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A Poem by GrayHalwk

Falling in love with a woman


I once loved many to only teach me what a fool I been!
But loving you has taught me I can love no other like you!
Walking hand and hand to the promise land is Gods plan!
With your undying love it could only be a woman like you for a lonely boy like me!
Swimming through the sees pool
Of life without a friend would be hard enough,
But when the only ones that love you only love your money,
It leaves a very lonely boy,
Then comes a true friend,
And though you prayed all your life for her to be in your life,
You never dreamed she turn out to be your wife,
We often ask God for things and they don't seem to come,
Then one day you find its right in front of your eyes,
Not knowing Gods heavenly plans,
And crying in vain till it rains,
And yet you claim you have nothing to gain,
And you think you took on the ranes of life on your own,
Without Gods help,
Because you can't get him on the phone,
And say your prayers were in vain?
Not knowing he was there all along guiding your path as he always will,
And he never left you alone,
But he may seem his asleep at the wheel.
But remember one thing,
That through life's open doors
It may get tuff and the days full of pain,
But he was there in the beginning and he will be their in the end!
My life is a hard life one most have never lived or could of,
It was and is my life,
You may say I'm the lucky one,
But who is to say my hardships was any less harder then yours!
We each get our share,
Of good times and bad,
For me and Aime,
Who is my wife,
We have both been down a hard road,
Not saying we live the good life,
Nor will we ever,
Who is to say,
We try to make the best of each and every day,
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring,
Nor what God has planned,
But working through each day,
Some days are better than others,
But each day if we pray and keep the faith,
Who knows the blessings it may bring,
We don't have much more than each other,
And everything else of worldly stuff is just stuff,
And we could loose it all and have lost nothing if in the end we still have each other,
For God is the maker of all things,
So what he gave us to share,
And we lost everything but our love for each other then we will get it all back if we just keep the faith!
You and I are the same but don't ask for my life,
Because of what you see,
God my ask of you to live my life of pain before you get the worldly gain you disperately seek,
Not knowing of what you ask for and being disappointed in what you will get is how the world is my friend,
And what you want my be right in front of your very eyes,
But most are so blind by the glitter of gold,
That they can't even sleep at night,
Not knowing they pray to the wrong God,
Coveting what others having in there life and not seeing God’s blessings he already gave you,
And you ask for more, and more?
Who is to say my life or my wife's life is any better than yours,
Have you shared what God has given you with your neighbor today,
And yet you pray and pray,
But to what God?
How can we ask for something we ain’t willing to give away even if we don't have much,
We got to be willing to give it all up just so the junk ain’t in the way to see what God has planned for our life,
Your life may not have much stuff but if you have love in your life,
Then you have all you need,
To have an amazing life if you work for it,
And have faith in God and start counting your blessings one by one,
For each day we pray our lord will help you along your way!

© 2020 GrayHalwk

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it isn't about having a lot, with material possessions, but having a lot of love and caring for one another.
Hearts can love just fine without tons of wealth.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Added on March 19, 2020
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Echo, MN

Well was on the streets as a boy in Oklahoma and in prison before I was 17 in Alaska then in the US Army at 23. And back in prison at 31 for 15 years married at 49. For the first time. Now a Disabled .. more..