Life is No Fairy Tale

Life is No Fairy Tale

A Poem by Chantavong

The key to having a good relationship is knowing what you got while you still have them.

I won't wait around for something that might not happen
Because life is not a fairy tale, it's not always happy endings
You know, I ain't putting my life on pause
Yeah you're special, but I just can't do that cause
Like what Tupac said, "Life goes on.."
There's much more to life that you being gone
I need to do me, I need to get up there
Try to become successful, try to get somewhere
But please don't take it wrong
You've been my favorite all along
It might look like my body is moving on
But for you, my heart is staying strong
Keeping that back door creeped open
Cause maybe one day you might get an omen
And finally see what I was trying to make you see
That there's no one else that will treat you better than me
Everyone deserves a second chance
A second opportunity, a second dance
But I hope you don't take too long to realize it
Because there's over 3 billion other girls in the world looking for this
This kind of love, this kind of connection
The unconditional type of love that feels like a blessing
And I won't hesitate to leave you behind if she finds me
A girl that knows what she's got while she still has me
Don't trip, you already know how I feel and where I stand
You know how much I care even if I'm not your man
I've tried my hardest and said everything I had to say
So I won't try no more and I'll start today
Cause you can't have your cake and eat it too
Yeah, to me you're everything I want in a girl
But sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you..

-Chris Chantavong

© 2010 Chantavong

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Added on July 6, 2010
Last Updated on July 6, 2010
Tags: Love, Poetry, Life



Kapolei, HI

I'm just a local boy from the island of Oahu, Hawaii that loves to express his thoughts through his writing. I believe anything is possible in life, it just depends how bad you want it.. Mahalo, C.. more..