Before: The Announcement

Before: The Announcement

A Chapter by Bexfinch

Josh tells wat happens when his parents announce




I roll my eyes as my sister claims the last cookie on the chipped old holiday tray. I push back the leather armchair I occupy because I know this is the way my parents present big news, horrifying news. I look into my mother’s anticipated eyes as she smiles. My father enters the room wearing an old faded best dad tee I brought for him making a valiant effort to earn my favor. He sets a mug of chamomile tea down on the hard oak coffee table and takes a deep breath. “Your mother and I have been discussing how to tell you this for months he said his face hard and serious. I roll my eyes and fold my arms I feel like they did when they surprised me with telling me they were having another child. My mom excitedly gulps in a lungful of air in the dense surroundings. Were moving she shrills. My eyes pop open like bulging bug eyes. What I scoff my body flying out of the chair. What I say. My mom puts her hand on my shoulder I brush it away. “How could you?” I yell. Emily claps like an ignorant puppy smiling cookie crumbs flying everywhere. Why can't you have a good mood about like our sister? I look at her and frown in disgust. She drools on herself and can barely comprehend Sponge Bob i yell. I quickly storm away to my room. When I see the moving boxes next to my door I scream and kick them making a dent in the hard card board. I go into my room which will soon be someone else’s room. I cut on the radio and slump into my bed. The song seems to let the anger flow from my body in cool rivers of emotion sweating from my eyes. My phone vibrates in my pocket startling me like a deer in cars headlights. I smile to see that it's Katelyn one of my closest friends that I can relate to in almost every situation. I read the text that plays across the vacant screen.  What’s up it reads I smile and start to text back. You’re going to lose her a voice said. You’re moving. I angrily slide it shut and throw it to the ground. A new start I say as I put my hand on my face. Erasing them  is the best thing to do the voice says.  I think about it ,drinking the poison in the dark. I groan as I think about my girlfriend to be.  I knew she was excited she was about valentines day seeing her face made my heart thud like a jack hammer. I just couldn’t tell her though. I couldn’t let down someone who had been obsessed with me for so long without a chance down. I couldn’t let my friends down. Mentally I made my death sentence to forget everything and join Robert Juniors world and cry however many times I had to, to forget and fill in the hole in my heart with something else. I listened to my parent’s hushed voices in the deathly silence. “He’ll get over it,” my father said. My mother as always agreed.



© 2010 Bexfinch

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Good... keep it up ...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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