The bitter coffee and the consequences of the recession in Brazil

The bitter coffee and the consequences of the recession in Brazil

A Story by Henrique Kasai

Just an opinion from someone who actually lives trough this situation.

Our president usually screams about how Brazil wasn't or won't be affected by the crisis -both 2008 and 2011. Little does she know, or may know but feigns ignorance, that our industry and commercial sectors are already struggling to maintain themselves.

Casually walking in my cities shopping mall on a lazy Sunday afternoon, anyone perceives diminish in the number of stores, many of them are perishing along with the jobs they used to sustain. Sitting idly in a coffee store I could perceive passers carrying few bags, even if there aren't many holidays close by, the quantity was below average. Of course Brazil isn't sailing towards demise, but it wouldn't hurt the government if they lowered taxes over industrial production and raw materials. Questioning the politics decisions would take a huge story to explain properly, but, long story short, corruption haunts the development of the country.

Recently Brazil passed The United Kingdom in raw quantity of money. not because Brazil grew more than the others, but the others fell allowing my country to rise and gain recognition in a lot of newspapers. Getting back to the coffee history, while sipping it, I could clearly realize it's bad quality -when you're a coffee addict you can easily tell if there are residue, corn and straw blended in it. Not only our not-so-local shopping mall was affected, but even the not-so-local coffee factory had to decrease the quality of the product.

At least the whip-cream still tasted the same or else i'd be mad right now. You can't label Brazil as a great country for living, even if it is said to be one of the happiest. But one thing that is just starting to happen is the real estate bubble. Prices are rising sky-high just as much as the buildings, the World Cup and the Olympics also contributes to this elevation in the prices. People in general are spending more than they should and we all know the results of this story. The internal debt rises, banks break and we'll only be worried about if Brazil becomes or not 6 times world champion.

You could say that the Brazilians best attribute is also their worse, we have here an expression called "jeitinho brasileiro" which can be described as our relaxed and friendly atmosphere but with a heavy tendency of leaving everything to the last minute and doing everything with a little bit o malice. As quoted before, the main cause to our small economy growth, is politics. Not the institution itself but the ones who makes the rules. Most of then are fairly known for their bad acts, over-billing in constructions and bribes are common in our congress.
It's shameful to see a nation with almost infinite possibilities struggling with the ones who should lead it to a better place. Good incentives gets crushed excessive bureaucracy. Small fabrics suffer form heavy taxes and excessively protective workers laws. It's not easy to begin a company here, a little bit of "jeitinho brasileiro" is required to become successful. And last but not least, the society MUST improve the coffee.

© 2012 Henrique Kasai

Author's Note

Henrique Kasai
pleaaaaase ignore some grammatical errors, i'd be grateful if you could point'em out, after all English is not my mother language.

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Added on April 1, 2012
Last Updated on April 1, 2012
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Henrique Kasai
Henrique Kasai

Parana, Brazil

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A Story by Henrique Kasai