What Is Love?

What Is Love?

A Poem by Gracie.M

I gave up saying I love you, when you stopped saying it back,

But I know you still love me somehow.

To pin it down to those words is like convicting yourself of something,

I felt it too; the taste of a lie as the words fell from my tongue.

What is love? Why do these words seem untrue?

You know I love you, somehow, even though I don't say it anymore.


We drive each other mad from time to time,

I'd rather go without it, and I know you would too.

But that is life my darling,

And you understand this more than anyone,

That in life you can never be complete,

Completely happy or completely without hope.


Maybe love isn't as graceful,

As books and movies make it out to be?

We're not God, we can't love each other completely.

I can't say 'I love you' anymore; it's too absolute.

Love isn't all happiness, but it isn't all hopeless.

Maybe this is the reality of love too.


We accept that sometimes our weaknesses get in the way,

But we don't hold it against each other (though it's tempting),

I enjoy your companionship, and you enjoy mine too,

And somehow that's enough. Is there a word for that?


Maybe the word is love.

Not Godly love,

Not fictional love,

But our love, human, flawed and beautiful.

Like a dance,

Spinning and twirling together,

Occasionally stepping on toes,

Stealing kisses on the dance floor,

You're the dance partner that I choose,

And I know you've chosen me too.

© 2013 Gracie.M

Author's Note

I wonder if anyone else feels this way?
Feedback would be great :)

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I enjoyed the way you wrote down your thoughts about love and the meaning behind it. I thought it was profound and definitely and interesting read. Thank you for sharing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh god I loved this piece so much. Your explanation of how 'love' might really work was just so nice to finally see; nobody evermentions this topic. I especially loved the bit about how our human love is never going to be 'godly'.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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