Sat, Oct 1 1:33 am

Sat, Oct 1 1:33 am

A Chapter by Green Regol

More Anthony.

Adding to the last entry: so while I don't intend to date him, I don't want him showing so much attention to other girls. I get jealous.
Today he stopped by with a burned Green Day CD. Yesterday we were listening to them because he's a huge fan. I like them, too, but I don't have all the albums. He let me listen to the first few songs of the newest one. All the while he played along on his guitar, singing the parts he knew. Then he was like, "You're a music person - I wanna see if you can play." He had to shorten the strap all the way. When it was over my shoulder he showed me some chords - guided my fingers.
It was fun and could've been romantic. I was totally flirting, I'm pretty sure he was, too, even though we both knew I have a boyfriend. I learned he's very ticklish.
After that we watched the nights episode of Vampire Diaries. His roommate joined. Both admitted the show wasn't bad. I'd explained to them what was going on between commercials.
Then we went to his across-the-hall neighbors and watched Wayne's World. I hadn't seen it before. Like my friend Ryan back home, Anthony would show me attention via poking me and mock face-grabbing. He grabbed my head, too. I think he was trying to melt my brain.
When the movie was over I was hungry again. That was the day I'd gone 17 hours without food and had a 3 course dinner. It was time for more food. So Anthony nodded and announced, "Who's up for some pizza?" We got two pies. The four of us couldn't finish, so we went down the hallway and asked all the residences if they wanted any. Only one girl took a slice; there was so much left. So we took them to the Tunner Annex druggies. That was interesting. They scarfed it down in a heartbeat.
We went back to the hallway. For whatever reason we didn't go into either of the boys' rooms - we just sat between the two doors.
Somehow the subject of relationships came up. Anthony's not roommate, Walter, said he never had one. Three girls once approached him and straight up asked if he was gay. He's not.
David, Anthony's roommate, just never had one. Anthony's had a few, including an on-and-off relationship with this one girl since I think sophomore year. Then they broke up immediately after graduation. He seemed pretty chill about it. Proceeded to say, "I made the right choice - you didn't." That was the first time he brought up my love life that night. It was all very lighthearted when he said stuff like, "It's not going to work. It's not fair what you're doing to this guy."
Walter agreed, though he was a bit more serious about it. "He's under so much pressure trying to keep you interested - worrying that you'll meet someone while you're here." That actually made sense, but it wasn't as if I was forcing Doug to stay with me. I wouldn't say anything though. It wasn't time for a mood ruiner.
After a while of being in the hallway and popping packing bubbles on Anthony's phone, we went into his room and played cards until 5 in the morning. You know the rest - this is all a prequel to when he walked me home yesterday.
Anthony seems like the kind of guy that can move on easily. I'm kind of worried. When he moves on from me, will he drop my friendship? I like hanging out with him, even when I'm not flirting. He reminds me of Ryan, but more personable. Losing him would be like losing my best friend. Is that why I get jealous? Because I worry? I hope so.
Today it looked like he was flirting with Maya, the girl who slept over our dorm that one night. Again, I got jealous. At least she's lesbian. She should probably tell him that.
We went on a ghost tour, Maya, Candi and I. It was a booked midnight event where they took us outside different haunted sights. The ghost stories were interesting and some people took pictures and captured blue orbs. But what was most interesting was Maya. She doesn't seem like the kind of person who's so desperate for attention that she'd make stuff up.
She has some sort of psychic connection with the other side. Cemeteries make her sick to the stomach, and she looked it. We visited one of those, and she got the same feeling at the hag-infested house when we stood outside it. She described it as a sort of pulsing in her chest, like something pulling her in.
Outside the old hospital we stopped. There was one window open and Maya said she saw a figure moving back and forth as if collecting items. That was the torturous shock therapy room for mental women, back in the day.
Candi and I went over to look at the set for the next part of the tour guide's story - the secret door through which the dead were illegally buried. Maya was behind us. Tour guide gave us a moment to take pictures, and after that we were on our way.
After every ghost story, I'd gotten into the habit of asking Maya if she was alright. She'd been queasy on-and-off. When I turned to ask her, though, she wasn't there. She was 20 feet away from the group, walking toward the hospital at a slow zombie-like speed with her head tilted. Candi and I ran to get her. She didn't even realize she was walking.
After the tour was over, Anthony texted me. He asked me how the ghosts were, I told him. My friends and I then joined him at Mr. Pizza (the place we got pizza yesterday, attached to Turner Annex) and got food. Anthony continued flirting with Maya, but I think he was trying to keep me in the conversation as well.
I ordered a small pizza. When I finally got it, we left. I was only charged for a pizza, but they gave me a box, so that was pretty neat. Once we were out of the pizza place, though, I wasn't really sure which way to go. Anthony wanted to take us back to Tannex, Candi wanted to not go to Tannex (while she didn't word it that way, that was the vibe I got) and Maya wanted to come to our dorm and watch Sweeney Todd. Anthony was invited, but he apparently is not a fan. He walked us back to Maya's dorm, though. She had to stop there to pack things for a sleepover. 
That was when Anthony saw the rainbow flag hanging from her bed. He even lifted it a little, as if by inspection he could learn it didn't mean what he thought it did. He was disappointed - he did the same hair-pulling motion he did when I first mentioned I had a boyfriend. It was the funniest thing. I couldn't stop laughing.
When Maya was ready, he and we went our separate ways. Us girls went back to my dorm and popped in Sweeney Todd. No one was actually watching, though. We'd invited Josh from next door, and Candi spoke to him the entire time. Loudly. The lights were on for Maya, who was working on a masquerade mask. I couldn't get into the movie with all these distractions, which is why I'm writing now.
We popped open the lid to the pizza box. I'd forgotten about it for a while and was like, "Oh yeah, I have pizza if anyone wants some." But then I saw what was really inside the box. It was a little pizza pie. Six slices, each the size of my little fist. Hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.

© 2011 Green Regol

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Author's Note

Green Regol
Kind of all over the place, I know, but as of now it's too early to tell which details are necessary for later on. A lot's happening at the moment.
Turner Annex is the same as Tannex. Tannex is a dormitory building, different from my own.

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This is indeed all over the place. I like it though! But it might be easier to read if you were to stay with the Anthony vs Doug part.

I like your writing though. Its easy to see you are intelligent and have a good memory.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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