Digital Hymns

Digital Hymns

A Poem by Bexfinch

Haven't been here in a while but inspiration struck


We are all searching for affection 

In the form of yellow ghosts and blue checks

Dopamine delivered through a pressed pane of glass 

Digital love

Existing nowhere. yet persisting everywhere  

These late night thoughts rattle in my head bouncing around in an echo chamber of caged insecurity 

Waiting to be shot off through the barrel of inexperienced fingers sending the smoke signals of existence to no one in particular and anyone who will listen 

When did speaking to the universe begin to feel so empty? 

I think it was when we started waiting for a reply. 

So wrapped up in space that doesn’t exist past our fingertips 

We forgot that we are the universe 

Made of cosmic atoms 

Bound to a rock 

And on this rock hurtling through time, we are screaming so loud 

jumping, bumping, and struggling against the shifting sands of our life’s hourglass

so much so we forget to be silent 

and stand still in moments of intercession 

When despite the odds 

We have been caught in each other’s gravity

We forget to listen to the faint ballooning of each others breath returning to the earth 

We forget to remember that physical interactions are the monasteries by which our souls reside 

And in this moment I forget to appreciate the warmth emanating from this fleeting memory already so far behind me

And I want to capture it but it slips through clasped fingers 

And when I ask you to stay 

Just a little bit longer 

Because it's 12:30 and you’ve got s**t to do 

I want to believe in something 

Something more than a like, more than my snapchat friends, more than a god damn flashing green light. 

I want to believe in the universe.

In imperfect flesh 

In fragile trust 

And corrupted bone 

I want to transcend my digital reality. 

© 2019 Bexfinch

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wooow......honestly l am speechless. That was brilliant Bexfinch. I hope one day l will be an amazing writer like you. I love the way you enhance visual imagination with the descriptive language. Keep writing!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 3, 2019
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Jacksonville, FL

I felt a need to clean up my profile after having it for three years Name:A title a person gave to me before I was consciense Age: Old enough to write Occupation: Learning as much as I can as.. more..