Electric Blowfish Colony

Electric Blowfish Colony

A Poem by Guavaguy

They do not strive to change the world.
The world changes enough as it is.
People don't change, but the world does.
And them people die out, 'cause they couldn't catch up, you know?
Survival of the fittest, that's the way it's always been.
Me? I ain't got those fancy observation tools that some folk use. 
I'm a simple kind of guy, but I can see that things are changin'...
But then they always have.
It's the way of the world.
There's a coral tree near my house,
you can look out at it on a cliff by the sea,
And the damn thing rises maybe a hundred feet out of the water.
And they swim by it's base,
Drawn to it like moths to flame. 
I don't claim to know anything.
If someone has all the answers and none of the questions
Then you know that person's got nothing to say.
But I ain't stupid neither, 
I can see that they're thinkin'.
Just like us. 
Sure you could argue that they're just blowfish,
But they're not.
And it gets me wonderin'
If all the others are doing it too.
We humans think we're smart,
We think we're clever,
But I think there's a reason cats don't have missiles
There's a reason dogs don't have guns.
And they know this just as well
As the dogs or the cats.
It's too bad no one knows of this island...
It's too bad no one else can see them,
Glorious in moonlight. 

© 2013 Guavaguy

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This is an incredible piece for a 16 year old. I know you'll hate to hear that but I'm saying it anyway hahaha. These are not the thoughts of any teenager I've met, anyway.

I honestly couldn't decipher something from this, but it wasn't cryptic in a way that bothered me. I was happy to read until the end, and even read again. I want to know what this is, but I don't know. All I know is that it is a very well executed unknown. Generally speaking, a good writer could write about actual crap, but it would be an amazing piece of writing about crap. That thought ran through my head after reading this. You're a real find for me.

- Henry

Posted 8 Years Ago

Interesting piece, you raised some interesting points with this write, who are we? what do we want? and especially what do we want to achieve from this world? Making money by all means guns, drugs etc....anyway great poem

Posted 8 Years Ago

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