Daughter To Father

Daughter To Father

A Poem by Half Dream

I was just a little girl, dad! 
I could enter into any shape. 
I was filled with love. 
But you despised me! 
You saw me as a failure and stupid kid. 
Whenever I tried to reach your hand 
You were using it against my will, 
You used it only to beat me 
You supposed to guide me to the light 
But you were always living in your own light! 
I couldn't see a light of my own, 
You threw me to the darkness, 
How can I love you? 
While you managed to injure me and hurt me emotionally.. 
You always assaulted me verbally and physically. 
You talk about my hatred! 
Mine was not less than yours. 
Your hate is still more than mine. 
Everything I had ever encountered in life, 
You were watching me closely, 
Not to guide me, 
Not to teach me! 
Or even to celebrate with me! 
You used your fingers and tried to strangle them in front of me.. 
I tried to love you, 
I really did! 
I was completely desperate, 
A father and daughter. 
Emotions and an awful mixture 
of confusion and destruction. 
I'm wondering, 
Dad, Is it really true? 
Your daughter's unhappiness is your victory? 
Congratulations dad, you won! 
I always knew my grief was your secret pleasure.

© 2014 Half Dream

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just amazingly sad, writing is the most affective ways to heel yourself from bad memories...Dig deep,penn on and keep your head up!! thanks for sharing SURVIVOR!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Half Dream

8 Years Ago

Aww thank you Brave Girl.. Yes, that's right! I will. :)

Thank you for your kind words... read more
Brave girl

8 Years Ago

i'm glad that i found someone who had the same experiences :) you are welcome :)

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1 Review
Added on June 14, 2014
Last Updated on July 11, 2014