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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Hachamecha

Chapter 3


                After a few minutes, the feeling of giddiness disappeared. The hop in my step turned to a slow trod, and my face going back into its neural state. Vane chatted about the purposes of each room, glad to be of use. As we walked down the white hall, Vane walked along, showing me every room, except the bedrooms, which he just pointed out. At one point, he skipped a door, and moved on to the next.

                “This is the gym-” Vane started to say, but I cut him off by pointing the skipped door.

                Vane flattered, fidgeting. I looked at him pointedly. “Um… We.. Don’t really go in there…” Vane said. I looked at him, feeling the tug of a frown on my face. Obviously, Vane did not want to share. I shrugged, and resumed walking. If he didn’t want to explain, then fine. Lost in my thoughts, I had bumped into a running meat bag, which turned out to be Merlane.

                “Sorr-” She started to say, but cut off abruptly when she saw the person she ran into was the unsociable freak.

                I ignored her, and walked along, trailing my fingers along the walls of the Dome, leaving a Vane glaring at Merlane.

                He ran up to catch up to me. “Sorry about that, Iana. She’s like that because you saved me. She doesn’t like me. But I’m pretty sure she likes you, because you are the only one who is around who is even close to her age. So don’t be mad at her, okay?”

                I shrugged. It didn’t matter that I was hated. I wasn’t planning to get comfortable here, but a part of me wanted to stay until I was kicked out.

                “Well, Iana… Um. I’m sort of tired, and I’m sure you are to. I mean, you carried me back all the way here. You want to tack a rest?” Vane asked, and I suddenly saw the weariness he was holding back.

                I nodded, and his face relaxed, then he smiled. “Hey, if you want a bed, come with me. But I want to run there.” With that, he took off.

                I watched him for a beat, and then took of, easily catching up with him. He was breathing kind of hard. It was weird running upright, so I found myself on all fours.  I shot off, doors blending in a blur. It was exhilarating. I would have never stopped unless Vane hadn’t had yelled, “Iana, it’s over here! You passed it!”

                I raced back, and stopped at Vane’s feet, peering through my hair. Vane was standing next to a smiling woman.

                “Hello Iana. My name is Professor Amil. I’m going to take you to your room. I hope you are comfortable.” Amil said.

                I looked at her, and examined her face. She was blonde, and had white streaks through her hair. The minimal amount of lines on her face suggested that she was in her 20’s. There were no hostile motives behind her eyes, so I followed her to my room. It was 2 doors down from Vane’s. The door was black, and had gray swirls. Hesitantly, I looked back at Amil. She smiled at me encouragingly. I opened the door to reveal a room that somewhat mirrored Vane’s.

                A black bed with red and black plaid blankets were neatly in one corner of the room. A rich brown desk was pushed against the wall, complete with a chair only world leaders can fantasize about having.  I think my mouth was threatening to open, so I moved to the awesome-looking computer.

                “I’m pretty sure Vane didn’t explain the computer to you. Its voice commanded, and you can move things around. The screen is big as you want it to be. You can crumple up pages, and throw them away in the hologram-trash. The keyboard is there for convenience. Your hand can go right through everything, but the little cube on the desk is the power behind the computer. It is water proof and it’s literally indestructible. You can keep it in your pocket, or have it change its shape to become a watch. See?” She said, showing me a black watch. It looked ordinary to me, until Amil said, “Computer. Skype Vane.”

                A huge screen popped up, showing Vane. “Something wrong?” he asked , looking very rumpled in bed, squinting.

                Amil smiled. “No, but I’m just demonstrating the Cubix to Iana.”

                “Alright. Well, I’m going back to sleep,” with that, the screen disappeared.  Amil looked at me, my face probably showing my thoughts.

                “I have to check the temperatures, hope you feel right at home,” Amil said, then walked out of the door, the shutting door making a bang, rippling down the hall.

                I turned to my room. The walls were of a rich cream color, and the carpet was fluffy gray. I like it.

I looked at the ‘Cubix.’ It was cute. “Cubix… Turn watch?” The Cubix shifted into the watch similar to the one Amil was wearing, but it didn’t affect the floating screen above.

I felt the smile grow wider as I experimented with it. “Cubix… Show me… the world.” A 3D globe of the world popped up. I noticed China was overtaken by… The republic of Mooch? Wow. Things had changed…

After exhausting myself, and the Cubix, I tossed myself on the bed. The bed literally sunk underneath my weight. I momentarily panicked, afraid that the bed would swallow me up, wriggling like a worm in the clutches of a bird. I stopped when a shadow loomed over me, roughly pulling me up. I recovered after I sat on the edges of the bed. I cautiously looked up to the human who saved me from the clutches of the evil bed.

It was Vane, yawning and rubbing his eyes sleepily. I didn’t notice anybody walking in, immersed in my distress. He was half asleep, squinting at everything. I couldn’t help but notice his shirt hugged him nicely, and he…

He was only wearing boxers

Good Godzilla. I have to banish all these girly hormone thoughts. I’m not used to this! There was a little girl in my mind, screaming her lungs out in alarm.

No! Gah! Boys! No good! Back away! Back a-

Vanes voice chased away any remaining thought. “Sorry bout walking in, but I woke up because I heard noises.” He said sleepily. He smiled, then continued. “Then I found the bed try to eat you.”

I returned his smile, feeling my cheeks warm. It was a strange sensation.

“Well, if you need anything, like now, give me a call.” He said.

“Thank.. you…”I said, standing up. Vane smiled, eyes twinkling. He had more confidence half asleep. He walked to the door, and before the door slammed, I called out, “Good night.” He stooped, then turned around, catching the door with his foot before it slammed completely.

He gave me a genuine smile. “Night, Iana.”

The door slammed, leaving my heart pounding. I knew I wasn’t scared… What’s happening to me? I never felt this way before....

© 2011 Hachamecha

Author's Note

I'll come and edit this, in time. Put more detail:p
Comments, review, and mistake-pointerouters are much appreciatedXD

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I found it cute when Vane "saved" Lana from the bed ><
For me...Vane just keeps getting cuter and cuter (haha) ♥
i wanna read the next chapter! :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

Man, I wish my little laptop was all cool like those computers. O.o
anyways, I really loove this book so far. (x its interesting and unique.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Ledyard, CT

I don't write much anymore. I will though. I'll find my muse. She just died along with my will. 39~ -Hachamecha more..

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