Literary analysis for lit.

Literary analysis for lit.

A Poem by Hachamecha



Miss Elizabeth Carter, on the death a friend,

wrote and composed sadly but acknowledging,
the ache caused by her friend's immutable end.

The old ghost of memories shadow the grave,
the feelings of woe overflowing and tender,
the chest as if a dark and concave cave.

Tears staining the unfortunate and early doom,
Sorrow slicing the breast deviantly and harshly,
The presence of death a forever shadowing loom.

People will move on and mend, she implies,
With healed hearts and the world’s happy laughs,
Feeling a stronger closeness to God’s endless skies.

Live and do your duty, have strengthening faith,
Where one day you will be forever rewarded and accepted,
While loved ones shed tears by your wraith.

What was simply happening, you may have asked,
During this sad and dreary time,
What were the reasons of the past?

As I say again, it was an early death,
a death of her dear friend Louisa,
the sadness caused by her last breath.

Her tone quite sad, ever so sad,
The cries and sorrow hard to oversee,
Left with only memories of the friend she once had.

But around of the end, her tone lightens,
A sense of moving on, and accepting life,
As the ink flows, the pen considerably brightens.

The style a very popular one, one that is very common,
The usual abab format, a rhyme at every 2 steps,
Nothing unusual, just simple and not uncommon.

Her beats were very particular, if I may say so,
Her two rhyming ‘a’ lines with more syllables than the ‘b’ set,
Creating a nice rhythm, flowing with her woe.

Underlying messages and concealed intent,
Not at all sinister but there all the same,
To open the eyes and see what she really meant.

To live while a friend passes is hard,
The guilt of surviving and simply breathing,
An event that leaves hearts painfully marred.

And behind that fancy poem composed of fine words,
Says she we must move on and live,
Allowing the souls fly past as if soaring birds.

The theme is surrounded by death and moving on,
The pain and hardships of the mortal world,
To accept the world when close people are gone.

Not good enough, not good enough,
Evidence, you cry and shout soundlessly,
Get out of your elementary slough.

The evidence that it is about death and coping, and it is the theme,
And how that’s what it’s about and how I am so sure,
The title itself, and the words are all I needed to deem.

What are the conveying messages, and need I say more,
Life is life in the end, and things will never change,
Healing hands of the clock, as it lifted the pain hearts bore.

In the text is my shining evidence,
Analyzed to the max, but could be pushed further,
But nothing to do now, because I’m quite dense.

© 2013 Hachamecha

Author's Note

for honors lit class.
Cranked out in less than an hour-not that great.

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Added on January 5, 2013
Last Updated on January 5, 2013
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Ledyard, CT

I don't write much anymore. I will though. I'll find my muse. She just died along with my will. 39~ -Hachamecha more..

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