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I heard...

I heard...

A Poem by Holly Mason

She left him.
He left her.
Which is it?
Because I heard...

that he beat her
yet she never had bruises
that she cheated
except she is always home

that he is lazy
appears to always be at work
her house is filthy
from outside picture perfect

that he forgets the dates
only to see them out to dinner
she is just to fussy
as her car always breaks down

he is mommy's boy
although she passed years before
she is just to flirty
always ignores the looks she is given

he wants something younger
certainly acts his age
she now likes women
only to find she doesn't judge

She left him.
He left her.
Which is it?
I heard it's not our business.

© 2013 Holly Mason

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Another exceptional poem. Full of paradox and wisdom. I really enjoyed reading this! --David

Posted 8 Years Ago

very interesting piece with lots of twists and turns...but the bottom line is your bottom line..."it really is none of our business"

yet we are such a society now...reality shows, national enquirer...judgemental as hell...

and really? does it bother us that much or affect our lives that much how others live theirs?

i think not.


Posted 8 Years Ago

Holly Mason

8 Years Ago

I also like ..leave my business alone open your own...ahaha thank you for review my friend

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2 Reviews
Added on February 1, 2013
Last Updated on February 1, 2013


Holly Mason
Holly Mason

Rockledge, FL

Well now , so many words to write. So let’s write em . Xoxox Holly I would like to acknowledge my wonderful teenage ( she is now 24 ) daughter..she has takin all the photos I use.She has c.. more..