Winter Break 2011/2012

Winter Break 2011/2012

A Chapter by Green Regol

Tis the season.

I spent most of my time home writing the play version of my book Everlasting Life. I was in the zone - I couldn't stop. My brain was in a world and I had to keep going before I lost it.
When I wasn't writing, I was playing Oblivion. When Doug came back for his winter break, I spent as many days with him as I could.
I got Marina a boss Zefron poster. It's not so much the celebrity at it was the reference to the Very Potter Musical that made it special. For a year or more we joked about getting it. When I actually got it for her, she hugged me and I think she even started tearing up. She was so shocked - couldn't stop laughing. She wanted to bring it with us to Auntie Elba's house when we went for Christmas dinner.
December 28
I finally got Evan to stop trying to declare his undying love to me. Actually, my younger cousin did. I let her take my phone the last time he texted me.
Elena: Heeeeey It's Diannnaaa's cousin, Eleennnaaa.
Evan: Helllloooooo Eleeeennnaaaa!!!
Elena: Hiii (: Hoow arre yooou? (:
Evan: I Ammm GOOOOOoOOOo4 HOW IS you :)
Elena: I'm gooood (...) do you gotss yourself a girlfrienddd?
Evan: Daattttsssss goooooood nnnnnooooo noooooo, nos I doooont.
Elena: It's not cause you're waiting for Diana, righttt? Cause we both know that's never gonna happen hahahah.
Evan: Lollll Iiiii ssssupppppooooossseeee.
Elena: What do you mean you suppose?
Evan: Looollll I dunnnnooooo
Elena: Talk normal. And it better not be you suppose it might not happen. Because believe me, it won't. She's craaaaazy about Doug. And if they ever do break up, which I highly doubt, she's gonna be into a MAN. Somebody she just met that is interesting. I'm sorry hun. Plus, her and Doug got engaged on Christmas, so you reeeeeally have no shot. Sorry bub :/
 Evan: Engaged? Really?
Elena: Yeaah, she didn't tell you? It was soo romantic!!! She told me all about it cause it was kinda a private moment. 
Evan: Wow I did not know that.
Elena: But please dude you can't tell anybody yet. We're keeping it between the families. You chilkl with that?
Evan: Okay, no problem. When's the wedding?
Elena: They haven't decided on a date yet. Probably sometime after they graduate college.
Evan: Wow that's not something you hear every day...
Elena: So you don't like her anymore? (:
Evan: I guess so. I'm going to have to get that into my head... Find someone else, I guess.
Elena: Get that into like your whole body hahahahah. She's waaaay taken. I'm sure there's a bunch of girls in your school that would like you. (:
Evan: So for the first time I'll say it. No I do not love Diana anymore.
Elena: Good  buddy (:
Evan: Lol thanks I know there are. Being so extremely well known, I get that a lot from people.
Elena: Whaaaaaatt
Evan: Lol well since I've met Diana, I know at least 2 people who've liked me at some point and there's probably more.
Elena: Well that's good. Go get one of those!!
Evan: I guess I will.
Elena: Good (: And you better be telling me the truth about being over her! -_-
Evan: I am telling the truth. As of tonight I'm moving on. I wonder what Rachel (Last name)'s up to?
Elena: Hah. I'm happy you're over her (:
Evan: Lol certainly unusual actually considering myself single instead of just waiting.
Elena: You always were single.
I'm not engaged, by the way.
I spent it at Doug's house. It was a party with a bunch of friends and their parents, because all the parents had befriended each other. I don't really care for these friends. Brandon aside, I think they're silly. In a ridiculous kind of way. I wasn't dying to the them, nevertheless it was good to see them anyway. This was the last day I saw everyone before I went back to Georgia.
Doug drove me home after the balldrop. Our goodbye wasn't nearly as long as the last one, nor was it teary. I was it was. I needed to cry, but I couldn't. It didn't feel like that was the last time I'd see him in 3 months. We hugged and kissed at my front door, and then we parted.

© 2012 Green Regol

Author's Note

Green Regol
Typing up that conversation was exhausting.

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Added on July 13, 2012
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