Steak, Massages After Work & Chantilly Cake From Kilani Bakery..

Steak, Massages After Work & Chantilly Cake From Kilani Bakery..

A Poem by Chantavong

Holding on when others told me to give up.

How this all came about I have no clue
don't know why this is happening to me and you
everything seemed so perfect and so right
and for once I felt satisfied with life
we can be doing nothing and just talk for hours
we would tell each other our own stories while at the same time writing ours
I didn't care what we were doing as long as I was with you
and I know for a fact that you felt this same way too
the smiles and laughter I wore were no joke
and it was these good feelings that gave me hope
that maybe just maybe I've finally found the right one
and that finally all the stress in my mind would be done
I thought I found someone that would actually stick around
someone that I can trust, someone that will pick me up when I'm down
you accepted the fact that I've made bad choices before
but also trusted me enough to let me through your door
a week ago everything seemed so certain
that you and I were something that didn't need workin'
because from the beginning we just clicked
spend every minute together and not get one bit sick
once I really got to know you I already knew
didn't need to take a second look at you
it was right then and there
that everything else in the world, I had no care
I sacrificed a friendship and my reputation for this
cause you are everything I ever wanted and the opportunity I just couldn't miss
I wish you would just realize how much you mean to me
I wish you would also think that we were meant to be
I want you to see that the happiness I showed you wasn't fake
and that I can keep it that way if it's my hand that you take
you told me that you can see yourself with me for a long time
and that it felt right that I was yours and you were mines
doesn't that make you wonder why you've never felt that way before
that maybe the future with me is the plan God had in store
for you and for us, he brought us together that night for a reason and
had us start talking because in this relationship he was believing in
I know this other person might be a nice guy
but to me all I see in him is just lies
If he wasn't straight up with you from the beginning
what makes you expect he'll still be around when he's winning
if I didn't come into your life and changed things
I have no doubt he would still be making you chase him
I only want the best for you because it's what you deserve
and I don't know how your past boyfriends can hurt you, what nerve
I promised you that I would never intentionally make you cry
and to be the best to you, with my all, I will try
because I might not be the most talented guy in the world
but I know I can make you happy and to me thats the greatest talent to a girl
I like making you happy because I'm addicted to your smile
and when I hear you laugh it just makes everything worth while
I remember I said that I would "change yo life" it was a joke at the time
but I had no idea that in just two weeks you would change mine..

-Chris Chantavong

© 2010 Chantavong

Author's Note

I read this poem at a slam poetry event at Border's back in April..

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Great job on this. I can hear it being read aloud and in fact I think it's probably better to the ear than the eye. I love the style. Although it's rhyming it still has a raw, urban feel to it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 29, 2010
Last Updated on July 2, 2010
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Kapolei, HI

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