Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Hachamecha

Chapter 6


                Vane looked at the black haired demoness in shock. Her hair came loose and in tangles, and her eyes were alight with madness. Those same eyes had tears running down, and it looked like Iana never even noticed it. Tearing his eyes off her, he slowly surveyed the room. His father was sprawled uncermonously across the floor, and important documents floated around the room, soflty landing on the carpet next to Iana’s feet.

                Iana looked around, her inner turmoil running under her skin. What’s happening, and what exacty is going on? She shook herself, and stooped over to pick the professor up. She was certain she was hated, dream or not.

                The professor was shocked Iana threw him, but he knew he shouldl’ve been more careful. This girl has been living alone for two years, and human interaction surprised her. She was part of the wild. That of course, was what he thought before he landed on the floor, his back to the fish tank.

                What Iana did not know was that her moves was witnessed by the security system. Before she could touch the professor, tranquilizer darts shot out, and hit her in the arm, leg, and side. She jumped, and looked around her quickly. She tore the darts out, throwing them down with such venom they shattered. 

                The world was getting  warped. Iana cried out in pain, loss, and hate. She hated humans. She hated it here. Vane quickly grabbed her before she slumped down in defeat. He should have known that Iana would have reacted negetively to human contact. Now she was crying and mumbling what sounded like “you’re not real. I’m dead. I’m dead.

                Vane muttered soothing words in her hair, holding her as she rocked back and forth. All the fight was drained out of her. In less then a minute, the tranquilizer’s drug had her in a deep sleep. She stopped rocking, and limply hung in Vane’s arms.

                The door burst open, startling Vane. People he vaguely knew stormed in, and checked his dad’s pulse. His sister walked in calmly, and looked at Iana with such hate it made Vane want to look away. A guy broke from the crowd around Mike, and walked over to where Vane was.

                “What happened?” He asked quietly, looking over to Iana. Vane snorted. He knew the man had watched the  security footage.

                The man frowned. Vane looked at him defyingly. “Sometimes, it’s best to approach some people with caution.”

                The man looked at him a little longer, then walked back to where the others had wheeled the professor on the hospital bed. With one last glare at Iana, everybody walked out.

                Vane sighed. In a moment, Jaben would walk in, and demand that he lock her up for his expierements. Jaben liked to torment people, and calculate human behavior. He had a horrible personality, but his intelligence made up for it. Barely.

                And Jaben will walk in in 3, 2, 1, Vane counted silently. 0-

                The door slammed open to reveal a determined man stalking in with vigor.

                Vane cut Jaben off before he could start going on about Iaana’s human behavior.


                Jaben looked at Vane smugly. This child had lost him many test subjects. Not this time. The polar bear girl had attacked their number one professor. He planned in poisoning the professor later, to take charge of the many important projects. He would be rich, and famous.

                “You are in no position to say anything. I’m going to disect her, to compare her organs with every-day human beings.”

                Vane shook his head in disgust. This man had too much ambition and ego for one person. “I think you don’t understand. She is a human, but she is part of the wild.”

                Jaben scoffed. Part of the wild, eh?

                Jaben and Vane bickered back and forth, oblivious to the fact that although Iana was imobile, she was’t knocked out cold. She was far from it. She listened to their conversation, and ingrained it into her memory.

                Vane’s sister, Merlane, stormed in. Jaben noticebly blushed. Vane smirked underneath his hair. He knew Jaben had a thing for his sister, and Merlane knew it too.

                She walked infront of Jaben, hands on her hips. Her eyes were flashing, anger visible underneath her features. She stepped back, and  looked between Vane and Jaben, then started talking.

                “You fools! My father in bed, and there’s an uncontious girl in Vane’s arms!” Well, she rather spat than talked.

                Jaben muttered his apologies, and ran off. Merlane stopped him.

                She pulled him close, and whispered in his ear. “If you kill my father, you know what’s going to happen.”

                Jaben swalloed nervously. He knew very well what would happen. She pulled back and looked at him direclty in the eye. Jaben nodded, squirming.

                Satisfied, she let him go. Jaben, rubbing his arms where Merlane gripped him, ran out the room.

                Vane smirked again. “Well. Looks like that problem was handled quite well.”

                Merlane looked at him with murder in her eyes. She closed the distance between them, then slapped him as hard as she could.

                Shocked, vane looked up into his sister’s eyes. She was crying.

                “If you had never been born, never came here, and died in the snow, mom and dad wouldn’t have gotten hurt!”

                Vane looked back at his sister cooly. He was used to his sister’s outbursts, but he knew that she was right. But it wasn’t his choice to exist. It really wasn’t his fault his mother died.

                But that didn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

                A very fast set of footsteps drew Vane’s attention to the door. Merlane didn’t notice it, still screaming herself hoarse at Vane.

                His eyes widened as he saw the figure running toward Merlane.

                “Vane?! Do you hear me?! If dad dies, I will kill you-”

                She was cut off when Mike slapped her across the face.

                “Dad,” she whispered, holding her reddening cheek.

                He looked at her furiously. “You should be ashamed with yourself,” he said quietly. “Go.”

                Merlane nodded, and held her cheek as she ran out. 

© 2012 Hachamecha

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This story is getting really interesting. I want to know about Iana. Ahaha.

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I don't write much anymore. I will though. I'll find my muse. She just died along with my will. 39~ -Hachamecha more..

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