A simple act of kindness.

A simple act of kindness.

A Story by Tarek

A boy and a helpless lady.


We were on our way back home. A couple of lampposts spayed their yellow light over the long queue of cars, which parked at one side of the sidewalk.


I shivered and sneezed. As the cold air blew against my face, my cheekbones tensed and I crossed my arms against my chest. “I should have taken the jacket.” I thought as my bare arms dithered uncontrollably.


“What a boring lesson?” Jade said, “After the second half, I started feeling sleepy.”


“Me to,” I chuckled. “I wish that year would end. It’s such a torture...Ehoo.” I blew at the air and patted Jade.


We were halfway to our houses, when a soft whimper caught our attention from the other side of the street. I stopped and raised my chin. An old woman leaned against a car, her back arched forward as she held a couple of heavy, black sacks.


“I’ll have to see her,”


Heedless to jade’s call, I walked to the other side of the street. I held her hand, tugged her under the light of the lamppost, and as the light cascaded her wrinkled face, she smiled at me. I smiled back and patted her bony, asperous hand. Tears glowered in her dolorous, blue eyes and a deplorable shade slid by her lowered face. Trouble seemed to break her fragile soul.


“What’s wrong?” I said, “Its ok. Don’t cry.” I patted her gently, afraid that her flat shoulder would crush under my palm.


“My son died.” She clasped my hand and tears flowed down her hooky nose.


“it’s ok. We all would die one day.” I dipped my hand into my pocket then placed a coin into the woman’s hand. She eyed it. After a second of silence, she placed the coin over my shoulder and said, “God bless you boy. I wish to see you again.” And precariously, she went on walking, calling out her son’s name.  


“What’s wrong with you?” Jade asked after I came back. “You don’t know her. She is a total stranger. Please, stop being nice. Besides, she returned your money. She doesn’t need your help.”


I stopped. “I don’t care. If you could see the look in her eyes when I patted her, you’d understand.”


“Understand what?”


“Understand that our job is to try to make this world a better place, that we’re here for a reason and this reason is to share our love and kindness. I realized She didn’t need the money, but she needed a warm hand over her shoulder.”  


© 2009 Tarek

Author's Note

I wish that we can all understand the point of this story. If we do, this world will be a heaven for all of us.

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Such a clearly told story, building up very slowly and gently into a specific moral.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this write. I found this quite inspiring in a way. It has a onderful sense of wisdom here.
This is wonderful and enjoyable read as well.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your words told a positive story. A smile or some conversation makes a day to someone who is alone or sad. I believe It is what we do in a life without the goals of profit will get us into a better place one day. A excellent poem with common sense wisdom.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2009




I Love reading, writing and singing countertenor. I'm just 17 so i guess that i have alot of time to keep improving my writing, and that won't happen unless i benefit from everyone's advice round here.. more..

just a smile just a smile

A Story by Tarek

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