90 Days

90 Days

A Poem by Hana Linzi

As we all encounter the time of our lives, it all comes at a cost. In this poem the character is excited to be graduating, but along with graduating, the emotions of graduating plays a part in thought

In 90 days, 
I will be walking across that stage. 
In 90 days, 
My biggest achievement will be made. 
In just 90 days, 
I will be handed my diploma, Ill be graduating. 
We all came so far! 
As the hats go up and the tears fall down, 
this is MY moment, this is My time to shine. 
my face will start glowing, 
and my feelings will truly show. 
Although, it seems like the time of my life, 
my stomach is hurting and I don't know why.
My dreams will now start to become true. 
In 90 days, our lives will all change. 
The words, laughs, and memories become distant. 
We are all closing the past and opening up a new journey. 
As my heart wants to stay in the past. 
My mind knows I must proceed to my future. 
The tears begin to fall. 
90 days seem so near; but yet, so far away. 
In 90 days you are handed your freedom. 
You are now an adult. 
Make up your own rules, pray that your rules don't make you fall. 
because there is no parent at your beckon call. 
they are no longer keeping you on a narrow path. 
Now that you're so high, there are chances that you will fall so hard.
So hard that it will be the biggest struggle to pick yourself up from the concrete. 
As one action, one bad choice, will ruin it all. 
IN just 90 days, 
My name will be forgotten. 
I will be the distant memory in everyone's mind. 
As everyone goes on with their daily routines, I will be left to be by my own side. 
My lover will find someone new, and move on without even remembering I exit. 
My best friends will no longer have my face pictured in the back of their minds 
As there has been a hundred words spoken, 
As that day will bring us tears. 
There is only one that will break me down. 
That's the word that starts will good and end with bye. 
Then After 90 days, 
I begin to have boxes and things cluttering my memory filled room. 
I begin to start packing 
The old memories then begin to be stored away, and left behind. 
My next journey calls me and my childhood bedroom door is shut for the last time, 
And on that cold Friday night, when I am all alone, 
I pick up the phone and try calling home. 
But mama hasn't called me in too many days. 
Maybe she forgot that she was my number one fan. 
I stare at my phone, no incoming calls or messages. 
It keeps me up all night wondering if You still know I exist. 
As the next day I pick up the phone, I cant take it anymore! 
Ring,Ring,Ring "Hello"/
"Hey how have you been, I missed your voice, and everything doesnt feel right anymore"
Tear falls down my eyes with the reply of "whose this".
As there are 90 days left, 
everyone keeps counting down. 
99, 98, 97, 96
I want to scream stop! 
95, 94, 93, 92
I really wished this day would be a little more far away. 
91, 90
As I don't want that day to be so near, 
There is so much more I want to experience, 
so much more I need to learn. 
I don't want to have to worry. 
I want to be remember 
I want to be importance. 
I don't want my whole life to change. 
please, just give me more days. 
because in 90 days, 
I am handed the biggest test of my life. 
I have to remember who my mother brought me up to be. 
What is wrong and what is right. 
If I miss a question, will I fail on sight?
Will I be able to remember everything taught to me in 18 years?
"f(x)=a+b+c), no that's not right"
The test isn't what I was taught in class. 
It was how my mother brought me up to be. 
It was the way she told me to keep my head up. 
it was the way she taught me to be me 
and the biggest part about that test. 
I will end up getting so wrapped up in my life, 
I will forget that I had those morals my mother made me remember 
What if I forget those values I held for so many years. 
As my importance change. 
And I forget to call those people that were by my side and raised me ato who I am for 18 years 
As I forgot to call, or remember there face before its all too late
And this test is just around the corner. 
I am scared. 
So As much as I am overjoyed, 
I have achieved the biggest goal in my life. 
its my time to shine, 
This is my moment 
my face fills up with joy 
and my feelings show. 
become I know my dreams are now able to be obtained. 
But there is only 90 days, 
It seems so near, but yet so far away. 
And I wish It wasn't so near 
I don't want the caps to go up 
nor the tears to fall down. 
Although, the tears will fall down. 
I don't want my words to start with good 
and end with ye. 
I don't want just one last hug for all time. 
it hurts to think my life will almost completely changes
It all came to fast,
as its just in 90 days.  

© 2016 Hana Linzi

Author's Note

Hana Linzi
Please leave a review on your opinion of the poem and things that needs fixing. thank you

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Added on February 13, 2016
Last Updated on February 13, 2016
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