~ Survival ~

~ Survival ~

A Story by Ray

Addax and Zack

" I never thought it would end this way," he said. I stared hard into his eyes, his lips pressed into a hard line as he returned the gaze. His seemed more gentler than mine, mine that was cutting through him, ripping him into pieces. He looked pained, torn into one thousand pieces in this one second. He was already resigning himself to what he called fate. I was not going to go along with that.
" End ? What makes you think this is the end ?" I said, narrowing my eyes. He shifted closer to me. We were sitting against the wall, grey and damp, and we were waiting. But I wasn't going to give up so easily like he was. I was not going to sit and wait for my death to come around to me. I would fight right until my breath ceased to be, until I was wrapped up in darkness and could not stay in my body. He brushed a strand out of what I guessed was a dirty face--mine.
" What do you expect will happen ?" he whispered, leaning in close, his eyes never leaving mine. My breath caught in my throat, my will to throw some sharp words in his face started to crumble. I couldn't hurt him if it did end this way.
" We can still get away," I whispered back, pursing my lips and looking away. I could hear him shaking his head and sigh.
" No, we can't. Do you still want to put up a fight with them ?"
" Yes."
" Why ?" I turned towards him, and my gazed pierced right through him. Even though I couldn't really hurt him with it, he still winced.
" I'll tell you why : because if we're going to die anyway, we might as well help those who are going to live. You're with me on that, aren't you ?"
" Addax..." he looked away.
" Aren't you ?" I narrowed my eyes. He turned back toward me and seemed slightly more sure of himself.
" You know I'll always be with you, whatever you do," he said softly, touching my cheek lightly, with just his fingertips. I knew then, that it didn't matter if I died. Sure, it was being weaker than the opponent, it was a tremendous failure and I hated that. But as long as Zack was with me, I really didn't care if I lived or died. All we had to do now, was wait for our death to come around, if that was the will of the Fates.

© 2012 Ray

Author's Note

This is just an idea for something I could be writing. But then, I get lots of ideas and few, very few developped....

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Added on August 21, 2012
Last Updated on August 21, 2012



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