Soak It All In

Soak It All In

A Poem by Chantavong

I can dream..


I feel the sand between my fingers
As I lean back and stretch my legs
Millions of stars light up the night sky
North to South, East to West
On this hot Hawaiian night
There are so many stars out
That they can rival the grains of sand on this shore
The sky is clear tonight
The sky is beautiful tonight
Beautiful, elegant, gorgeous & intriguing
A lot like her, who lies next to me
Smile so bright it distracts my sight
Eyes glimmering so beautifully
That the stars themselves may be jealous
Her voice as calming as the water itself
And her touch as smooth as the wind blows
Looking up to the heavens
We talk for hours about everything
Slowly her voice fades away
But I can still feel her next to me
Head on my arm as her fingers trace the outlines of my chest
As I fall into a trance from the blinking stars
I soak it all in
The sight of beauty next to me and above me
The sound of her voice, her heartbeat and nature
The smell of her hair, skin and of the salt in the air
The touch of her smooth skin while I lay on the soft sand
And the taste of her sweet lips when we kiss
I soak it all in
Because tomorrow I leave
And these memories is all I will have
To get me through the cold winters, the hot summers
The long days and the lonely nights
But I know I will be back
And I know she will be here waiting
So I just soak it all in
All that matters is that I’m here
Right now, with her and I just smile
Because in this huge and crazy world
We managed to find each other
And I told myself when I meet her I’ll know
And when I met her, I knew..

-Chris Chantavong

© 2010 Chantavong

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Added on August 2, 2010
Last Updated on August 10, 2010



Kapolei, HI

I'm just a local boy from the island of Oahu, Hawaii that loves to express his thoughts through his writing. I believe anything is possible in life, it just depends how bad you want it.. Mahalo, C.. more..