The Cold Never Lasts

The Cold Never Lasts

A Poem by Chantavong

Keeping my head up and surviving this August winter storm

There's no more warmth in this heart of mines
The electricity is out, someone has cut down the power lines
Colder than a freezer, colder than the north pole
No blood flow, just ice in my veins from head to toe
Frozen like an iceberg, solid as a cinderblock
Once a beautiful garden, now just left to rot
This is me, or whatever that's left
A monster, you've made me so heartless
Sacrificed so much and tried so hard for this to work
But all I get in return is internal hurt
Internal pain that hides behind this smile so fake
Feeling like a night mare which I can't awake
Constantly in limbo there seems no way out
And it was love that I thought I knew all about
But in fact I'm no expert at love or fate
Just a seasoned veteran of heartache
With every failed attempt this wall gets higher
This ice cold organ has not one flicker of fire
Like the dinosaurs, love in me is extinct
The heartless beast is on the brink
of breaking through to start a trail of broken hearts
It's a vicious cycle once it starts
But no. In my mind I can't blame all on just a few
It's just unfair to the woman that are true
That know what they want in a man and respect him too
That will return the love that they receive from you
I need to stay positive and keep the hope alive
Keep my guard up but not too high
Because there will be one that will take the leap
She will start the climb, no matter how steep
Scale the walls that I've kept up
On me, she'll never give up, never have enough
And so will I, break down her walls and make her see
That there still are genuine guys in the world like me
Then slowly my blood will start to thaw and liquify
Frozen no more,  the warmth returns to my eyes
Love flows back in my heart, the gloomy days are done
Trust in fate, let go and let God
Patience is what I'll practice and on her own she will come

-Chris Chantavong

© 2010 Chantavong

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Added on August 4, 2010
Last Updated on August 4, 2010



Kapolei, HI

I'm just a local boy from the island of Oahu, Hawaii that loves to express his thoughts through his writing. I believe anything is possible in life, it just depends how bad you want it.. Mahalo, C.. more..