I Used to Be a God

I Used to Be a God

A Poem by Paige

This really sums up how I feel about my life right now. It's been a while since I've been this inspired


I used to be a God

The snow banks were my mountains

Creating worlds of my own

Was my only obligation


I used to be a King

My tree house was my castle

I’d rule the silent forest

With a home-made ivy crown


I used to be a Hero

A fallen branch became my sword

The air would fill with foes to conquer

Adding glory to my game


I used to be a Wizard

My magic, only I could see

Creating fire, dueling demons

A made-up world there for me


I used to be a Captain

My front lawn�"my sinking ship

I’d sweep off my invisible hat

And say, “O Storm, you’ve bested me!”


I used to be a Fairytale

My world morphed to fit my plot

The creatures all would do my bidding

Sky and earth my ready stage


I used to be a Traveler

Found new worlds every day

I’d teleport from place to place

The world always in my hand


I used to be a Dreamer

Reading, thinking, hopeful wishing

Myself in place of characters

Wondering if it was real


Today… what am I?

No longer do I find these things

The ivy crown now just dead leaves

My hero’s sword a rotting log


Today, I live in this world

I cannot find my way back

I used to be more interesting

Now my days wasted on the future


Always one thing leads to another

No more time for silly games

But now I plead to the sky

Wanting all my worlds back


What am I now?

I used to be many things

But now I am none

Where has the magic gone?


For I used to be a God

© 2011 Paige

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Added on February 22, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2011



My name is Paige Pfannenstiel. I'm 16, I love writing, and I have a published book titled "Skyline: The Opal Chance." However, I'm having terrible writer's block and I can't make myself keep writing.. more..

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