Untitled (So Far)

Untitled (So Far)

A Story by HaleythePoet

A story that I am writing about shapeshifters. I am nowhere near done, but this is the first chapter to give you a glympse.


"Wake up. Wake up little ones," whispered Lostella as she gently nuzzled the three pups curled up in front of her. The three pups all slept soundly but at the voice of their mother, the little silver pup lifted her head and started to wag her tail. Lostella licked the top of her head and nuzzled her again, "Good morning Evelyn. Did you sleep well?"

The silver wolf pup nodded her head and got up stretching with her front legs on the ground and rump in the air while letting out a small yawn. After stretching, she shook off the dirt on her fur and licked her mother's muzzle. "I slept well mother. I dreamed of playing with my brother and sister in the river," she replied happily. Hearing the soft snoring sounds of her brother and sister , Lora and Lundyn, she crouched low and started stalking towards them. Once within a few inches, Evelyn pounced on them making them yelp in surprise. After regaining their composure, Lora and Lundyn started to play with Evelyn chasing her short distances then they were chased by her.

Sorren, the alpha male, walked over to Lostella and rubbed his muzzle against hers lovingly then laid beside her watching the pups. "They are beautiful my love. I am very happy, but are you," he looked at her softly.

"Of course I am happy. We have a home, three beautiful pups, each other, food, and we are free. What more could we ask for," she replied while looking between him and the pups. "I am just as happy as the day I met you at the moonlight howl," she grinned.

"Ah yes, I remember that night very well. You were absolutely beautiful that night and your voice was magickal." Sorren looked up at the mid day sun and closed his eyes remembering the night he met Lostella. All of the wolves within miles would howl at the full moon singing their individual songs to try to find a mate if they did not have one. Sorren had left his pack in order to find a mate and once the howling had started, he waited until he heard the perfect song. Just when the moonlight howl was just about over, one last howl was sung and he knew it was the perfect song. Tilting his head back, he howled back and they found each other in between the distance in a meadow. Opening up his eyes, he was slightly embarrassed when Lostella was watching him. "What...I enjoyed that night," he chuckled.

"We both did," Lostella leaned over and licked his cheek then rested her muzzle on his paws watching the pups play. "I would do absolutely anything for you my sweet mate. I can take the pups hunting tonight if you want."

Sorren playfully nipped her ear, "No, that is the alpha male's job. You stay here and look pretty while I go teach those pups how to hunt." He yelped when she rolled him and stood over him looking down, "I am coming with you, and I can still look pretty doing it." Lostella rubbed her nose against his then got off and woofed at the pups getting them to stop playing and look at her. "Time to hunt." 

© 2013 HaleythePoet

Author's Note

Later in the story, it will get more mature. I just wanted to give you a glympse as to what it's going to be like. Think of this as the quiet before the storm.

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Added on March 8, 2013
Last Updated on March 8, 2013
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