Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Hachamecha


Chapter 4

                I lay myself onto the bed (this time, with caution), and mulled over my feelings. This odd fluttering… It must be nerves. Not being around humans for a long time can make you paranoid. Paranoia. Hmm.. Well, this is not surprising, I must confess. I feel like I’m going to be stabbed in the back at any moment, but I truly know it wouldn’t happen.

                The next sensation I felt was a rough hand shaking me awake. I must have fallen asleep.

                Alright Fluffy. Stop. I will wake!

      The hands kept shaking me.

                FLUFFY!! Stop it! I had the weirdest dream-


                I squinted out, to see who dared to disturb my sleep. The heavy royal red curtains were pushed back to allow blinding light spill across the floor. It was all real. The bed, the food, the chocolate-


                Looking up past a nice pair of legs (yes, my stupid and groggy brain just picked that up), some gray boxers (plaid..), nice abs (stupid hormones…) and a face full of concern.

                “Are you okay, Iana? You were making strange noises and movements while I was trying to wake you up.”

                I clumsily propped myself up into a sitting position, rubbing away the grogginess in my eyes. Stretching, I regarded him carefully. He, too, was stretching his arms over his head.

                Still stretching, I asked him, “So.. What.. is… the… occasion?”

                Vane smiled wryly. “Dad wanted me to wake you up and get you changed. Your clothes is folded on the desk,” he said, pointing to the very pink lump on my desk.

                I groaned. That’s going to be a problem…

                Vane looked at me sharply. “What’s going to be a problem?”

                I looked at him in confusion, then realized I had said my thoughts out loud.

                “No-nothing,” I fumbled. “It’s just.. so… pink.”

                “Oh, um… here., wait a sec.” Vane quickly left the room, and came back a few moments later with a black lump in his hands.

                “What… that?” I asked, curious. He was holding a cube similar to the Cubix, but different.

                Vane smiled. “Meet the changer. Here, give me the cloths, please.”      

                Still confused, I handed  him the ungodly pink lump. He set the lump on the bed, and through the Cubix look-alike in the air.

                It was floating .floating over the clothes!

                “Changeir (said like Shan, jye, ier.  Later, I learned that the word was not spelled like ‘Shanjyeier’),” he said, “Change to black. With red and black plaid theme.”

                Immediately, the clothes turned to different shades of black, an array of colors. Vane smiled at me, “You can just ask the clothes to change, but I didn’t charge the clothes last night.”

                Wow. That was cool. Quickly, I took the clothes off the bed and rushed to the bathroom, but stopping at the door, and looked to Vane. His face was a mixture of amusement and shock, lips curling at the ends.

                “Thanks,” I half whispered, and hurriedly shut the door. I leaned against the door right after I shut it, feeling the cool metal sooth my flustering. It was odd how the humans made me feel weird. They made me realize how badly in need of a shower I was. I smelled horrible! The meat of the dead polar bear was frozen so that never bothered me. But now, it was probably rotting away in that secret hidey hole behind the mirror, in Vane’s shower room. I should probably throw it away, and get a new way to survive out in the cold. Whatever. I’ll think of possibilities later. Clothes first.

                I picked through the clothes, thanking Google that the people here had good taste in clothes, and Vane knew what to do when it came to color.

                There was a black tank top, equipped with some computer effects, like instantly warming as I put it on, my pajamas a heap on the floor. Next came on the long sleeved, button-up red and black plaid shirt, un-buttoned, and light on my shoulders. The beautiful long pants came next, but I hugged the jeans for a bit, before putting them on. I decided against putting on the high-tops, because they felt uncomfortable. Socks felt funny too.

                I brushed my hair, suddenly feeling self-conscious about my looks. I found blood-red satin scrounchies, and tied my hair into low pig tails. Satisfied, I folded the pajamas, and threw them on the bed as I walked out, slamming the door behind me.

                Startled, Vane looked up, glad to have company. “What do you want to do?,” He asked.

                  I shrugged. I didn’t know what people my age did anymore. I mean, I was 14 when I got here. How should I know the definition of ‘hanging out’????

                Vane sighed, then grabbed for my hand. Dumbfounded and shocked, I didn’t compute this until about 5 minutes, where we were walking down the hall, hand in hand.

                Staring at the hand for a moment, I let the matter drop. Human emotions are so complicated. Vane walked through confusing twists and turns, and finally stopped. I quite paying attention to where we were going, and of course, like the fool that I am, I crashed into him, falling down. Remember now children. You don’t want to trip when you are holding someone’s hand. It can go two ways.

                I took down Vane with me, and, what luck, he crashed on top of me. I’m a klutz. Please, just let go of my hand and let me die…

                I didn’t hear anything, so I started to get worried. Slowly, I opened my eyes to find Vane on top of me, trying hard to get his hand out of mine while struggling to not crush me. His face was red, and he had a weird expression.

                I quickly let go of his hand, then sat up, easily taking Vane along. I stood up, yanked him up, and then dusted my pants. It’s no time to mull over mundane thoughts, you bloody muggle. With that, I looked to Vane, who was trying to compose himself.

                “Why stop?” I asked. If somebody suddenly stopped, and make us both fall, it’s normal to know why he stopped in the first place.

                He ran his hand through his hair, “We reached the arcade.”

                Arcade? There was an arcade in this bleeding Dome in the bloody pole of the Earth?! I stared at him, opened mouthed.

                He chuckled. “Yeah. But it’s only stuff before the Hemingway Plague.”   

                I shivered at the mention of the Dust Plague. Every child knows the horrifying stories from long ago.

                “Yeah. It’s that old. There’s this thing called a Wii, and a PS3. It’s soooooo old school!” His whole face lit up, and it looked kind of… cute…

                At that, Vane pulled me with him, inside the arcade.

© 2012 Hachamecha

Author's Note

I changed "Dust' to hemingway.
It's either called those two. just saying.
There aer two major plagues in this story, so watch out for them! You already know one of them ;)

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Dust Plague? *grins*

Posted 10 Years Ago

haha, Old school ae? :P It was cute when the fell over while holding hands and she said his face was red :D >< ♥ Vane :3
He is now one of my fave book characters :) (he was from the start...but yeah)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Ledyard, CT

I don't write much anymore. I will though. I'll find my muse. She just died along with my will. 39~ -Hachamecha more..

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