Fortune & Glory-Introduction

Fortune & Glory-Introduction

A Chapter by Josh

A message found in the front pages of the expedition journal of the archaeologist Alex Kessler.


       Surviving the elements has always been in my blood. From the thick, sweltering heat of the disappearing Amazon jungle to the frigid icecaps of the Artic, I have lived as those before me have.  I’ve sought adventure—the thrill of exploration of the unknown. Yet, I am given the distinct feeling that my time here has been sorely misplaced. For I have missed the golden age of archeology by numerous generations, and in this technological savvy world I am a modern relic of times past.  I am as those accounts of early grave robbers—a mere memory. Without the use of modern satellite mapping I have trekked the globe, with reliance in antique maps and aid from the natives. I have witnessed the wonder our planet offers and survived what most have only dreamt of. Let me be the first to warn you that beyond the illusion of a civilized world, there is a world of darkness. A place as intended by nature and surviving is the key.

            Within your grasp, you hold the secrets of my expeditions. A day-by-day retelling of my travels to those remote locations remaining undiscovered by the modern world. However, it is my great concern that if you are reading these words that my passing has come and gone unnoticed. Worry not, for I have lived a life best suited for an untamed soul. Born into this world running and (hopefully) leaving it with a bang. You are in sole possession of my life’s work, all that I am and had been; all that I ask is that these notes be used wisely. My name is Alex Kessler and this is my legacy.


~Alex Kessler

March 27,2004


© 2008 Josh

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Beautiful use of language! It is archaic, but not awkwardly so. More chapters! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Josh, this is a very intriguing introduction. I think, though, that I'd like a little more information. A bit more of an idea about who the character is. This may help you draw your audience in more and get them invested enough to keep going in the story.

Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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