The plenitude of nothing

The plenitude of nothing

A Story by Henrique Kasai

What if the world crumbled, right here, in this very moment? The end of all hope the final destination of all your plans and expectations. Feelings of nothing but utter terror and desperation. What would you do?

A single cup of black coffee, crumbling due to the falling ground; a single oak table and a single chair, shaking like a twiggle in the autumn winds; a single person sit by himself staring blankly. What is he thinking? So still, sipping a spoon with witch he mixed the sugar. How could he stay so inertial in that chaotic beauty while others were falling in an endless pit of pure darkness. Lava isn't the worst, void is, not knowing a thing about nothing and no references nor destinies. Nothing crushes more the human mind than nothingness itself.

So how could he display such peace? The cup of coffee was halfway through, now he had an awful grin, an inside laugh, perhaps caused by the falling fat lady. She bounced twice in all her excessive clothing and make-up before belly-diving towards our common destination.

The cup was in the end, the place was pretty much empty and destroyed, a girl and a boy survived, separated from their parents amidst the confusion. They were crying like the sky had fallen down, but it was worst, everything fell. Not in a metaphoric way, the whole earth was scarred, the crushing silence that emanated from the flaws in the earth was unbearable. Poor children.

Looking at the bottom of the cup he saw his reflection in ebony, it made him remember all that was forgotten, all that was thrown away. He wasted his life, he became a rock, insensitive, insensible. The cries of the children haven't appealed to his ears at all, it was only desnecessary noise. He looked at his silver framed wristwatch, 14:00, pushed his sight as far as it could go. Not a single soul could be seen and in his mind nothing could be read. In an impetus he raised, strongly, walked to a cliff and looked down. 

The darkness stared at him as if it was alive, appealing to him, but that was not hot news, he was used to that feeling and opened a wide smile, closed his eyes and fell. Forever, perfectly, peacefully. 

What are we? Acceptance or Desperation?

© 2012 Henrique Kasai

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Added on August 23, 2012
Last Updated on August 23, 2012
Tags: existencialism, nothingness, subject, inner, suicide, death, redemption, true


Henrique Kasai
Henrique Kasai

Parana, Brazil

Everything is devoured, from dusk to dawn I aimlessly write stuff, not a better word can replace stuff in such context. Because stuff will be devoured, eventually I as well, the point is, will I devou.. more..

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