Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Hachamecha

Chapter 2


                Vane walked steadily through the halls of the Dome. I walked beside him, and one point, he looked down and said, “why do you walk on all fours?”, probably wanting to fill in the silence.

                I had to stop myself from replying in bear sign language. It’s a habit, but I don’t intend to break it anytime soon. I don’t want to get used to humans either. I was already happy with living with Fluffy.

                But, Vane’s making an attempt to talk, I will too, out of pity. “…. to… in…. bear….” My voice, once again, had surprised me.

                “Why don’t you ask to borrow some clothes, so you can actually use a fork instead of your paws?” He asked.

I bristled. I knew he asked out of good faith, but still, relented. I shuddered at the thought of a human smell following me around all the time.

“…No..” My tone was harsh, and I soon regretted it. Vane looked a bit hurt, but didn’t ask anymore questions.

After a bit of walking, we arrived to a pale green door. He opened it, and stepped aside for me to step through.

The first thing I noticed was the gigantic bed. It had white sheets, and thick tousled red blankets draping across it. Rich dark colored wood framed the bed beautifully. The next thing I noticed was the futuristic computer on a mahogany desk. The computer was super thin, and was floating over a hologram keyboard. The chair facing the door, obviously in theme with the desk, was very plush. The Persian rugs adorning the floor had the effect of a rich man’s cabin. 

I believed that if I widened up any more, my jaw would hit the floor. This boy was rich. Like extremely rich.  I slowly looked around, awed with all the futuristic technology that had shaped lives.

Vane nervously shifted from foot to foot. “Erm… this is my room. So… uh…” He grew silent, blushing furiously as he failed to fill in the gapping silence.

Wearily, I stood up, knowing it’s my due to take a shower. Licking my parched lips, I asked “can… I … use.. the.. sho..shower?”

Vane stood up straighter, and motioned me to follow him. There was a hidden door near the bed, and he pushed me inside it.

“I’ll bring you my clothes, since I don’t think Merlane will allow you to wear hers.,” Vane said, coming into the shower room with an arm full of clothes.

I nodded him my thanks. Vane dumped the clothes on the rack over the toilet, then turned toward the tub.

“Do you need anything else?” he asked.

I shook my head. He shrugged, then walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Turning toward the tub, I inspected the bathroom. Old Spice body soap… Axe shampoo… Powerful looking shower head… Futuristic water temperature setting thing…  Amazing.

I turned on the shower, then walked in. I struggled to get out of my polar bear suite, but finally got it off. I looked down at my body, and nearly recoiled. Blood, and other un-nameable things clung to my body. Of course, my body had ‘developed’ and I had a hard time locating everything.  My hands had a hard time working the shower, but I got it.

Hot water rained all over me, and I felt my body relax. I grabbed the shampoo, and nearly squeezed the entire bottle on my head. I believe it took about an hour to just get my hair completely clean. Now, instead of ragged clumps attached to my skull, my hair reached past my butt.  I got the conditioner, and combed through my hair with my fingers.

Before using the body soap, I did a furious scrub up underneath the powerful shower. I didn’t want to grossly dirty the shower sponge. When satisfied, I globbed the body soap on my hand, and did another pre-wash up. Happy with my results, I finally used the body soap, and squeezed it on the shower sponge. I scrubbed myself clean, and raw. I looked like a new-born baby. I smelled… human. 

I grabbed a towel, and wiped myself off. Swinging my head down, I carefully wrapped my head in the towel. Enjoying the steam of the shower, I looked over to the clothes Vane had brought me. I didn’t want to wear them, but I found myself putting them on. I recoiled, because instead of underwear… it was boxers…. Oh, well. I’m not in any position to complain. I checked myself in the long mirror.

I saw a wide-eyed girl wearing a black shirt, and dark gray-green cargo shorts. The jacket (also black) was too warm to wear. I felt just fine in this attire.

Vane burst in, wild-eyed. “I’m sorry! I forgot to bring you…” He was blushing furiously, holding a bag of some ‘girl necessaries.’

I nodded to him, and shooed him out. I caught myself in the mirror. Was that a slight blush I saw painting my cheeks, or was it from the heat?

 I mentally shrugged. I looked into the bag. Women undergarments of all sizes were in there. I put on the 34 C, to find that it hurt. I took it off, then moved to the D’s. It fit. Snuggly. Good Godzilla.  I threw the boxers off into the hamper, and then put my clothes on properly. I didn’t know what to do with my polar bear suite, so I hid it. There was a door behind the mirror (I had bumped into it while throwing the boxers), and it looked like a closet. So I just pushed it in.

I got a brush and tooth brush out, and I vigorously brushed my teeth, spitting out all that seal meat stuck in between my teeth. I got Listerine, and gargled with it 10 times. I brushed my hair, marveling the darkness of it. It was the type that shone blue in the sun. I thought my hair was of a brunette color, but I guess that was just my memories failing me. My fingernails, un-cut for 2 years, were long.  I hastily cut them with the fingernail clippers, but left about an inch of nail left. I peered into the mirror, adjusting the mirror to hide the door behind. My light blue eyes turned green in the edges, with smoky blue rings… Wow. But my left eye was more yellow than blue.. Weird. It was never like that. Ever. I guess eating raw seal meat has some strange effects. Deciding I was done, I put down my brush.  

I walked out, my hair finely coiling on the bottom. Vane was playing with the futuristic computer. He did a double take when he saw me.

“Uh… What do you want to do?” He asked.

I shrugged. I felt oddly light. The bear skin was heavy. I wanted to laugh, and sing, and such. It must be the human influence, because I was feeling giddy.

“How.. about a tour?” I asked him cheekily, smiling. I was proud of myself. I barely paused! I even managed to make my voice somewhat musical! Yay! I felt like congratulating myself.  

Vane looked startled by my sudden mood change. He cautiously stood up, then opened the door, stepping aside for me to step through. “Alright. It’s going to be a long tour though.”

I turned to him, and smiled, my hair swishing, hand clasped behind my back. “The longer  the better,” then skipped off, having Vane race to keep up with me.





















© 2011 Hachamecha

Author's Note

Lol sorry it was rushed XD I'll edit it later. Tell me what you think :D

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A very good chapter. I like the way she took parts of the hard life away in the shower and cleaning herself up. I wonder where she will end up. The human life can be tempting. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Interesting... Can't wait for the next chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow...I read the other chapters as well, and I really like 'em...Even though you said you rushed it, you still did a good job :D
I like Vane...he sounds cute (hehe) ^_^
Lana sounds really pretty :D))

Posted 10 Years Ago

I think it is still very interesting. I liked how she totally changed during this whole chapter, from living like a polar bear to closely becoming human. It may have been a bit rushed, but I can empathize. XD

Posted 10 Years Ago

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