Thur, Nov 17, 8:06 pm

Thur, Nov 17, 8:06 pm

A Chapter by Green Regol

This is how Halloween went.


So I’m waiting for a 7:30 train. I know, it’s 8:00 now. It’ll be another hour and 20 minutes before it arrives. It’s late.

Unless that’s it pulling up now? I hear it.

Anyway, these past two weeks I was pretty busy. I need to take a moment to skim through my previous entry and find out where I left off.

Oh. I hadn’t gotten to Halloween. On Friday the 28th of October was the masquerade ball. When I first heard of it, I thought of something like the masquerade in The Phantom of the Opera. After a few weeks of thinking about it, though, I figured there wasn’t a school awesome enough to have a real masquerade like that. No one would get into ball gowns and suits, and there wouldn’t be chandeliers or elegant decorations. It was just be a costume party. A Halloween dance. Like in high school, but with more people.

Even though I knew it wasn’t what I had hoped for, I was still excited to go. I went with Maya, Candi, and Maya’s roommate Jakki.

That same day was the day we had to register for classes. Of course freshmen register last, but instead of it being first-come-first-serve per class, they gave everyone timeslots. These went, for the most part, in alphabetical order, so anyone with a last name that begins with A got to register early in the morning. My last name begins with an R, so I had to register as I was getting ready for the dance. I found every class I had looked into with the teachers I wanted was full. But I wouldn’t throw a hissy-fit, peeved as I was. I put my name on the waitlist, so if anyone dropped out, I would take their place.

Candi’s last name begins with a Z. I really wish it didn’t, but because it did, she felt totally justified in flipping out. Her registration time was at 9:30, during the dance.

We all walked to the party building, the student center. Maya’s costume wasn’t really a costume. It was a pretty summer dress with a mask. Jakki wore a kimono. Candi wore a sexy dress from Hot Topic and what we call her “stripper boots.”

I felt a ton more sexy in my pirate/steampunk attire. I had a corset with golden latches, and a cat mask. It was fun.

When we got there we discovered there was a line to get in. It wrapped around the side of the entire building. I cried on the inside. It wasn’t moving.

While we were waiting, Candi was still throwing a hissy fit over having to register for classes. She originally planned to use the computers at the student center, but with how the line was, that wasn’t possible. We got to hear her make three phone calls before one of her friends from home answered. In between each missed call, we all got to hear her rant about how her friends were meany faces and were forgetting about her because she’s 500 miles away from them.

I looked at Maya. She looked at me. We experienced what it was like to exchange glances.

We didn’t talk while Candi was yelling through her phone trying to give her friend to get online, sign in to her school account and register her classes for her. When that was done, she continued to complain that she was waitlisted in all her classes. Her situation was worse than mine because her last name begins with a Z. I wish there was a letter after Z, just so my last name can begin with that. Just so she would not be able to complain.

So that happened. The line was long, but those things aside, the dance was fun. The costumes were awesome to look at, some were very creative. I danced with a green dude. He was in one of those skin-tight suits that cover the entire body, including the head. I know there’s a name for that, but I forget what it is. I remember the jocks in my high school wore those for Halloween. They were good-looking, so I assumed this guy would be, too. But then he took off the mask.

He wasn’t ugly. He just wasn’t the gorgeous type I was hoping for. We continued to dance and talk. The more we did that. The more I wanted to stop. I’m pretty sure he was flirting, but not in a cocky/sexy way. He was being friendly, but I somehow got this clingy vibe. As if, if I continued being friendly, he would turn into another Evan.

Maya went to a house party. Jakki went home early. So Candi and I walked back to our dorm when the party ended. Green dude walked with us to the building, which was nice. But I’m relieved I haven’t seen him since.

By the way, that wasn’t my train I heard earlier.

© 2012 Green Regol

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Green Regol
I'm hungry. Right now.

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