terra. A man materialized out of the fire. It was Beck. Terra jumped back in fear. The fireplace grew and the building began to burn to the ground. 

Stick: Your life. It’s burning to the ground. You gonna let that continue to happen?

Terra ran up the stairs and up into the attic. She was able to find her way out on top of the house through a window. Stick climbed out on top of the house. Face to face with Terra. 


Stick: Your sins will never stop following you. Your past holds on until you let it go. 

The fire was getting more intense. She had no choice but to try and jump off the building. Terra turned but she ran into Beck. 

Beck: Pitiful. 

Terra threw a punch at Beck but it went through him. He began to rise above Terra. 

Stick: Shhhh. Listen Terrie. 

Stick took Terra’s own spear and stabbed it through her stomach. She fell off the house with her own spear stabbed into her. She landed face first on the cold hard floor of Matt’s bedroom. With her spear under her, on her stomach. Terra looked around. She sighed. 

Terra: Just a dream. Just a dream. 

Terra climbed up onto the bed. Her wound was now throbbing. She rolled over and grabbed the Artemis book. 

Krilla came in.

Krilla: That still have it? 

Terra: Oh. yeah. I’ve been trying to figure out these spells for a while. Step back. I’m going to try something. Doe ocki minos! 

A beam shot up from the book and hit the ceiling. A picture of a huge jail was burnt onto the top of the cavern.

Terra: What the...What is this? 

Krilla: Woah. That’s a mutant and meta jail. Those places are terrible. 

Terra: There’s not even a roof! Those people are just getting rained on. 

Krilla: That shouldn’t be your first worry. They go to places they think have too many metas and round them up. The MFI sometimes just locks up random metas and mutants. 

Terra: Does this spell mean I’ll go there? 

Krilla: Maybe. Try another. 

Terra: Rekuka Suld! 

A shield went around Terra. 

Terra: Woah. 

Krilla: That’s a shield. 

Terra: Try hitting me. 

Krilla threw a kick at Terra. Only cracking the shield. 

Terra: This thing is powerful! And I think it must be connected to my armor. 

Krilla: Why? 

Terra: I mean, there’s so many times I could’ve lost the book. And it stayed with me. Plus it’s the Artemis book. 

Krilla: Hmm. These spells are decent. But it’s like it’s missing offensive spells. 

Terra: Yeah. But maybe the armor is the offense. I’m the offense! 

Krilla: Let’s go with that. Like a sword. An extension of yourself. 

Terra: Yeah. Your sword isn't normal though. Isn’t it?

Krilla: Right. It is a Soul Blade. Every soul I take I become stronger. 

Terra: A soul blade? Woah. 

Krilla: You should meet my son one day. I bet you’d like each other. 

Terra: Oh yeah, you do have a son. Where is he? 

Krilla: I’m an assassin. I kill as a job. I feel bad I have to leave him behind so much. 

Terra: Ugh. 

Krilla: I don’t kill because I love it kid. I was bred into this. And I’m not going to give up on something I’m that good at. 

Terra: I get it. 

Krilla: But my son-Leon. He will never kill. I will not raise him like that. 

Terra yawned. 

Krilla: Still tired? 

Terra: Yeah actually. 

Krilla: Must be the wound. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Terra stumbled to her feet. She almost fell. She stood still for about a minute. Letting herself feel the feeling of finally being able to stand. She slowly walked into the living room. Nobody was home but Terra was starving.

Terra: I guess a little bite to eat wouldn’t hurt.

Terra went over to the fridge and opened it quietly. Like she was commiting a crime. Even though nobody was home. She looked around quietly and spotted some milk. 

Terra: He’s gotta have something…

Terra opened a couple cabinets. Glasses, Plates, and finally a cabinet with one type of cereal in it. Captain Crunch ™ . 

Terra had to deal with the plain wrath that was All-Bran while at Stick’s. Another trial to test your immunity. Terra poured the cereal followed by the milk. She sat down and began to eat quickly. She looked around the room and spotted a box looking thing. It was black, had a screen and was relatively flat. It looked quite advanced. Even though the whole room itself looked advanced. She wondered what she was missing all those years. All she had at home was books and lots of games that she played with the other kids at her village. All gone. The thoughts of the massive fires came back to her mind. She quickly brought her mind away from the village. Had her life even had a purpose? No. Her purpose was to defeat Beck. Maybe it was fate. Terra was snapped out of it when she heard the door click open. 

Matt: Robbing a blind man?

Terra: N-no! S-sorry I was just-

Matt: Don’t worry. Besides. I could hear you got up. You took a really hard dive off the bed. 

Terra: Yeah. I had a nightmare. Also, that’s still really creepy. 

Matt: I get that a lot. What kind of nightmare?

Terra: Oh nothing. The falling off my bed kind. 

Matt: If you say so. But that was a lie. 

Terra: Wait, you can detect lies?

Matt: I can hear your heartbeat. 

Terra: Even more creepy…

Matt: You're trying to change the subject. 

Terra: I-

Matt: It’s okay. I understand it's hard to trust someone you just met. Especially after being betrayed by someone you saw as a father figure. As a matter of fact. Stick did the same to me. 

Terra: Really? I’m sorry. It’s just hard. I have no family to go to. 

Matt: I’m sorry. Krilla’s parents were assassinated when she was a child. I’m just saying, you aren’t the only one to feel the pain. This might be sensitive, but are you an orphan? 

Terra: …no. 

Matt: No? So you do still have family? 

Terra: I do. 

Matt: Not close? 

Terra: I never want to see her again. 

Matt: I understand. We both wanted Stick to be a father figure. With the loss of ours. He wanted us to be part of his army. You cross him, it could result in death. It looks like it did.

Terra: I hope he’s gone when I get back… 

Matt: Don’t forget Stick. He trained you. The way I see it, he was a great sensei and mentor. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s over. You have a life to live. 

Terra: …thanks. 

Terra tried to avoid talking by eating her cereal. 

Matt: Don’t forget. You have to live somewhere in the woods. By yourself. Do you even know where you lived? 

Terra: The woods. 

Matt: haha no. I mean what was the place you lived called?

Terra: Something like the white mountains. It’s in a place called New Hamster or something. 

Matt chuckled.

Matt: New Hampshire. 

Terra: Yeah! It doesn’t really seem like a mountain though. We lived in a really small town. 

Matt: Good thing I know Krilla. She found you. If it wasn’t for her, then it wouldn’t have been pretty. Especially with the things that live over there. 

Terra: There’s legends that beasts live there. I lived in the woods for a while and Stick always warned us about what might be out there. 

Matt: Be careful. 

Matt thought to himself for a couple seconds. While Terra drank the milk left in the bowl and then put it away in the dishwasher. 

Matt: Wait here for a minute. 

Matt walked into his room, on the way he turned on the TV. There was a man in a tuxedo next to a diagram or map of some sort. 

Terra: What the hell…

The man was moving his lips but Terra could barely hear the sound. Terra went closer to the TV, she was captured by the man standing on the US. 

Terra: How does he do that?

Matt walked out. 

Matt: Don’t look too close at the TV. You’ll go blind. 


Matt: I could tell by your heartbeat among other things. Like your breath.

Terra: Ugh. Also, can I turn up the..What did you call it? A TV? Why do you have it so quiet?

Matt: It’s more like background noise. I can hear it perfectly right now. 

Terra: What was that guy doing on it anyway?

Matt smiled. 

Matt: That was a weatherman. He tells you what the weather will be like.

Terra: Is he a type of god?

Matt: Definitely not. He’s a human. Just like me and you.

Terra: Then why was he in front of America? 

Matt: That’s a green screen. It projects pictures of things behind you so it looks like you're there.

Terra was clearly confused. 

Terra: I think I get it. 

Matt: I have something for you. 

Matt took out a small flip phone. He handed it to Terra. She flipped it up. Seeing numbers, and a small screen. 

Matt: This is something you can use to contact me. Here, I'll put Krilla’s contact in there. 

Matt took the phone back and pressed the numbers on it. He gave it back to her. 

Matt: You can use this to call me, Krilla and any others whose numbers you get. If you need help. We will be there. I recommend calling Krilla though.

Terra: Thank you. I appreciate it. 

Matt: It’s my pleasure. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra entered a plane. There were big letters on it that read “RAND.” Matt bid her farewell. Krilla entered the plane with her. Krilla showed her what it was like to watch a movie. Terra picked out the movie “Mr. Untouchable: New Beginnings.” Terra was amazed by the experience. Krilla had already seen it before but was entertained by Terra’s amazement.  

Krilla: Believe it or not, Mr. Untouchable is or was a real guy. 

Terra: Really?! Aren’t movies like that fake?

Krilla: No. Not always. At Least not in this world. There are people with special powers, you know that right?

Terra: Never seen one. Besides Matt. 

Krilla: Well there are. But they are scarce nowadays. 

Terra: Krilla. Why were you in the White Mountains? 

Krilla: I was scouting. Planning on killing Beck. 

Terra: You were going to kill Beck? 

Krilla: You saw his metal arm. Right? 

Terra: Yeah. 

Krilla: That was me. But I owed Carl a debt. So I saved you. 

Terra: Thank you again. 

The plane touched down on the ground. They were on a highway which was cleared of all cars. Krilla walked Terra off the plane. 

Krilla: You’d got a long climb ahead of you. 

Terra: That’s the easy part. The hard part starts when I get home. 

Krilla: Well, I wish you the best of luck. 

Terra: Where will you go? 

Krilla: I have my own agenda. I’m going to do some scouting on my own. If you want to take Beck down. I’ll be there. 

Terra: Hey, thanks. For everything. 

Krilla: My pleasure. 

Terra walked away towards the white mountains. A long climb ahead of her. 

Issue 6 - Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Amidst the sunny weather, there were footprints smudged into dried mud. Leading up to a small camp. With a lean-to shelter. There was a pile of leaves inside of the lean-to. There was a motorcycle heard in the distance. Terra popped out of the leaves in an instant. Breathing heavily. Spear in hand. She took a deep breath. Terra had her signature armor on along with the backpack that was given to her by Carl. It held her Artemis book, flip-phone ,and other miscellaneous objects. Terra took out her flip-phone and looked at it. She saw herself in the reflection. She was extremely dirty, and her armor had mud stains. 

Terra: Day 12, almost two weeks. I have to almost be at my village. I need to retrace his steps…  *sigh* What am I even gonna do when I get to him? He’s too powerful. UGH! I’m talking to myself already! We have to go. 

She took out her Artemis book. She flipped to a page that read “stamina spell: Use this sparingly, it takes your future energy and brings it into the now. Too many uses could result in loss of balance, unconsciousness, or death.

Terra: I have to get home. 

She kept flipping through the book. Until she got to the blank pages. 

Terra: Ugh! Why would you just leave blank pages!? There’s only like, 10 spells here. 

Terra looked closely at her Artemis book. 

Terra: Gios Stamio!

A green light shone around Terra and absorbed into her. 

Terra: That should be good for while. 

Terra continued up the mountain. With her bag slung over her back. She sang old songs from her childhood to herself. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Beck attached a belt with an R on it. 

???: Oh Beck~

A figure materialized behind Beck. She was wearing a welding mask. She flipped it up and made a throne with her hair. 

Beck: Is there something you need?

???: Yes sir. How is everything coming along?

Beck: Everything is going just as planned. You only come to me when something’s happened Jilaya. Is there a problem?

Jilaya: I recommend you take out this child. 

Jilaya showed Beck a recording of Terra climbing the mountain. 

Beck: Ha! You seriously came all this way to joke with me!?

Jilaya: I’m not joking. We see a threat, we kill it. 

Beck: Something about her looks familiar. 

Jilaya: You know her?

Beck: Yes. I saw her years ago now…

Jilaya: How do you even remember her?

Beck: Krilla took her when she escaped. 

Jilaya: Still butthurt over your little accident with Krilla? 

Beck: Shut your mouth. 

Jilaya: Not a good idea to talk to your boss like that. 

Beck: Well why are you concerned? Look at her. She may be fit but not superhuman. 

Jilaya: Look closer. At her bag. 

Beck squinted his eyes at the video of Terra. 

Beck: The Artemis book. 

Jilaya: Yes. 

Beck: We’ve been after that for decades.

Jilaya: How did you let that slip past you?

Beck: I won’t anymore. Come with me. 

Beck went outside and Jilaya followed him. He took out a remote and opened a cage. A huge looking dog walked out. It was growling at everyone around it. Beck whistled at it and it came over to him. It sat down at his feet. 

Beck: This is a hellhound. From the terracotta. 

The dog had short hair  with a mane going across it’s spine. It was extremely muscular and had long pointed ears. It had long, disjointed teeth that could rip someone apart. 

Jilaya: I’m captivated. 

Beck: Watch. 

Beck pointed at one of his soldiers. 

Soldier: Sir...What are you doing?

The hellhound got up and sprung on top of the soldier. He struggled but it’s overbearing size was too much. The man’s screams were heard throughout the base. Until they weren’t. 

Beck: 10 seconds. It can do that to a grown man. 

Jilaya: Not enhanced?

Beck: No. But certainly peak performance. 

Jilaya: Fair enough. What do we do? It’s your call. 

Beck called the hellhound to him again. He patted the hellhound on its head. 

Beck: We execute on my call. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra yawned. 

Terra: I..Have..To be close… 

Terra looked at her book. Like the blank pages had changed. 

Terra: This book about magic doesn’t even have anything offensive. I guess this could be though. 

Terra: Ofiulis dominio! 

Terra laid down and threw a rock up in the air. It fell back on her. Instead of hitting her in the face it was thrown off course and into a nearby bush.

Terra: Woah, that could be useful. 

Terra made a fire using the rock she just threw and her spear. She fed it for a little while with wood and leaves. She laid down looking at the stars. 

Terra: Almost there… 

Terra fell into a hopeful sleep.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra woke up to the sun. It was surprisingly hot. She checked herself for sunburns. She took her flip phone and looked into it to check her face. Luckily she was fine. 

Terra: Alright. I’m good. 

She got up and looked around. She realized the trees all had giant scratches through them. 

Terra: These scratches… Their huge. No way a normal animal could’ve done this.

Terra walked a little further. Very cautiously this time. 

Terra: I’ve heard rumors about creatures living in this forest...I wonder if their true.

Terra heard an ear-splitting cry. 

Terra: Of course I just had to say that. 

Terra felt in danger. She hid behind a tree. With her spear in hand. She thought about the spells she remembered. She settled her heavy breathing. 

Terra: it’s okay. its okay.

Her heavy breathing returned when the tree she was hiding behind was slashed clean in half. Terra turned around quickly and saw the behemoth that was the hellhound before her eyes. It let out another ear splitting cry. Terra took her spear and threw it at the beast. It stabbed into it’s back. Terra jumped up into a flip and grabbed her spear off it’s back. She landed and was met with a horrifying cut to her side via it’s huge paw. Terra slashed at it again and it roared at her again. She stabbed her spear at its face and kept it at bay. Terra started throwing rocks and tree branches at it as she ran down the forest. A couple rocks hit it and the hound ran in a B line at Terra. Terra tried to run faster but was met with the hound’s head to her back. She spun herself around and was slammed into a tree by her back. It backed up and ran at Terra again. 

Terra: Ofiulis dominio! 

The creature ran at Terra again but was sent off course by Terra’s spell. It ran into a rock next to Terra. The rock cracked on impact. The creature whimpered and then let out another ferocious roar. Terra got to her feet and grabbed her spear and threw it at the beast. She ran over and pushed the spear into it harder. The beast scratched Terra across the cheek and then scratched her leg badly. Terra screamed in pain but tried to ignore the pain. She took her spear out of the beast’s side. It rammed into her again and grabbed her feet with it’s two humongous paws. Terra fell to the ground. She kicked it in the face a few times and tried to stab it with her spear but missed. She back rolled to her feet and stabbed her spear far in front of her. The beast ran right next to her spear and rammed into her. Terra fell to the ground and this time was trampled by the creatures' huge paws. She was scratched all over. She ran back into a tree. This time she was slammed even harder. She spit out blood and felt her bleeding head. The creature ran at her but Terra threw her helmet at the beast. It whimpered and rammed straight at Terra. The starving beast opened it’s huge maw. And pounced on Terra. She gripped her spear and stabbed it through the beast’s chest. Delivering the killing blow. Terra tried to control her breathing. She was out of breath and exhausted. She laid down on the ground and just looked at the creature’s dead body. 

Terra: I guess the rumors were true…

Terra got to her feet steadily. She grunted from the pain of the deep scratches. She tried to pick up and move the hellhound’s body. But it was no use. Terra felt way too tired to keep trying. She limped back to her camp and made sure her bag was still there. She laid down and tried to sleep through the pain. She had trouble sleeping that night. She had used up way too much energy for the day. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Beck smashed a hole through a brick wall. 

Beck: HOW?!

Soldier: I-I don’t know! 

Beck: *sigh* She’s going to be a problem. 

Soldier: Isn’t she just a kid?

Beck: Don’t always underestimate children. They can be talented pieces of s**t. 

Jilaya: I thought you said your soldiers were at peak performance. Clearly that was a lie. 

Beck: I want to see how admirable her talent is. Make fort D’s operations more public. Blow something up for a change. That’ll get her attention. Oh, and call up longclaw. She’ll get a taste. 

Issue 7 - The Immoral Immortal

Terra walked down a trail on the mountain. It wasn’t that long of a walk back up to her camp. It was a little quiet town. She was low on food supplies and that day it was starting to get cold. She came down the trail and saw a bit of dirt road ahead of herself. She looked across the street and saw a little hut. It looked like a shop of some kind. Terra walked over and entered the shop. She saw a booth and sat down. An old man walked into the room from the back. 

Old Man: Oh, hello ma'am. 

Terra was startled. She hadn’t interacted with a real human in around 2 weeks. 

Terra: H-Hi. 

Old Man: Where’d you come from? You certainly aren’t a regular. 

Terra: No. I can leave if you’d like…

Old Man: No! You may stay. It’s just. You don’t look like you’re from around here. You a traveler?

Terra: I just need to pass by for supplies and a little bit of cold air. Actually, do you have any bandages?

Old Man: Yes, actually. Here, I can help you with that. 

Terra: N-no. The bandages will do. 

Old Man: Okay. If that’s how you’d like it. 

He left the room and came back in a matter of seconds. He threw the bandages to Terra. She caught them effortlessly. 

Old Man: My name’s Ivan by the way. 

Terra: I’m Terra. 

Ivan: You are a very mysterious person Terra. What’s your story?

Terra: I dunno. 

Ivan: That’s how it’s going to be?

Terra: *sigh* Listen. 

Terra was struggling to wrap one of the bandages around her arm.

Ivan: I can help you. Just cooperate. 

Terra: *Sigh* Alright. 

Ivan treated Terra’s wounds. 

Ivan: So, your story?

Terra: Well long story short, I’m trying to climb that mountain across the street so I can find my village. 

Ivan: Village? What’s the name? 

Terra: Uhm, Flo Valley. Why?

Ivan: It’s been about 5 years since I heard that name. 

Terra: …

Ivan: Something wrong?

Terra: No. I just need to make it there. 

Ivan: It’s in the mountains. But I could take you there. 

Terra: No. I’m fine by myself. 

Ivan: Traveling on my motorcycle is certainly faster than on fo-

Terra: No! I-I’m good!

Iven: Okay. I’m sorry for being pushy. 

Terra: It’s okay. You were just trying to help. 

They both heard the door open. 

Ivan: Wait here. It may be a customer. 

Ivan walked over to the counter of the shop. There was a woman there with blue hair, a plain white shirt and some sort of blue tunic hanging from her waist.  

Ivan: A-Amala!  How’s it going? What would you like today? Some more garlic bread?

Amala looked around and observed the room. 

Amala: No. you know what I want. 

Ivan: I still don’t have what you want! I’m sorry!

Amala: Sorry doesn’t cut it. Show me where he is. Or maybe you really don’t wanna show me. 

Amala grabbed a vase. 

Amala: Wow, this looks like it could cost lots of money. I wonder what would happen if…

Ivan: No!

Amala dropped the rare vase on the ground. 

Amala: Tomorrow. I’d better get it. 

Ivan: o-okay. 

Amala went to leave. But Terra jumped out into the open. 

Terra: Hey! Stop! You can’t just come in here and start breaking this man’s valuable stuff! You should pay for that right now! 

Amala: Oh really?

Terra: Yeah! You think I’m joking? 

Ivan: Terra, drop it. 

Terra: No! I don’t see real people in 2 weeks and the second person I meet is an a*****e like you!

Amala: You clearly have no idea how the world works. I can show you if you want.

Terra: you don’t want that. Like, you really don’t want that. 

Amala: I think I do. Let’s go outside. 

Terra: Alright. Cmon. 

Amala: How old? 

Terra: 16. 

Amala: Jeez. I don’t wanna kill a kid. 

Terra: Kill? 

Amala: If it comes down to it. 

Terra beckoned Amala. Who balled up her fists and approached. She tried to grab Terra’s arm but she easily escaped it. Terra kicked her in the back of the leg and kneed her in the stomach.

Amala: You're much more savvy than I thought. 

Terra kicked Amala back. Amala threw a one two punch. Terra sidestepped this and sweeped Amala onto her back. 

Terra: You're getting beat up by a kid! 

Amala grabbed Terra’s leg and stood up. Holding Terra upside-down. Amala threw Terra into the side of the hut hard. Terra got up but just as she got to her feet the real pain started to hit. 

Amala: You really think I’m just some regular? 

Amala walked closer to Terra. But Ivan came out with a gun. 

Ivan: You leave her alone. This is between us. 

Amala: *sigh* fair enough. Put the gun away. Or I’ll shove it up your a*s. 

Amala walked away from them. Ivan led Terra inside. 

Terra: What did that b***h want? 

Ivan: *sigh.* She wanted a map. To an MFI control camp. 

Terra: Why? 

Ivan: She’s after someone. 

Terra: Who?

Ivan: Um. Someone called Beck. 

Terra: beck…

Ivan: What was that? 

Terra: I need to catch up to her. 

Ivan: I wouldn’t do that. 

Terra: Exactly. 

Terra went and grabbed her bag and spear. She also grabbed two full rolls of bread. 

Terra: How much?

Ivan: Dollar each. 

Terra: Wait. I have no money... 

Ivan: Ah whatever it’s two dollars. And clearly what you are doing is more important than what I have here. You are inspired and brave. Good luck. 

Terra: Thank you. 

Terra left the store in a hurry. She looked to her side and saw Amala still walking down the street. Terra ran over to Amala and caught up surprisingly quickly. 

Terra: Hey! 

Amala sighed and turned to Terra with a menacing look in her eye. 

Amala: Leave before I put your face into that telephone pole over there. 

Terra: Yeah I don’t doubt you could do that. But we have similar interests!

Amala: What? Are both our mom’s names Martha?

Terra: What? That would be really stupid. 

Amala: What do you want?

Terra: Let me get straight to the point.

Terra: You’re after Beck right?

Amala: …

Terra: I know you are! 

Amala: Yeah, what does a kid like you need to know about Beck? 

Amala started trying to walk away from Terra. But Terra followed.

Terra: It’s personal with me and him. I’m gonna take him down.

Amala broke out laughing. 

Amala: Seriously?! You want to beat Beck?! 

Terra: W-Well what are you going to do about him?

Amala: I’m going to take down one of his bases. 

Terra: isn’t that pretty much the same thing i’m trying to do?

Amala: It’s just a base. He stole something of mine. 

Terra: You expect to destroy the base by yourself?

Amala: Then why would you wanna go up against the entirety of Beck;s army?

Terra: I have nothing left to lose.

Amala: ...Good for you. 

Terra: Let me help! Two heads are better than one you know!

Amala: I heard you inside that store. Trying to be all independent and whatnot. If you’re such a lone wolf then why would you come after me? 

Terra: I just showed! We have a common enemy! 

Terra: Do you even know where you're going? 

Amala: Well, yes and no. I can sense the object Beck stole from me. But if you give me real directions to Beck’s place then I guess you can come with me. 

Terra: I’ve been all around the mountains! I could find it. 

Amala: Not very convincing.

Amala grabbed Terra and threw her over the fence next to them into a field. Terra got up and kept following Amala

Amala: Won’t you go away?

Terra: Never. I need your help as much as I need yours! We could take out that base way easier if I helped! You may have super strength. But that won’t be enough!

Amala: Hmm. I guess that’ll suffice. 

Terra: What? 

Amala: Your power level. Plus you fight like a Chaste soldier. 

Terra: You know the Chaste? 

Amala: Yeah. I’ve seen them all around. And they all fight the same. 

Terra: Either way, what’s a power level? How do you know it. 

Amala: A power level is a calculation that shows how powerful you are. 

Terra: How good am I compared to you?

Amala: Not even close right now. But you aren’t terrible. Especially with that armor. So I guess you can come with. 

Terra: Ha! Great! You made the right decision!

Amala: Yeah right. I’m way more than you.  Plus I’m weaker right now because I don’t have my special weapon. 

Terra: What’s this weapon? 

Amala: It’s called a soul blade. 

Terra: Woah. 

Amala: Yeah sure. Every blade comes with its own power. I have soul blade 12 of 16. I’m taking it back. 

Terra: Why do you think they stole it?

Amala: Probably because they wanted to use it’s soul power to power their facilities. 

Terra: Wait. So if we take it do you think it’ll take out multiple bases?

Amala: That’s what he gets for messing with me. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

A soldier walked into a facility. It was a warehouse littered with boxes all around. He was pushing a big box on a cart. 

???: Hey. 

Soldier: Y-yes commander?

The man standing before him was clearly a higher rank. He had a dog tag that said “Erik Kirave.” The soldier was clearly shaken seeing Erik’s left arm. It was that of a monster’s. One large spike on his forearm and another on his upper arm. He picked up the box with his two hands and carried it over to where the boxes belonged. 

Soldier: Th-Thanks commander. 

Erik: What is the problem? Are you unsettled by something?

Soldier: No. I’m just surprised by

Erik controlled his anger. 

Erik: ...I understand. We all have our differences. Mine is just more apparent.

Soldier: I’m sorry. It’s just that arm. How did that happen?

Erik started to sway side to side. He was becoming uncomfortable. 

Erik: It was...It’s none of your business.

Soldier: Excuse me?


Erik took his monstrous arm and shoved it through the soldier’s chest. He withdrew his hand. Erik sat down and tried to calm himself down. But he couldn’t contain himself. He picked up a box and fired it across the room. He sat back down and started singing some sort of lullaby. This calmed him down a little bit. He got up and walked into a room that was top security. He took out a keycard and opened it. There was a sword embedded into a huge computer. It read on the computer “POWER TO ALL SYSTEMS: B5-B10.” Erik smiled. 

Issue 8 - Malfunction

Terra and Amala walked up a long trail in the woods. With Amala walking ahead Terra. 

Amala: We’re close. 

Terra: Hey, what’s that big pole?

Amala: That’s a cell tower.

Terra: What’s that?

Amala: Sure. It receives your phone signal. I think. I’m old school. So I don’t really know. 

Terra: You don’t look old school. 

Amala: How do you even know what that looks like? You have barely seen society. 

Terra: How do you even know? 

Amala: Look at you. You're wearing the Artemis armor, have a flip phone, and you carry that book around. 


Amala: Everyone needs a backstory. Village destroyed by a crazy negro is a pretty good one. 

Terra: did you even know?

Amala: Info spreads like a wildfire if you know where to look. 

Terra: That’s weird. 

Amala: Shut Up. 

Amala grabbed Terra and ducked into a nearby bush. 

Terra: What are you doing?

Amala pointed up the path. It was one of Beck’s soldiers. Amala kept her voice down to a whisper

Amala: For a member of the Chaste, you suck at stealth. 

Terra: I’m not with them anymore!

Amala: Shhh!

The soldier heard the commotion and came over to the bush. 

Terra: I got this. Sleap minos duinos! 

The sleep spell put the lone soldier to sleep. He fell on the ground with a loud thump. 

Terra: Hopefully there’s no other soldiers around.

Amala: Right. What was that anyway? 

Terra: My book that I carry with me has special spells that I can use. Like that sleep spell I just used. 

Amala: Quite interesting. I haven’t seen many spellbook users in my day.

Terra: You say that as if you’re an elder. 

Amala: You wouldn’t know half of it. 

Terra: Haha. What are you talking about? 

Amala: Hey, just so ya know. This is a deal. Not a bond. 

Terra: Well i’m sorry for making you think it’s a bond. 

Amala: …Good one kid. Let’s go. The base can’t be that far away. Be stealthy.

Terra: Leave it to me. 

Amala: Sure…

Amala and Terra started to travel up the path. They could see a door that was boarded up with tall vines. 

Terra: It doesn’t look like that place has been used in decades. 

Amala: They make it look like that so people stay away. If they go in, they probably don’t come out, Their splattered pieces might come out in a wheelbarrow though.

Terra: That’s dark. 

Amala: Okay. Grab my hand. I’m going to get us in there with the least noise. 

Terra: Okay…

Terra grabbed onto Amala’s hand and she channeled some sort of green energy into Terra. They both turned into transparent ghosts. 

Terra: What the f**k…

Amala: let’s go! 

Amala and Terra both phased through the door with their new power. 

Amala: They can’t see us. Follow. 

Terra: Yep. 

Terra followed Amala. They went into a room with nobody in it. Amala brought them back into their physical forms. She seemed exhausted. 

Terra: What was that like?

Amala: Turning into a ghost is like holding your breath. Add another person. It's like holding your breath while holding a 100 pound weight on your chest. 

Terra: So it’s really hard. 

Amala was still trying to catch her breath.

Amala: Ye….Yeah. 

Terra: Hey. I could help us by using my stamina spell. Instead of us having to run through soldiers.

Amala: You have lots of tricks up your sleeve. Use it. 

Terra: It makes you more tired later though…

Amala: Luckily I’m not planning on doing anything after this. We can just ghost through some walls and we should make it. 

Terra: Alright. Let’s do it then. 

Terra took out her Artemis book and she recited the spell

Terra: Gios Stamio!

They were both turned back into their ghost counterparts. They walked through some walls, seeing various storing rooms, computer terminals and lots of soldiers of some sorts at computer systems, guarding or storing away stocks. They saw a sign that stood out. “Control room -> “

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Soldier: Boss! There were just two foreign lifeforms present on this base! But now their gone!

Erik: How?! There is only one way in and we would know if someone came in that way. This must be some sort of special ability. This will detect anything. 

Erik pushed a button and a shockwave came out of the system around them. It didn’t affect Erik or any soldiers.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

But it did affect Terra and Amala. They just walked into a room with a sign on it. “Managers headquarters” 

Terra: We must be-

Terra and Amala were hit by this mysterious shockwave. 

Terra: -Almost to the control room! 

Amala: S**t. 

There were soldiers surrounding Terra and Amala. 


Amala grabbed two guys by the shirts and threw them up at the ceiling. Knocking them out cold. Amala created shields around her and Terra. 

Terra: You can make shields?

Amala: Cool, right?

Amala knocked out another two guys with two quick punches. A soldier came from behind and tried to hit her with a taser. Amala tanked it and elbowed the guy in the face. Terra took her spear and spun around in a quick circle. Cutting about 5 on their legs and knocking them down. She jumped up and hit a guy with a superman punch followed with a devastating kick right on his knee. Popping it and taking him out of the fight. Amala was grabbed on both arms and was starting to be restrained by the overwhelming amount of men. Terra slid and knocked two of the men on their knees. Allowing Amala to punch the two on her side in the face. Terra took her spear and tripped the two men. 

Amala: Where’s my blade!?

Soldier: Your blade? I have no idea what you are talking about! 

Amala: I know you know! I’ll take it outta you! 

A monstrous arm came from behind and grabbed Amala by the back of the neck. She was flung the other way and was thrown through automatic doors. Which Erik locked.

Erik: A child did this? How?!

Terra: I’m more formidable than you might think! 

Terra took her spear and went for a stab forward at Erik. Erik sidestepped and closed his fist on the spear. Breaking it in half. 

Erik: hm. Your weapon is gone. 

Terra ran up and jumped up and kicked him in the gut, she stayed airborne and hit him a couple more times before landing on the ground. Erik took this chance to grab Terra and throw her into a wall. She dropped her bag of stuff. 

Erik: A book?

Erik pulled out the Artemis book. 

Erik: Interesting. This is what the boss wanted destroyed....

Erik ignited some sort of fire powers from his monster arm. 

Terra: No! 

Terra ran up and kicked the book out of Erik’s clutches. But it was too late. It was already on fire. It landed open on one of the blank pages. Amala burst in and occupied Erik. Something odd began to happen to Terra’s book. Terra stomped on it to put the flames out. She held it up and saw that there were new pages. Burnt in by the flames. 

Terra: Amazing…

Amala began to lure Erik to the control room. He followed her anywhere she went. They fought down the hallway. Amala threw an endless barrage of punches. Erik blocked until he saw an opening to grab Amala’s wrist. He pulled her over and punched her through the control room door. Amala saw her sword plunged into the control panel. 

Terra: Parika Flamodo! 

A bunch of fireballs appeared around Terra and she homed them in on Erik. He was knocked over by the blast. He turned and charged at Terra. But he was slashed in the back by Amala’s recaptured soul blade. Erik shed blood. It went in the air and turned black and floated. The blood droplets turned into black needles and went into Erik. He was sent down on his hands and knees from the pain that shook his entire body. Terra kicked him in the face and held her half of her spear in his face. 

Terra: Tell us where Beck is! 

Erik: You want to know where Beck’s station is?! I’d rather die.

Amala took out her sword and stabbed Erik in the chest. Killing him. 

Amala: Should’ve chosen your words more wisely. 

Terra: Don’t you think killing him is a bit much?

Amala: Much? You mean much needed right?

Terra: No! We were going to get something out of him! 

Amala: I have what I need. 

Terra: You should think about other people and what they might need! 

Amala: ...I don’t wanna hear that from you! You were only in this for Beck! 

Terra: No. I was helping you too. Think before you act! 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Terra and Amala walked away from Beck’s facility. 

Amala: Job well done. 

Terra: I guess. Is this where our mission ends? 

Amala: Yep. 

Terra: It was fun working with you. I hope you think about what I said. You act like your old. But I’m not convinced.

Amala: ...I’m old as dirt kid. I’m immortal. Been around since the middle ages. 

Terra: Really? That’s crazy! Couldn’t you have solved so many of the worlds problems by now? You could find the cure to smallpox! 

Amala: Already happened. 

Terra: By you? 

Amala: No.

Terra: I can’t believe I met a literal immortal today! 

Amala: Yeah I bet. 

Terra: Actually could I have your contact?

Amala: Sure. I suppose you could be useful if I get into a pinch. 888-274-4447.

Terra quickly wrote it down and put her phone away, Terra held her hand out for a handshake. Amala hesitated but shook hands with her whilst looking away.

Amala: See ya Terra.

Terra: I’ll see you around. 

Terra turned around on her own path and looked down the valley and continued on. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Beck: We lost connections to terminals B5- 10! 

Jilaya: Haha! This is hilarious watching you get dunked on by a 15 year old. 

Beck: Shut up. We should take out one of our heavy hitters. 

Jilaya: You mean one of my heavy hitters?

Beck: Shut up. There’s no way a child will get in the way of your elite. 

Jilaya: Confidence like that gets you killed, you know. 

Beck: You really think? Maybe I’ll have to kill her myself. 

Jilaya laughed. 

Jilaya: It will be hilarious if you lose to her.

Beck: Are you trying to challenge me?! 

Jilaya: Sure. This will be interesting to get results from.

Beck: Fine. I’ll go choke the life out of her. This won’t be hard at all. 

Jilaya: If you say so. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

 Beck walked by the base of operations both Terra and Amala were last seen at. 

Beck: Damn that woman. She really thinks I would lose to a child? She pisses me off. 

???: Wow, talking to yourself. Are you really that lonely?

Beck turned to see Amala standing above him. On top of the door to his base. 

Amala: We shut down your base Beck. So suck it! You lost to a teen and a 1,000 year old grandma! 

Beck: Why would you work with her? 

Amala: Our interests aligned. 

Beck: Ah, your soul blade. You aren’t even fit to wield it! 

Amala: Probably because you lost an arm to a soul blade! 

Beck was getting increasingly angry. 

Beck: I won’t even need a blade to tear your arms off. 

Amala: Dark. I like it. 

Amala took her blade and jumped straight down at Beck with her sword held towards him. Beck didn’t even move. He caught the blade in midair and threw Amala into the door of the now shutdown base. He threw a hard punch right at Amala. So hard that it broke a hole in the door when Amala dodged it. Amala ducked under him and went to stab straight through his stomach. Beck punched down her sword and kicked her right in the face. Amala let herself stumble and went for a clumsy slice at Beck’s arm. This hit and drew some blood. Before Beck could attack more he was attacked by his own blood. Amala followed this up with a strong punch to Beck’s stomach. She then sliced him right on his back. Beck was angered now. He grabbed Amala by the neck and slammed her on the ground. She dropped her sword. She kicked Beck backwards and went to grab her sword. He grabbed her sword and stabbed it through a tree behind her. Amala blocked a punch from Beck’s robotic hand with her own hand. Beck pushed her back. Making her stumble. Beck came up on her. Amala threw a couple punches at his face but it wasn’t enough. Beck caught her hand with his own hand. He took his free robotic hand and punched her in the stomach. Sending her flying into the tree and stabbing her through the stomach with her own sword which was stabbed into the tree. 

Beck: It won’t be long until you die. Where is the girl?

Amala: ...Why do you care...? Is she a threat to you? Is little ol’ Beck scared of a little girl?

Beck: I’ll find and exterminate her myself. As for you...

 Issue 9 - Through The Fire and The Flames

Terra flipped through the Artemis book. Glancing at it and her spear back and forth. She was repairing her spear with a rock that she had crafted into a cover that would hold the spear back together. There were many new spells that were burnt in from when Erik tried to burn the book. There was a page that was loose from the fight. She was annoyed by it so she ripped it out and shoved it in her bag. It read “destruction”

Terra: Wow...Why were these spells even hidden? I guess they could be dangerous. Looks like most of them are offensive. 

Terra felt a cold chill go down her spine. She felt like something wasn’t right. Terra laid down next to her fire and settled down to bed after the long day of fighting with Amala. Terra planned to finally make it to her village the next day.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra could sense it up ahead. 

Terra: Same trail...Same trees…

She felt the warmth of her home. Her village. Terra’s calm and collected walk turned into a full sprint. A sprint to where it all began. Terra started to slow down when she saw the motorcycle tracks on the ground. Terra took a deep breath and tried to stop the negative thoughts from coming back. She walked into her village. Everything was fine. Everything in the village looked as if it had never been touched. Terra walked over to the bar. The wood of the building was back in place, but it still looked charred. 

Terra: Someone’s been putting this place back together…

Terra heard a loud bang. She walked down the trail to her old home. The crumbled house was coming back together. The pieces of it were getting picked up without anyone touching them. Something floated out of the door of Terra’s old home. His face was easily recognizable by Terra. 

Terra: Cean?! What are you doing here? Did you put my village back together?

Cean: Oh this? I just found this village all destroyed like a day ago so I decided to do some maintenance on it! Wait, are you the Artemis girl? Man I haven’t seen you in trillions of years. 

Terra: ...It’s been 5 years. 

Cean: 5 TRILLION years. 

Cean leaned on Terra’s house and his hand broke through the wall. He telekinetically brought the broken pieces back up and into the wall he just broke. 

Cean: Either way, what are you doing here? 

Terra: I need to defeat the man who burnt all this down. 

Cean: So why did you even come here?

Terra: I’ve thought about this a lot. But if I retraced my steps back here and followed those motorcycle tracks back to Beck’s base I could take him do-

Cean: You are way in over your puny human head! Beck is running a whole operation. One that a little human like you couldn’t stop on your own. You’ve been blinded by hatred. I can tell you wanted to say hi to your old family. I couldn’t help but notice that you had grandparents. What happened to your real parents?

Terra was shaken up a bit. She thought of the blue flames. 

Terra: We broke ties. Ever since then I’d been living with my grandparents. 

Cean: So your saying that your real parents are still alive? Well hoo-diggity. Why didn’t you just track down your parents?

Terra: We-We….We aren’t close anymore. My dad passed, and my mom...If I came back I’d probably get killed. 

Cean: Well you're still in over your head. 

Terra: I mean I do have friends. On this phone. 

Cean: Perfect! Just give em a call! 

Terra: Are you sure I can’t just sneak up on Beck and get him from there?

Cean: Are you really that dedicated to isolating yourself?

Terra: It’s just, this is my fight. Not theirs. 

Cean: Well that’s what friends are for! 

Terra: That’s kinda cheesy. 

Cean: Are you telling me you have cheese?

Terra: Heh, no. 

Cean: You are a dirty liar. 

Cean floated behind Terra. 

Cean: Hey, I didn’t see this silly book last time I saw you. 

Terra: Oh. This is my Artemis Book. 

Cean: DID I ASK?

Terra: Uh, you di-

Cean: Ah I’m just joking. Y’know. Human jokes.

Terra: Yeah. Sure. This book has a bunch of spells. I can use them with this book. 

Cean: Don’t you have to read from the book in the middle of a fight? How does that work?

Terra: Well it works when the book is closed. As long as I say the words in the book the spells work. 

Cean: Sounds like some sorta chosen one thing. 

Terra: What? I’m no chosen one. Those are the dumbest prophecies ever. Aren’t all of us supposed to be created equal?

Cean: Yeah sure I guess. I’m just saying isn’t it hard to use those spells. 

Terra: Kinda. Especially considering I have to memorize all these spells. 

Cean: Well I could help you there. 

Terra: How? 

Cean: I can fuse you with your book! 

Terra: What? How does that work?

Cean: I take the book and you get fused with it. Your spells can be used without the book.

Terra: Wow! That is a real deal. 

Cean: Fusing will hurt and it might take a bit more out of you to use these spells than it would normally. 

Terra: I think It’d be worth it. I mean how painful is it?

Cean: Alright. It’s a deal! 

Terra: ….Alright then it can’t be too bad. So what do I do? 

Cean: Take that book out and we can do this interaction. 

Terra: O-Okay. 

Cean: Okay simply stand right up next to that book. 

Terra: Let’s do this. 

Cean grabbed Terra telekinetically and picked her up. A blue aura appeared around her. Her head started to throb with pain. Cean picked up the book and began to draw it into Terra. 

Cean: AHHHHH! 

Cean dropped Terra in fear. Terra was still in pain but it started to fade slowly. 

Terra: Hey! 

Cean: LOOK! It’s the evil thing!

There was a bottle of gatorade sitting on the ground. 

Cean: Get rid of it! It’s gonna kill us. 

Terra: What? It’s literally gatorade. 

Terra was grabbed by an extended robotic hand and was dragged on the ground. Terra came to a stop in front of Beck. 

Beck: I’ve finally found you. I can’t believe that I have to be scared of you. 

Terra was frozen in fear. She couldn’t say anything. 

Beck: I came all the way for you. And you have nothing to say? You could at least say your pra-

Terra: I hate you. Just because you are scared of other powers in the world taking your small amount of power. 

Beck: I wouldn’t want to hear that from someone who has no power over me. 

Beck’s robotic arm started to be lit up by an electric charge. Terra jumped out of the way when Beck slammed his fist onto the ground. But Terra was knocked down again from the shockwave of the punch. She took out her spear and kept Beck at bay. He grabbed the spear with his robotic arm and launched her into a building. She jumped off the wall and rolled over to Beck. She punched Beck with a one two punch in the face and then threw a roundhouse at his leg. But it did about nothing. She kicked him in the gut and hit him in a pressure point in the gut. This was the only thing that did something. Beck smirked and grabbed Terra’s leg and brought her over his head and slammed her onto the ground. Terra groaned in pain. Beck charged up his hand once again and slammed it on the ground. Terra jumped out of the way but Beck grabbed her by the leg once again. He slammed her on the ground quickly and picked her up and started beating Terra’s face in. Terra felt her life slipping. 

Beck: You really are a pest. I will end your life here and when I’m done I’ll burn this town down again. With you and that book! 

He threw her into a wall of one of the buildings.


Terra’s head felt heavy. But it couldn’t end here. 

Terra: Etem Illuio ghios! 

Beck was affected by these words. It was a hallucination spell. He was a child again. In an old run-down house. 

???: You are really a good for nothing soldier. You really need the in-house treatment again you stupid Ni**er.

An entire army of soldiers laughed at Beck. 

???: Hey everyone. Go in and give him a good hit. Show him what happens when he speaks up. 

Every soldier took their turn throwing their best punch at a tied up Beck. He was out cold by the last swings. All the soldiers walked away laughing. 

Beck: …

Terra was knocked out from the usage of the spell. 

Cean: Hey! I defeated the gatorade. We need to get you outta here. Get up! 

Cean: Ah s**t. 

Cean snapped his fingers and Terra and him were teleported to a cave. 

Cean: Wow, your nice looking face is a little less good looking.

Cean brought Terra back to consciousness by healing her. 

Cean: I know the only way to save you! We must continue the progress! 

Cean picked up Terra again and took her book and lit her up with a blue aura once again. The book was fused into her slowly. There was a blinding light. Terra came out fully healed. But unconscious. 

Cean: Haha! I win! 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Beck slammed his fist into one of the small buildings in pure rage. It completely shattered. 

Beck: What was that illusion?! 

Jilaya appeared behind Beck. 

Jilaya: The girl escaped?

Beck: She was going to die. You probably wouldn’t want your fate to be the same isn’t that right?

Jilaya: What am I supposed to say, yes?

Beck: She used a spell on me. It brought back memories. Memories of my past. 

Jilaya: Oh no. Your traumatic past! Oh boo hoo! 

Beck: Don’t belittle me. We both went through terrible trials to get to where we are today. 

Jilaya: Yeah sure. I’m more interested in killing that kid. She has the power to take your entire operation down. 

Beck: I know. I have to destroy that book.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

 Issue 10 - The Gathering

Terra regained consciousness. She saw the top of a cave. With the faint light of early morning beaming in. 

Cean: Ah! You have awakened!

Terra sat down against the cave and buried her head in her knees. 

Terra: What was I thinking?! I should’ve ran! If it wasn’t for you I would’ve died. My mission would’ve ended there. The same way my grandparents' lives ended. I’m way too weak to fight Beck. He’s too strong. 

Cean: Beep boop. What is this thing?

Terra: That’s my flip phone. Don’t mess with it please. 

Cean: Ohhh. 

Cean dropped it on the ground and went outside the cave. 

Terra: Cean, you are some sort of genius! 

Cean: Does that mean dumb?

Terra: I could call the people I met along the way and have a real chance against Beck! 

Cean: Like me?

Terra: Aren’t you a god?

Cean: Yep. 

Terra: So you could just easily take down Beck all by yourself! 

Cean: No, I couldn’t do such a thing.

Terra: Why not? 

Cean: He basically me proofed the entire place. Using a special magic called sigil magic. A magic made to keep gods like me and you away. 

Terra: What? Me and you?

Cean: Yeah. You’re Artemis, right?

Terra: Haha, no I’m just a regular girl.

Cean: LIES!

Terra: But I’m no god. 

Cean: Then why do you wear the armor of Artemis? 

Terra: You saw me come in and try the armor. 

Cean: Yes. Artemis returned to reclaim her old armor! 

Terra: No. That’s not the case. 

Cean: You are way weaker than Artemis on second thought. And a lot more tolerable. 

Terra: Am I a god then. 

Cean: Not yet. 

Terra: Yet?

Cean snapped his fingers and a giant cake appeared next to him. 

Cean: Is. That. Cake?

Terra looked back and forth between Cean and the giant cake. 

Cean: I have an idea! So you want to see your friends right? I could teleport you to them!

Terra: Are you sure that’s safe?

Cean: Well it was safe when you died. 

Terra: ...Let’s do it.

Cean: Sure. Let’s go with that. Where do you want to go?

Terra: I should call Matt. He would let us go there. 

Cean: Matt who?

Terra: Matt Murdock. 

Cean: Alright let's go! 

Terra: Hey I di-

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Beck stormed into his security room. Jilaya had left. He sat down on a chair. 

Beck: That girl…

Beck thought backwards in time. He was in his own living quarters. The base he was in during the present was being built around him. Beck was smiling seeing all the progress. He got up and turned around. Someone jumped down at him from a support beam. Beck reacted quickly and moved out of the way. But it was made apparent that he wasn’t fast enough. His right arm had been separated from his body. Beck fell to the ground from the shock. He looked up and saw a girl with a brown poncho on. Krilla. Beck brought himself back to the present. 

Beck: They really are similar. The only difference is this time I’m going to win. 

Jilaya: Hey Robertson. The sites are booming now. I’ve never had this much business!

Jilaya showed Beck a diagram on her phone. “Sites 1-10: 164 FULL.” 

Beck: Well, your welcome. 

Jilaya: You really aren’t any fun, huh? 

Beck: Do you not understand that your sites that are booming are all in jeopardy?!

Jilaya: You know, you never really explained to me what happened. 

Beck: That b*****d Cean made a fail-safe for me. If that book is inserted into a slot this whole place goes down!  My life's work is taken down!

Jilaya: That’s really stupid. Why don’t you Just get rid of it. 

Beck: Do you think I haven’t tried that?! I destroyed it multiple times and it comes back no matter what! Some sort of god magic. 

Jilaya: Just seal it off. 

Beck: Look. 

Beck gestured towards a door with a code on it. 

Beck: Not even a torpedo could destroy that bunker. There is some sort of barrier that makes it so normal people can’t enter. Eventually it got so large that I couldn’t even get close to that thing. She has to get past me if she really wants to destroy this place. And as you could tell. She won’t

Jilaya: Don’t underestimate her. 

Beck: She only caught me off guard. I’m not scared, She could even bring an army. You have your forces. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Matt sat down in his living room. He had a nice cup of tea. Cean and Terra appeared next to Matt. He spit out his coffee.

Terra: -didn’t say now! 

Matt: Terra? 

Terra: H-hey Matt. 

Matt: Who is that?

Cean: Me? I’m Cean. Your local cool dude. 

Terra: Says he’s a god.

Matt: God? I’ve seen things like this before. What are you doing here?

Terra: I know you’ve settled down. But I need your help!

Matt: What kind of help?

Terra: There is a man named Beck Robertson. He is-

Matt: I’ll help. 

Terra: I didn’t even tell you anything.

Matt: I know about Beck. He is let off with no trouble. Just because he threatens everyone who tries to get in the way of his rule. There’s no better time than this to take out the suit again. 

Terra: Are you sure? Beck completely dominated me in a fight. 

Matt: You think you’re as good as me? 

Matt smiled at Terra and got up. He walked over to his closet and opened up the case with his daredevil gear in it. 

Matt: Make sure to call Krilla. She’ll help us. 

Terra: Alright. 

Terra made the call on the flip phone. 

Krilla: Hello?

Terra: Hi Krilla, it’s Terra. Can you meet us at Matt’s apartment? We need your help. 

Krilla: With what?

Terra: It’s about Beck. He’s too powerful for me. We ne-

Krilla: I’ll be there shortly. 

Terra: O-okay. 

Terra: Do you even think we’ll be enough?

Matt: I don’t like to think about it like that. 

Terra looked up at Matt. Who was in his Daredevil suit. 

Terra: Wow. The devil of hell’s kitchen...

Krilla: You look uncomfortable in that thing. 

Matt: It fits me well. Why would I wear something uncomfortable? It’s like I’m back in my own skin. 

Terra: Wait. When did you get here? 

Krilla: Just a few seconds ago. When I walked in the door. 

Matt: Your soul blade will be useful. 

Terra: Oh yeah, I have another friend who has a soul blade. We need to find her too. 

Matt: Perfect. We will have a group of 4. Gives me flashbacks to the days of the Defenders. 

Terra: Defenders?

Matt: We were a team of 4. Danny Rand was one of us. We also had two others. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. 

Krilla: So your friend has a soul blade as well?

Terra: Yeah. I hope she’s okay. 

Matt: Try calling her. 

Terra took out her phone and called Amala’s number. She waited and waited. Nobody answered. 

Terra: Nobody answered. 

Matt: Well maybe we’ll just have to do this with just us three. We should go before someone walks in. 

Krilla: Why would that happen?

Matt: Trust me, it happens. Even if the door is locked. 

Terra: Hey, guys. She’s calling back. 

Krilla: We’re in luck! 

Amala: Hey Terra. Listen. I’m in a bad situation. You need to come to one of Beck’s slave camps. I got roped up in there. I only have 30 seconds. You’ll find the place at -

Terra put down her phone. 

Matt: She seemed stressed. We have to help her. 

Krilla: What happened?

Terra: She was locked in one of Beck’s slave sites. We have to get her out. Including anyone else who might be there. 

Matt: I knew you were special. 

Cean: Does that mean I can teleport us back?

Terra: You guys ready? 

Matt grabbed two billy clubs from his closet. 

Matt: Yeah. 

Krilla: Lets go. 

Cean teleported all of them back into the woods of the white mountains. 

Krilla: Did you ever get in trouble with Stick, Terra?

Terra: No actually. It seems like he left. Or he doesn’t care enough about me. 

Krilla: Both of those options are viable. 

Terra: Amala told me about the site. 

Matt: Hey, where did Cean go?

Terra: He likes to disappear like that. I’m pretty sure he can’t get into most of Beck’s sites anyway. 

Matt: We have to be stealthy. 

Krilla: In that case, you lead the way. 

Matt: There’s a control tower around the site. 

Everyone looked down the hill they were atop. There was a huge part of land filled with caged in fences that were made into cells with barbed wire atop all of them. There was a big building farthest away from all of them. 

Matt: We’re going to go the long way. We’ll go right from here and then hug the fences and stay low. Follow my lead. 

All three of them did as Matt instructed. They went down the hill quietly and took a left towards the fences. They stayed low. Terra kept her eye on Matt’s posture and tried to emulate it. Terra heard yelling from enraged metas. She heard the baby metas crying. Terra felt a shiver go down her spine. She was disgusted. They took another left and saw a big building. There were signs on it. Lunch Area �". Employees �'. 

Krilla: Looks like we’re going up. 

They got to the building and hid out of the way of the door ahead of them. 

Matt: We’ll see stairs in there. Seems like we’ll have to go up. We’ll make it to the control room and from there we’ll be starting a prison riot. 

Krilla: Isn’t that pretty much the most violent way to go about this?

Matt: If we go in there we are going to get spotted. This is our best way. 

Terra: Should we go now? 

Matt: Come on.

Matt tried to open the door but it was locked. 

Matt: Damn. I guess I wasn’t as smart as I thought. Anyone got any ideas?

Krilla: Bust in? 

Matt: What happened to stealth?

Terra: I’ve got an idea. 

Terra: Since I last met you two I’ve gotten stronger. Watch this. 

Terra summoned the power of acid. A ball of acid appeared in Terra’s hand. 

Terra: I wouldn’t touch this. 

Terra pushed the ball into the key-hole in the door. The entire doorknob was burnt off. 

Matt: That’s a new one kid. Nice job. 

Terra pulled on the door and it opened. 

Matt: Everyone. Hide. 

Everyone hid behind the stairs. They heard steps from afar. A soldier came down the stairs. He saw the wide open door and examined it. He took out his walkie-talkie. Krilla snuck up behind the man. She got him in a chokehold. 

Krilla: Scream, and that’ll be the last sound you ever say.

Krilla knocked the man out and dragged him under the stairs

Terra; Anyone else?

Matt: No. We need to be quick. Grab his walkie-talkie too.

Terra grabbed the man’s walkie-talkie and they went up the stairs. They got up the stairs and there was a door. There was one flight of stairs left. 

Krilla: Wait. Let me see the walkie-talkie. 

Terra gave it to her

Krilla: What's your friend's name? 

Terra: Amala. 

Krilla: full name. 

Terra: Amala Ayo. I think. 

Krilla: Escort Amala Ayo to the destabilization room. 

???: Affirmative. 

Matt: Their that quick to respond and just let a murder happen. We won’t standby and let this happen. 

Terra: Wait, they're going to kill Amala? 

Krilla: Let’s continue. 

Matt ran up the stairs and kicked the door right down. The man in the room ran up to Matt and tried to tackle him. Matt did a hook kick and knocked the man to the ground and left him unconscious. 

???: We have Amala in the destabilization room. Awaiting further orders. 

Terra: Hey look. 

There was a line of weapons against the wall. Amala’s soul blade was one of them. Terra grabbed it. 

Matt: Let’s do this. Krilla. Do what you have to. 

Krilla broke open the control panel. She took out a bunch of wires and started putting different ones together. Terra peered out the window at all the cells. Disgusted. 

Terra: All those people are put in cells with no roofs? There’s kids down there! 

Terra saw a patrol abusing a couple of metas. They were helpless.

Terra: He’s abusing those two. 

Terra saw a stack of papers with names on them. There were two names that proved Terra right. “Amelia Ashi, Donny Ashi: Siblings taken into custody. Metahumans. Reason: overpopulation in one area.”

Terra: Some of these people were taken out because there were too many metas in one spot? 

Matt: It’s unfair. I know. 

Krilla sparkled two wires into each other. 

Krilla: Here we go, 

They instantly heard yelling. They looked down into the cells. there were blasts of all elements being shot all around. 

Matt: This might’ve been a bad way to go about this, 

Krilla: It’s the only way!

Matt: Company. Get ready.

Soldiers came running up the stairs. Matt ran out and jumped down a full flight of stairs and kicked down 3 soldiers. Him landing on one was enough to knock him out, Matt did a superman punch on the soldier next to him. Sending him down the stairs and knocking the one behind him into the wall. Terra and Krilla traveled down. Krilla vaulted herself to another flight and took out a soldier with the hilt of her sword and cut another across the chest. She threw her sword into one of their faces and caught it in the air and sliced another. Terra used a spell called sticky hands. She jumped down a couple flights and caught herself. She flipped herself onto the flight of stairs and knocked a soldier down. She took out her spear and Amala’s soul blade and knocked out two soldiers on both sides of her. She spun and kicked another back down the stairs he was traveling up. She slashed a soldier on the arm and the blood from his arm attacked him. Terra knocked him out with her spear. Matt took a soldier, grabbed him by the head and knocked him out on the guard rail and threw him down a flight. Krilla came down and trapped a soldier’s hand on the guardrail with her own hand. She took her sword and cut him on the leg and threw him over the guardrail. Terra kicked a soldier and hit him in the chin with the hilt of her spear. They had made it down the stairs. 

Matt: What a throwback. 

Terra: These blades are really cool. 

Krilla: There’s the sign for the destabilization room. 

They opened the door and found Amala standing around two dead soldiers. Matt seemed displeased. 

Terra: Amala! 

Amala: Terra? You came. I figured something was up. 

Terra: We need your help with Beck. 

Amala: Beck. That b*****d did this to me. 

Terra: It’s nice to have you back Amala. But can you help us to topple Beck’s empire?

Matt: Are you sure we can trust her? You don’t seem like a team player. 

Amala: I’m not. I’m here to get revenge on that b*****d.

 Issue 11 - Above the Law

Soldier: This way! Down this trail! 

The pair of men ran down the trail. But Terra, Matt, Krilla and Amala were hiding far in the woods. Each of them behind a tree. They all ducked into a large tree cavern to discuss. 

Amala: Damn. You pissed those guys off. 

Krilla: Don’t flatter us. 

Matt walked inside the cavern. 

Matt: Looks like everyone’s gone. 

Terra sat on the other side of the cavern thinking to herself. Krilla and Matt got to work trying to make a fire. Amala sat next to Terra. 

Amala: Ugh. Long day. How about you? 

Terra: Hi Amala. Can I tell you something?

Amala: ...What’s up?

Terra: Can I uh, talk to you? I’ve just been thinking. 

Amala: Thinking about what? 

Terra sighed and thought it was high time she opened up. 

Terra: So many people in my village didn’t know how to protect themselves. Who knows what Beck did to the people of my village before killing them. I saw what he did to my grandparents. He deserves to be taken down. Maybe worse. 

Amala: Be careful. If it’s revenge you're seeking you’d better tread lightly. Once you chase revenge, you could become just as sick and twisted as Beck. Don’t give him the satisfaction of watching you suffer. 

Terra: It’s not revenge I’m seeking it’s-

Amala: Say it’s not revenge to me with a straight face. 

Terra: …

Amala: Exactly. 

Terra: It’s just...Not fair. The way he killed my friends and family! 

Amala: Life isn’t fair. S**t happens. It sucks. You need to learn to get over it and stop dwelling on the past. 

Terra: Didn’t you just kill someone for revenge?

Amala: Do as I say not as I do. 

Terra: …Why are you being so nice to me anyway? 

Amala: I’m not being nice. I’m being more considerate of other people. Like you told me to. That’s just my life experience.

Krilla: Fire! 

Matt: I guess we’ll be camping here for a while. Everyone gather around. 

Everyone got around the fire. 

Amala: How will we get to Beck’s base anyway?

Krilla: I know the way. 

Terra: Did something happen with you and Beck?

Krilla: Something did happen. I was ordered to kill him by some women. She wanted to stay anonymous but I did the job because she offered big bucks. I tried to kill him but I tripped up and I only got his arm. I was forced to escape. That’s how Beck got his new robotic arm, and I promise he won’t be so thrilled to see me after all these years. He wasn't when I was with Terra. And he never drops his grudges.I saw what he did and I’m going to reverse the damage that I caused. 

Matt: He hurt so many people. He can’t be forgiven. 

Terra: Why do you guys even think he did all of this. When I fought him-

Krilla: Wait. You fought Beck?

Terra: Yeah. I made the wrong decision. I got to my village. Then he appeared and beat the absolute tar out of me. I had to use a spell that put him into a hallucination. He seemed like he was in pain. 

Amala: That doesn’t excuse him. 

Terra: I know, but it makes you wonder what experiences made him like he is now. He’s the enemy. But he obviously has had bad days. I could be just like him if things were different for me. 

Matt: Everyone, be quiet. 

Krilla: What is it?

Matt shushed Krilla. 

Matt: We need to leave. This fire is showing our location. 

Matt led everyone out and they all hid behind separate trees. Terra took out her spear, Krilla and Amala readied their blades. 

Krilla was next to Matt on a separate tree. 

Krilla: What is going on?!

Matt: We have company. 

Two people walked down the trail. One wore a red mask with dark black eyes and a sinister smile. He wore a light cloak and work boots, he had some dangerous looking gauntlets on his hands. The other had a sword and wore armor. The armor almost looked like it was tons of chunks melded into armor. But it shaped around her body perfectly and allowed maximum movement. Her head was the only thing not covered by ber armor. She had long, unkempt frizzly hair. She wore a dastardly smile and her eyes were wide with excitement. 

???: Hey are we there yet?!

The red masked man said nothing in response. 

???: Oh I see, you don’t want to say anything to me because I’m not as pretty as the other girls! Well I won’t say anything to you!

The red masked man shook his head in frustration and glanced back at the girl. 

Krilla: Are you sure these are threats…?

Matt: Wait for it. 

The red masked man walked over to the cavern they had just left. He raised his huge hand and it lit up with some sort of energy. 

Krilla: Chi…

He took his large gauntlet and smashed the cavern to pieces in only a few strikes. 

???: They aren’t in there you dummy. 

The red masked man walked over to the girl and looked her dead in the eyes. 

???: What? You gonna hurt me? Boss wouldn’t like that. 

Matt: Someone, try and catch them off guard. 

Terra used a fire spell and shot it at the red masked man. He was hit and was lurched a bit from the strike. But seemingly unphased. 

???: Ah, there you are. We’ve been waiting for you! 

Everyone came out of the trees. 

???: There’s so many of you! I’m Six and that’s Twelve. He doesn’t talk much. He lets his fists do the talking for him. 

Matt: I can tell you never stop talking. 

Six: Fine, Twelve. Do what you do best. 

Twelve walked up to the group. They all ran up on him. Krilla and Amala ran up and struck him at the legs. The blood that was drawn came up and attacked him. Matt came up and tried throwing a barrage of punches at Twelve. But he was still unphased. Twelve threw Matt’s punches off course and used his sheer size to throw Matt off to the side. Krilla sliced up Twelve’s back. Amala also went to strike but she was stabbed in her leg by something. It was some sort of war fan. 

Six: Hey! It’s mean to hurt people you just met! 

Amala: You attacked us you crazy b***h!

Amala threw a side kick which struck Six. Six grabbed Amala’s leg and sweeped her other leg and brought her to the ground. Six took her sword and tried to strike Amala but Matt intervened with a kick to her ribs. This flung her back but she kept her stance. He threw his billy club and kicked it at her with a hook kick. It struck her right in her head. Six laughed and focused on Matt. She ran straight at him and slashed his way. Matt dodged and punched her in the face with a one two combo. He started pushing her back by walking towards her, Forcing her to back up. Matt continued throwing punches in rapid succession. Each punch faster and mixed up. Six did a cartwheel backwards to hit Matt but he glided back and grabbed onto her foot in the air. Matt dumped her on the floor and put his foot on her back. He had his arm ready to snap her leg. Twelve came from behind and charged up his gauntlet and threw a chi infused punch at Matt. Matt quickly popped Six’s leg and moved out of the way. Six screamed in pain but this scream of pain turned into laughter. Terra shot a fireball at Seven. He countered this by shooting a blast of chi from his glove. Causing a small explosion. Through the debris of the explosion Terra came up and slashed Twelve with her spear multiple times. She jumped up and made acid rain fall on Twelve. He jumped straight up at Terra and grabbed her in midair. He punched her a couple times and brought her to the ground with a crash. She kicked Twelve in the face and jumped backwards. She shot a line of fireballs at Twelve but he managed to deflect the shots with his gauntlets. Terra was hit and went flying back. Amala and Krilla came from behind and slashed at his gauntlets. They trapped one of his hands with both their blades. Twelve lit up his free hand and smashed it on the ground. A shockwave was emitted and everyone was knocked over. Matt threw his billy clubs and trapped Twelve’s other hand. Terra ran up and slashed her spear up Twelve’s chest. He finally fell to the ground. Everyone took a little while to catch their breath. 

Six: You really think that was going to stop me?!

Six got up. She had a limp but she was laughing to herself. Krilla threw a heavy slash from over her head. Six held out her sword and they got into a blade lock. 

Six: You really think you c-

Krilla kicked Six right in the knee. Effectively crippling her in the process. Six fell to the ground with a whimper. 

Krilla: Blade locks are stupid. Why doesn’t anyone think to sneak attack someone during a blade lock? It’s the perfect time! 

Six: Shut up you rats! My boss will have a fun time with you! Especially you. 

Six pointed weakly at Terra. 

Terra: Me?

Six: Yes. My boss really likes you! She’ll enjoy tearing you to pieces! 

Terra: Wait, she? Not Beck? Who are you talking about?

Six: La la la! I can’t hear you through your confused cries! 

Terra sighed and looked back at her team. 

Terra: Krilla. You know the way, right?

Krilla: Yeah. We’re already on the right path. Follow my lead. 

Everyone walked away from the two mysterious servants. 

Matt: Did anyone get injured?

Amala: That b***h hit me in the leg with some sort of poison. But it doesn’t bother me.

Terra: I got body slammed into the ground by the big guy. I’m honestly surprised I took that huge of a hit. I guess this armor is stronger than I thought.

Matt: Terra. You need to rest for the night. In fact. All of us do. 

Terra: We’re so close though!

Matt: You’d like to come out there alive right? 

Terra: ….Yeah. 

Amala: We could sleep here and have us take turns keeping watch. 

Krilla: Good idea. 

Amala: I can keep watch first.

Terra: Thanks Amala. 

Krilla: What she said. Let us get some well deserved shut-eye. We have a big day tomorrow. 

Everyone settled down for the night. Amala sat on a rock and kept herself awake by cleaning her sword. She looked back at her friends and smiled but quickly went back to her plain expression. 

 Issue 12 - Storm The Castle

Beck was standing in front of the large metal door with a code on it. He typed in a code and opened the door. There was a large transparent blue barrier. Even he couldn’t enter. There was a pillar in the middle of the barrier. It said “Cean was here.” Beck looked closer and saw that the hole in the pillar that was the perfect size of a book had turned into a handprint. 

Beck: She’s getting stronger. 

Beck left the room and made sure the door was locked tight. 

Beck: Jilaya. 

Jilaya was sitting behind him. She had made a chair out of her hair. 

Jilaya: What would you like? It looks like your in another tight grip by your enemies. It’s funny that you’re scared of a simple child. I mean. I could take you with me when she destroys this place. 

Beck: She isn’t destroying this place. I will rip her to shreds. 

Jilaya: She also has friends. You might even know one of them. 

Beck: Who?

Jilaya: You remember Krilla Los? 

Beck: Even Krilla’s coming back. I’ll kill all of them if that’s what it takes. 

Jilaya: Don’t let your anger get the best of you. You should know that’ll get you killed. And by a child at that! 

Jilaya laughed at Beck. 

Beck: SHUT UP! 

Jilaya: Be prepared for every scenario. Even losing. I’ll give you some of my soldiers to help you in this. Plus, I already sent some. Who have been taken out.

Beck: I don’t need your help to take out the trash. I can do this myself. 

Jilaya: But if she succeeds. I’m gone. 

Beck; You act like you know what’ll happen when she uses the book. 

Jilaya: This place will explode. But she doesn’t know that. It’ll work out for us. Even if she explodes this place she’ll die, if she doesn’t she’ll have to deal with the deaths she caused. We win no matter what. 

Beck: Fine. We do that. But under my orders. Not yours! 

Jilaya: Whatever do as you must.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra, Matt, Krilla and Amala were standing in front of huge double doors. It was almost like they were entering a castle, 

Terra: I-Is this really Beck’s base?

Amala: What? Are you scared? 

Terra: This is where my journey has led up to. It feels like fate to me. So yeah I do feel a little bit scared. 

Krilla: Terra. I believe you create your own fate.

Matt: Don’t let her get too high on her horse. 

Matt: Do you hear that?

Amala: Let’s be honest. Probably not. 

The big doors opened slowly. 

Matt: This is obviously some sort of trap. Everyone stay on guard.  

Everyone walked into the base but stayed quiet. There didn’t seem to be anyone in the immediate area. 

Krilla: This is suspicious. 

The area had a grassy center with facilities all around it. Beck stood in the center of the area. He stared down at all of them. 

Matt: Wh-

Terra: Beck.

Terra’s heart sank but she had to stand against Beck. No matter what. 

Krilla: It’s been a while since you’ve seen me. Hasn’t it?

Beck: Krilla? I-I must thank you. You helped me make all of this. Now you’re going to die here.

Krilla: Can’t we find an even ground? We are truly sorry for starting an all out prison brawl. 

Amala: Hey. Surprise! I’m back b***h! 

Beck: You were just in my way. Terra is my real problem. I know by now that you know you possess the key to take me down. But you have to get through me first. 

Matt looked down into the ground. 


Everyone jumped out of the way of the mine that was right under all of them. 

Beck: Finally. A fight that might be worth my time. 

Terra: Krilla and Amala. Try and slow him down! 

Krilla and Amala were surprised by this order. They drew their blades and approached Beck. 

Matt: What are you doing? 

Terra: I’m going to try and book it and take this place down. Can you guys slow him down? Will you be okay?

Matt nodded instantly. Terra booked it down a corridor. 

Matt ran up on Beck. Who was playing keep away with the two women. Matt threw his billy club and wrapped Beck’s arm with the string of them. Beck jerked back and pulled Matt down. Krilla and Amala both slashed at him. Krilla from above and Amala from the bottom. Krilla cut a little into Beck’s robotic arm. He lunged the arm forward and pushed Krilla back. Beck kicked Amala’s blade out of the way and lunged in and grabbed Amala by the face. He punched her in the face and threw her against the wall. But he wasn’t expecting a tornado kick from Matt right to the face. Beck was stumbled by this which left him open to an attack from Krilla. She tried to stab right through him But Beck grabbed the sword with his robotic hand and pulled it away. He kicked Krilla in the gut and sent her backwards. She lost her sword in her descent to the ground. Matt punched him in the face and kicked Beck in the leg with a light kick. Matt punched Beck in the face and then went for a body shot. Beck grabbed him by the leg with his robotic hand. He threw Matt up in the air. He jumped up and punched Matt right in the gut. Knocking him clean out. Amala jumped and grabbed Beck out of the air. She threw him straight to the ground and punched him right in the chest. She grabbed her sword that was on the ground and kept herself heavy on Beck. She brought it above her head to pierce Beck’s chest with it. Beck elbowed her in the side of her ribs and grabbed her sword from her hands. He had charged his robotic hand and he let it loose on Amala. She was hit so hard that she was sent flying across the area and into a storage container. Denting it heavily. Amala coughed up blood and she started to fade. Krilla slashed her blade at Beck but he blocked it. They got into a nasty blade lock. Krilla looked into Beck’s eyes. Her deadly stare almost surpassing that of Beck’s. Krilla kicked Beck in the gut and then sent another kick his way to back him into the ground. Beck sidestepped this kick and stuck the blade out at Krilla’s face. Krilla was struck with the blade’s might. It left blood in the air which turned into particles and attacked Krilla. She fell to the ground in shock from the pain. She looked down at her hand. Covered in blood. She was covering her eye. Sliced in half like butter. 

Beck: You deserved that. 

Beck took the blade and threw it to his side. Right at Amala’s head. She dodged it even though she was barely conscious. He picked up Krilla by the neck. Before Beck could do anything, a shield went around her and Matt. Beck looked at Amala.

Amala: It seems like Terra got pretty far. You know it’s all over for you if she succeeds right? 

Beck: Hold your tongue. I’ll rip Terra’s out just for you. 

Amala: Good luck kid. You’ll need it.

Beck ran away from the scene and down to his own base. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra quickly snuck down the corridor. She saw soldiers but did her best to evade them. Her hand started to feel drawn to something. A way a magnet is to steel. This was Cean’s spell. 

Terra: I can feel it. 

Terra ran up some stairs. She was on top of one of the buildings. She could at least get a little bit of a better view. She heard fighting as she ran atop the building. She hoped her decision didn’t lead to any deaths. She felt the magnetism of her hand become even stronger. She ran like there was no tomorrow. She found a lone door. She opened it and she turned into a full sprint. Until she felt something grab her leg. She fell flat on her face. She lifted herself to the ground and looked behind herself. It was Jilaya. 

Terra: Who are you?

Jilaya: Some call me Integer. But you may call me Jilaya Springer. I’d prefer just Jilaya though. Because it’s weird to call people by their first and last name. 

Terra drew her spear. 

Jilaya: A fight? Seriously? Do you think I’m as dimwitted as Beck? 

Terra: You're a soldier of his aren’t you?

Jilaya: No. I’m an accomplice if I’m anything. You want to destroy this place. Do it. Do as your heart beckons, child. I love to see developments like this. Beck will do what he does best.

Terra: What? You WORK with him! Why would you want me to do this?

Jilaya: I trust Beck will kill you. If not. I trust I will kill you.

Terra: I’m on a mission. I need to go. 

Jilaya: Your mission is meaningless. You’re just having a tantrum because Beck killed your worthless grandparents. Carl was a nice guy however. I liked him. But he didn’t appreciate my patronage. 


Terra ran up to Jilaya and pull vaulted off her spear into a strong kick. But nothing happened, Only a barrier was shone around Jilaya.

Jilaya: Seriously? I’m not Beck. I’m something entirely different. But I must thank you for buying him time. 

Beck bursted through the wall. Terra looked at him in fear. She was frozen in fear. Beck stared her down. He ran up and did a strong uppercut towards her chin. She dodged. But Beck came back again with a punch to the stomach So hard that Terra went bursting through the roof. Beck jumped up and charged his arm as he walked towards her, 

Beck: You’ve caused me so much frustration! A little child blessed with the powers of Artemis!? Seriously!? 

Beck screamed and jumped in the air and smashed his fist down at Terra. She jumped out of the way and the roof was shattered. They both fell to the ground. Terra drew her spear and threw out a ranged attack. Beck slapped her spear away and closed in. Terra kicked him in the leg and brought her spear towards her to try and slash Beck’s leg. He jumped up and grabbed Terra’s head and banged her against the wall. She crashed through the wall. Terra didn’t feel like she could take much more. She summoned a fireball and shot it straight at Beck. He punched it out of the way and speed blitzed Terra. She rolled under him and tried slashing up his back. Beck grabbed her spear with his robotic hand from behind him. He brought Terra over his head and into the ground. She looked up and saw Beck over him. She thought of burning debris when she saw him looming above him. Beck looked down at her. Just like he did 5 years ago. Terra pushed up her spear with both her hands and her leg. Beck held onto it with both his hands. He was prepared to disarm her but Terra rolled backwards and kicked her spear in the center. Cracking it in half Beck’s pressure brought the two broken spear pieces into his chest. He winced in pain but just screamed in anger. Terra thought. Why did she come here? To free the other villages just like her of a tyrant like her. To prove that a girl like her can come up from the ashes and destroy an evil like him. She thought about Amala’s words, “Life isn’t fair. S**t happens. It sucks. You need to learn to get over it and stop dwelling on the past.” Beck’s biggest weakness was his anger. She got an idea. Beck took the spear pieces out of his chest and threw them at Terra. She jumped out of the way. 

Terra: You can’t hurt me anymore! You killed my grandparents because you couldn’t be happy with your own power. 

Beck: What? I killed them because they wouldn’t adhere to my rules! Out here it is kill or be killed! 

Beck ran up and took his hands and smashed them in an attempt to smash Terra. She dodged and kicked him in the ribs. She took her broken spear from the ground and threw it at him. He dodged and jumped in the air and charged his fist he smashed it in the ground making a crater. Terra jumped to dodge the shockwave but was blown back on the ground. She did summon a fireball and shot it at Beck who just got up. He was hit to the ground. 

Terra: Be honest. You are scared of losing it all. Right? That’s why your scared of me!

Beck: ….I’M NOT!

Beck ran up to Terra and threw a punch. She used her off course spell. Beck went off to the side. Terra punched Beck in the face with a fire amped punch. He was sent spiraling back. 

Terra: Woah…


Beck threw a barrage of punches at Terra. She used her shield spell. Once Beck stopped she struck him in the chest. 

Terra: You clearly are. 


Beck charged a punch and punched Terra right in the face. But she let him. She was sent into a wall. He charged another punch and prepared to speed blitz Terra and blow her head right off. 

Beck: DIE! 

Beck threw his punch. He shattered the wall and blood was splattered everywhere. But not Terra’s blood. It was his. She had held out the spear portion of her spear that had been cracked in half. 

Beck: empire…

Beck fell to the ground. Finally defeated. Terra got up. She felt like she had fulfilled her duty, But this wasn’t true. She got up and looked at Beck. She finally stood above him. She relished in her victory for a second and took off at full speed. But she stopped. She went back to where Beck was. She looked at the wall he had punched down. There it was. A large vault door with a password. She thought about her acid power. But this place has seen enough destruction. She turned and went over to Beck and searched his pocket. Bingo. There was a code on it. 5850. She went over to the vault and entered the code. The vault opened. There was a barrier. She touched the barrier and was pulled in. There was a pillar with a handprint engraved in the middle. A perfect fit for Terra’s hand. There was a note in front of her.

Terra: Insert the POW of Artemis here…..POW?

Amala: POW means power. It means insert your powers of Artemis. 

Terra: Wait. It means I’ll lose the power of Artemis? 

Amala: Indeed. Well. The book's powers?

Terra looked at the handprint. 

Terra: This will destroy everything Beck made? Even those terrible slave camps?

Amala: Yes. It’s your choice kid. You’ve got to be the grown up here. Sometimes we don’t have choices.

Terra looked at the armor she had on and thought. Words of Carl ran through her head. “Sometimes dedication also takes sacrifice. I hope you muster the courage to sacrifice in the future.” She held out her hand and shoved it right in the handprint that was engraved. There was shaking. Terra felt drained but rejuvenated at the same time. The barrier fell down into nothingness. 

???: Beck Robertson. All systems subject to self-destruct in 2 minutes

Terra: Wait, what? 

Amala: S**t. We have to get out! 

Terra: But what about all the innocent soldiers here?!

Amala: F**k em! We have to get out! 

Terra: No! You can make shields right?

Amala: We need to GET OUT! 

Terra: No. I’ll die with them then! 

Amala: Goddamnit…

Amala’s eyes lit up blue and she used shields on all of the heat signals in the area. 

Amala: here it comes! 

Terra: ...We’ll be okay. We can do it. 

The entire base exploded. The shockwave traveled miles and was heard miles away. Everyone went flying away and Terra landed in a tree. She landed on the ground and her shield broke when she hit the ground. 

Terra: It’s over. We did it. 

Terra stood up and she looked around her. She could see people who just hit the ground barley injured for miles. Terra wondered a bit. She tried to shoot a fireball but nothing came out. She felt like she had been relieved of some sort of weight on her shoulders. She still had her armor on though. It was very tattered.

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

1 week later, Terra was at her village. Looking around. 

???: Hey! Terra!

Terra turned around. It was Krilla. She had a bandage over her eye. 

Krilla: Hey, I wanted to show you something. 

Terra: I looked all around the village. What is there to see? I’m just saying my goodbyes. 

Krilla: You are a terrible looker. Come on!

Terra: Alright. 

Krilla brought Terra down a long valley. Over a hill she saw graves all around. 

Terra: What is this?

Krilla: The village. They didn’t deserve to be laid out to rot. I buried them all.

Terra came down to her knees. Krilla came down next to her. They paid their respects. 

Terra: Are my grandparents…?

Krilla led Terra over to her grandparents graves. 

Krilla: Want to leave anything? 

Terra took off the backpack she’d had all the time. It was empty now. She laid it in between Carl and Ellie’s graves. 

Terra: Thank you Krilla. For showing me this. 

They eventually walked out of the place. 

Krilla: I realized you killed Beck. Thought you were against killing.

Terra: I know. It didn’t feel good. I don’t think I wanna do it again. It was life or death for me. If I didn’t kill him. I was dead. 

Krilla: Okay. I was just asking. 

Terra: Hey, do you know the way to New York? 

Krilla: As a matter of fact. I do. 

-        -        -        -        -        -       -     -

Terra walked into the office of a man who worked at an apartment complex. 

Terra: Hi. I’d like to buy an apartment! 

Man: Well first I’ll be needing some sort of identification. 

Terra: Uh. I don’t really have that. This place is new to me. 

Man: What do you mean by new? You from North Korea or something? 

Terra: Is that a state?

Man: *sigh* Look beautiful. This ain't a place for people like you. 

Terra: You think I’m beautiful? 

Man: It’s a compliment. I’m just saying your body looks totally smashing. 

Terra: Smashing? Okay I have no idea what that means. 

Man: …...Then what are you doing here? 

Terra: I’d like a room! 

Man: How old?

Terra: I’m 16. 

Man: You are underage. That can’t happen! You should just leave if you don’t know the rules girl. 

Terra placed her helmet from her artemis armor out of a big bag she had next to her on the man’s desk. 

Terra: How about a room for this. It’s some sort of pristine artifact. I found it in a cave. 

Man: Wait. You can pay me with that?! YOU GOT A ROOM! HERE LET ME LEAD YOU! 

The man hopped out of his seat and excitedly led Terra to her own apartment room. 

Terra: Thank you sir. How much is a month of this thing you guys call rent?

Man: With that thing you gave me. You’ll know when you can start paying. 

Terra: Thanks. Now leave me to my room. Thanks. 

Terra closed the door on the man and sat her bags down on her own bed. 

Terra: Wow. My own apartment.

Terra looked out her window and into the big city that was New York. Specifically Hell’s Kitchen. She was ready to delve into the newest chapter of her life. 

© 2020 GoodOlNoah

Author's Note

This story ends up being much more than one volume, if you are truly interested in reviewing more of my work, email me at goodolnoah

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