It's A Kodak Moment, Let Me Go and Get My Camera

It's A Kodak Moment, Let Me Go and Get My Camera

A Poem by Mike Goodwin

Live for tonight before tommorow's amnesia.

And I guess what I'm trying to say if you can hear me now just know I'm so, so lucky. 
-Jacob Hemphill, SOJA, Gone Today

I feel like I shouldn't share nubish*, but I don't know what's nubish, so if I share everything some things might not be nubish. 

I'm not trying to say she's my wife. That pen to paper. Paper to pen.

I'm not that introverted banshee. 
I am, but not to that extent. 
Come on..
I'm not done yet. eeeeetete
I can't get far from itttttttt
And from what went wrongggggggg
Goofy smile, feeling unsure.
That kind of good.
I know there's time, but it would be nice.
But I'm just so lucky. 
So I go back to that smile.
I stand still like a stone.
I love how people get tired but I never do.
Damn, I'm good.
Sorry, language.
There's no formulated plans, there's no way and there's no chance.
I formulate the way,
You feel inside,
I'm losing my mind,
My mind,
My mind.
Musical note trumpet.
Walks home in the dark.
Damn, I'm good.
Sorry, language.
There's no change in what's inside, like its gonna storm.
These kids grab it.
Damn, these kids are good.
Sorry, language.
I wonder if its my mind or heart, that obpells* me.
But I just think of those two or three or four loves or maybe five or six  I don't know but it's justified
Justified so damn hard.
Sorry, language.
And there's a pit in my stomach.
If I'm perceiving that correctly.
And that idea makes me feel like I'm on to something.
I hope so.
I don't deserve it, they do.

Like stars across the sky. We were born to shine.
All of us here because we believe. -Bocelli

Completely unnecessary.
But I need to have something.
That was just on my Spotify, you know.
Dude you are just so damn cool.
Sorry, language.
Friends but not really.
Cows eat grass.
And we laugh at chickens,
but you don't care if I don't eat them with you.
Maybe it's because I haven't, 
But its a feeling.
I feel the sharpness of those horns.
Oh no, d00d I made a grammer mistake, how emberrassing.
Guessing I don't need that thoooooo
Now you're just somebody that I used to knowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Much love. 
Feel me?
My father made from my father married my mother and my mother made me and my father both of them taught me about my blessed mother and when I think of her I get really comforted and I love my father he's always there and I can never repay him.
Ta-ta for now
Someone else later, or maybe that off chance,
Not important.
Gotta be that big.
That big that I always justify everything against.
Like a tall wall,
or a skyscraper.
But, greater.
I can't even say stuff.
Much love,
I think. 
Much love,
I should know,
Much love.

© 2012 Mike Goodwin

Author's Note

Mike Goodwin
*nubish- like noob, obpells-captivates one to a point near obsession.
All I wanna know is, sexy can I? Ray J. I don't own a lot of these lines. Credit is due when credit is due. And wanted.

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Added on October 18, 2012
Last Updated on October 18, 2012
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