Chapter 1 - Summon Incubus

Chapter 1 - Summon Incubus

A Chapter by Gwendolyn Maven

Chapter 1 - Summon Incubus


In the year of 1985, Ezekiel and Martha got married but after a year of trying to have a child they realized that Ezekiel's body can't. They tried to visit various gynecologists and specialist but no one was able to help them until one night Martha shared about her friends miraculous pregnancy after doing some paranormal prayers.

The next day, Ezekiel began to do a thorough research about the paranormal prayers and activities. Few days after his thorough research and after buying the necessary instruments he invited Martha to go with him. She refused him at first but he was able to persuade her then.

11:00pm, he gathered the materials. He killed the lights, covered the windows, stood and lighted up seven candles forming a circle around them. He drew a pentagram inside the circle using a blue chalk and they both sat in the middle of the pentagram. They waited until the clock strikes twelve and they began to murmur the prayers. As soon as they finished stating prayer, the surroundings turned silent.

“Are you sure this is legit?” Martha asked him.

“Sssh, yes.” Ezekiel whispered.

They waited for few minutes expecting some paranormal noise but they didn't hear any so they ended up cleaning up the materials.


The next night came, the two went to bed. Throughout the midnight, while Martha was in deep sleep, she felt a strong titillation running across her body and it woke up her from the deep sleep. She checked her phone to see the time, 12:30am. The surroundings was dark and quiet. She freaked out a bit and decided to embrace Ezekiel but the moment she turned back, she saw someone under the sheets and the moment she unfurled the sheets, she saw a demon beside her, this completely freaked her out.

Too much fear woke her up from real sleep. She looked at the time, 2:30am. She turned back again but Ezekiel wasn't beside her. She quickly went outside the room to find him until she saw blood writings on the bathroom mirror stating.

“Zeke is dead you are mine”

She screamed as she saw this and completely fainted after seeing Ezekiel's dead body drowned in the bath tub with a slit on his wrist.


Soon then, she found out that the ritual they did was a ritual to summon Incubus. Incubus is a demon who attacks women during their sleep and generate sexual intercourse to father a child with a mortal and Martha was a victim of this demon.

© 2013 Gwendolyn Maven

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Added on June 7, 2013
Last Updated on June 7, 2013
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