Farmer Exalted By The Land

Farmer Exalted By The Land

A Poem by Mike Goodwin

Poem of allegorical concept, expression of a mystery that I don't fully understand, yet follow, and live everyday.

I nurture a seed, planted by the farmer. 
The farmer that cultivated the land and all of its living branches.
The seed, one of its branches is a product of me.
Yet, it is the product of the farmer.
And I am not the farmer. 
Yet I exist with the farmer.
He grasps an iron dominion over the land that I inhabit, holding unshakable control, "infinityfold."
Yet I feel no wrongdoing; no lopsided feelings in my judgment of fair and unfair. 
I do more than accept his dominion, I thank him for it.
Praising him for the land that he has gentle constriction on, for it is also my land, my opportunity. 
I own the land as much as the farmer does, in a very strange, perhaps societal view. 
But he stands higher, planting flora and guiding the fauna. 
Giving his living branches a right to life, and the right to spread life. 
Existing as the base of all things great and complex. 
Showing himself as a genius, a genius who's master perception becomes ignored, but not truly ignored.
A paradoxical state that on the surface only produces laughter.
And brings our minds to drift like petals carried by the pristine purifying wind.
The wind that is another branch in the land so great. 
The land so simply and mutually held, suddenly gripped exponentially more tightly by the sense of sight.
The sense to see what is truly happening.
The land held in the arms of the farmer.
Left to nature to have it do what it does best. 
To give us a sense of simplicity, and thrash it away. 
Because of the sprouted seeds of the land that is I.

© 2012 Mike Goodwin

Author's Note

Mike Goodwin
Possibly difficult to follow, but really the lovechild of inner ponderings and impulse. Nothing more, nothing less. spiritual, perceptual, a kind of forced necessity. "Purifying wind" (Line 17) is a manifestation of the "laughter" (Line 16) created from trying to grasp concepts that may be divine, and not entirely, but having an unknown part that is beyond human understanding. (in my eyes, a quality of divinity, especially the divinity of an idea)

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Added on July 21, 2012
Last Updated on July 21, 2012
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