The soldiers taken Dad.

The soldiers taken Dad.

A Story by Tarek

a boy tries to save his father.


Jade stood beside his mother, pressing her wrist with one hand and tugging at her sleeve with the other. The soldiers took off his red t- shirt and made him wear a white shirt with black strips. At the chest, right under the buttons there was a yellow triangle, which gave Jared the sign of the enemy, sign of the Jews.

His mother pressed him closer to her side as she watched the soldiers poking with their weapons at grey haired men. They all climbed into a wooden compartment, which stood silently in the middle of a dark, bleak cottage.

“Mom, where’s Dad?” Jared whimpered, “I saw the soldiers yelling at him. We must bring him back.”

“We can’t Jared, we can’t.” She placed a hand at her lips, suppressing the sudden shriek that, uncontrollably, emerged. “Dad told us stay here. He told you to be a good boy, we can’t do anything.”

Jared knew that his mother’s words were correct, and he did not want to disobey his father. He wanted to prove to him that he was a good boy, worthy of his love and the only way to do that was to obey him when he was gone.

It was ten minutes ago when the soldiers tore Jared’s father away from his family. They gathered all around him in a circle and whacked him with their leather bound staffs. Finally, they tore off his red shirt and forced upon him a similar stripped shirt, with the same yellow triangle at the chest.

Jared shivered as the images of his bloodstained father ran through his head. He tightened his grip over his mother’s hand and shouted. “We must do something to help him. They’ll hit him again Mom.”

His mother did not reply. She was busy, straightening her neck forward and peering into the darkness, waiting for a sign.

“I’m going.” Jared slashed his hands off his mother’s grip and dashed forward, but his mother shrieked briefly and ran at him. After tugging at the hem of his shirt, Jared fell to his back. His mother pulled him all over the muddy ground, until they reached their safety place once again under the lamppost. Luckily, none of the soldiers noticed them.

“Are you mad?” his mother whispered at him, the intersecting veins at her forehead popping out. “You’re going to kill yourself this way. Your father sacrificed his life to save you.”

“He wanted to save you to.”

“I know, but you’re the main reason he gave himself up to the soldiers. They’ll kill him do you understand, they’ll kill him.” She spoke the last sentence with such vigor that she sprayed Jared with spit.

Did his mother really mean it? Would the soldiers kill his father?

© 2009 Tarek

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Added on November 28, 2009




I Love reading, writing and singing countertenor. I'm just 17 so i guess that i have alot of time to keep improving my writing, and that won't happen unless i benefit from everyone's advice round here.. more..

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A Story by Tarek