Tue, Oct 11 1:58 am

Tue, Oct 11 1:58 am

A Chapter by Green Regol

Days are blurred.

So I'm trying to remember all that's happened since I last wrote, but the days are kind of meshing together. I might need to resort to chronological bulleting. 
-Anthony asked about rainbow flag in Maya's room. I told him she's totally lesbian - not even the slightest bit into guys. It was funny. He hasn't been having any luck with girls lately.
-I told him about Evan and scratched the surface of my love-life history. I've had quite a few boyfriends in high school. 
-He told me his view on dating. It's not supposed to last forever - it's just supposed to be fun. I told him my view: what's the point in dating if you already know it's not going to last? Because of his outlook, however, I found it easier to flirt with him. If all we had was a physical relationship, no one would be hurt. After all, Doug gave me permission to mess around.
-Anthony also mentioned his random make-out sessions and all the girls he would just hook up with. This only helps me to find okayness with flirting with him. In the conversation he told me, "We'd be making out right now if you didn't have a boyfriend." I called him cocky and laughed.
-He stopped by my dorm again. The door was open, so he just walked right in. I had something due for a design project the next day. I had to take pictures of objects throughout Savannah that looked like different letters of the alphabet. It was time for a walk. Candi suggested "Fortstire" park. I'd never been there, so I never knew she was pronouncing it wrong until Anthony ever-so-kindly (sarcasm) corrected her. This trip was when his low tolerance for her grew more apparent, and vice-versa. Of course he got a little mean.
Anthony invited his friends to come with us. Only Eric accepted the invite. He's a chill dude - I think the nicest of Anthony's across-the-hall mates. He kept finding me some awesome letters.
-Oct 6th, 10: something pm
Anythony broke his wrist. We were walking to the gas station from Tannex parking lot, on a quest for Full Throttle. On our way out of the parking lot, he was jumping on and off a three foot ledge, being a boy. When he jumped down the last time, he landed on his feet but wasn't balanced. He did this kind of spinny-thing and fell flat on the cement. It didn't look like it hurt at all - it looked like the kind of thing he would've been able to get up and walk away without a scratch. When he immediately said his wrist was broken, I didn't believe him. I only believed him about an hour later when his friend Alex called in an ambulance. I was laughing - people were walking by and staring at the ambulance truck like something serious happened - like someone was actually hurt bad. It was too funny.
It took Anthony until 3 in the morning to return. In the meantime I was chilling with his friends. We had pizza and watched youtube videos until he came back. When he did return, he showed us pictures of his adventure in the hospital. He was smiling in all of them - high on the prescribed medications. He said he didn't cry once, and Eric was witness to him not crying. The affects of the pills were wearing off, though, and he started to jokingly whine about how much it seriously hurt. He also said it was all my fault - I was in the way of where he was going to originally land. In trying to save me from being squished, he broke his wrist. I didn't think I was in the way, but whatever. It was still funny.
An hour later I had to go back to my dorm to see Candi off. She was going home for the weekend for her twin sisters' birthday, and she really misses her ex and wants to see him again. I wasn't sure how well that was going to go, but it was something she had to get out of the way. Maya and I went with her in the cab to the train station. I had the room to myself for the next three days.
- Oct 7th
Hung out with Anthony and his friends all day. I didn't want the day to end, and neither did he. So he and I pulled an all nighter in my dorm. We ended up passing out on Candi's bed. We weren't going to pass out on mine - I have top bunk. We slept at 7 in the morning, woke up at 9 in the morning. When we woke up, he told me I was the first girl he slept with that he didn't have sex with. I jokingly told him that made me feel all special on the inside.
- Oct 8th
We had sex. I had permission, he knew I had permission, he wanted to get in my pants, I got horny, he had condoms, so it all worked out. I stayed the night in his bed, as did he. It was nice. I didn't feel used or anything like that. As we were going to sleep, though, he said there was no way I wasn't falling for him. I didn't respond.
-We did the same thing again the next day, Monday. Candi was back, but she didn't see me all day. She would've seen me in class, but I was working on my project still and couldn't make it. Class started at 5 pm and ended at 7:30, so she was kind of worried. I thought it was funny - I expected as much. She texted me after class, "Are you okay?"
- Oct 10th into today.
Anthony said we should probably take a few days to slow down. He wasn't very committed, though. He wanted to make out immediately after he said that, but I was like, "No, not unless you want to take back what you just said." He grimaced and was like, "I can't." It felt kind of bad walking back to my dorm. The further from Tannex I was, the worse I felt. It wasn't so bad, though. Once we were outside my building, he asked for one last kiss. I said, "There's no such thing as that." But we kissed anyway. I knew I still had him. 
Ever since the day after we met, we wanted to make a movie together. After we first had sex, he told me, "I think we have a movie now." I was thinking the same thing.  So throughout our last conversation, we kept saying things like, "This is totally going to be in the movie." It was cute - funny.

© 2011 Green Regol

Author's Note

Green Regol
Catching up to the present little by little.

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Very nice....I have to admit I hoped that would happen. Good for you guys. I like the movie part too. Thats cool!

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