Social Evolution

Social Evolution

A Chapter by GuardianZack

     The world is corrupt, and there aren't many people who play their parts in helping make it better. I do not want to change people, nor do I have the power; I want them to learn and to change for themselves. Holding on to what most others are lacking is hope for a different future, yes- but only if you take that knowledge and try to share it with others, even if you are made out to be the enemy. People who just accept life as it is, never make a difference. People who realize that change is necessary for us all, including themselves, but are too afraid to utilize that realization, never make a difference. Only people who realize something is wrong when they see it, acknowledge it within themselves, try to better themselves, and aren't afraid to bring it to surface so that others are made aware, make a difference. Take Martin Luther King, for example. If Martin Luther King would have kept silent because of his fear of oppression and people who might try to assassinate him, where would we be? Even at the loss of his short life, he achieved something that most people never do in the run of their entire lives; evolutionary progress.


     Each and every day, I see society as a whole lower the standard on tolerance and human decency, and each and every day, I try to do my part in helping to raise that standard. I know one person cannot change the entire world, but if we keep the dream of freedom and peace alive, that idealism will spread. People all around the world give in to corruption and greed, and no one steps forward to initiate change. People seem too afraid to speak up, and maybe there are many times when they just do not care anymore. But it is when we let our minds be subjected to violence and hatred, and accept it as the common way of life, that we truly lose what separates us from any other species on the planet; that is when we lose our humanity. Hate is a disease that is easily spread, but thankfully, the cure for that disease is just as easily administered. That cure is love, and even the smallest of sincerities can have the largest influence on others. We are each separate individuals, but when we spread the word of peace and indifference, we in turn become bound by one common goal- to live in harmony. When one makes a step toward a new beginning, others follow, and continue to make footprints for a brighter tomorrow.


     I will say it once more, as so many continue to use as an excuse for doing nothing to benefit mankind; one person cannot change the world. But the changes you make today, will inspire those who will make changes tomorrow. When we all unite as one, the impact is phenomenal- and that, my friends, can change the world.

© 2013 GuardianZack

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Added on May 8, 2013
Last Updated on May 8, 2013
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Knoxville, TN

Humanity as a whole seems to be falling apart. We live in a world where people generally just don't care anymore. People always see the need for change, but never do anything about it; Change has to b.. more..


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