Joseph's Dream Catcher

Joseph's Dream Catcher

A Story by gypsynight

Joseph picked her up as she lay, eyes wide and blood draining fast. It took a lot to lift her, even though she was so small. She was like dead weight. The ambulance came finally after minutes Joseph held back tears because he knew he could never save her and he blamed himself. They took her on a stretcher they carried her out the door. Joseph stood up shaking, ran to the toilet and started to puck.

Reese "you remember the first time you kissed me? " Joseph laughed "how could I forget, that was the best day of my summer" Reese smiled "you have left footsteps in my mind" Joseph " I don't think I could forget you, even if I tried"

Joseph held the bottle to his mouth, consuming all of it, he couldn't quit. Scratching at his arm "I couldn't save you" he said out loud as if she could still hear him miles away from there.

Reese laid in bed, twisting and turning. She looked at the clock it was 8am not a single hint of sleep. Reese sighed and just started to get ready for the day. She felt miles away as she opened her drawer and dug threw looking for a shirt. Then she found one of Joseph's and held it to herself for a second. Then pushed it to the back of the drawer.

"Joseph, he always made me smile. I couldnt help but sabotage it, its what I'm good at." Reese laying her head on the table. Mary " sometimes we hurt the ones we love because we don't love ourselves enough" Reese "I know, I just don't know how I'm going to forgive myself yet."

Reese holding the bottle to her lips. Thinking, he's going to forget all about me, he should. I don't believe in fate, sometimes we just don't end up with the people we our meant to be with. We screw up and we just have to learn how to live alone. It's just better that way. Reese chugging and finishing of the bottle of jack.

© 2018 gypsynight

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Added on September 28, 2018
Last Updated on September 28, 2018



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