A Poem by Hana Linzi

To that special person that keeps my heart going and forced me to never give up on my talents. Love you to the moon and back.


As I look at the word LOVE.

The word love is complicated,



And even heartbreaking.


When I look into your eyes,

Love is more than what meets the eye.

It’s the way that my eyes glisten when I look into yours,

The way that I can smile just by hearing your voice of seeing your face.

The way that my heart skips a beat my hearing your name.

The way that in my heart, I feel complete.

My nerves calm down,

It’s the way that you are more than my lover,

You are my best friend.

As those night that tears are fallowing down my face like rain,

No one can turn my frown upside down,

I hear your voice and see your face; it turns back round.

As I know that everything will be alright.

Love is the way that your name rolls off my tongue,

As every story that is said has you in it,

You are my sun

And everyone hears it in my voice: happy and warm.

Love is the feeling when im around you: happy, content, comfortable, and warm.


Love is more than just a word.

Love is the feeling when he looks into my eyes.

That smile that drives me wild;

It lights up the world for a trillion years.

That laugh that cannot let me be mad at him any longer,

And that voice that makes me feel like everything is alright.

It’s the feeling when he looks at me,

The way he tells me everything will be okay,

The way he laughs at my pointless and not-so-funny jokes

Because he knows it makes me feel good.

The way he always gets me to stand on my feet,

When I feel my foot is broken once more.

The way I look at him; is the way I will look at my future son and daughter.


When I was younger,

I was read hundreds  fairy tales.

I believe those stories will come true;

I wanted a love like my story books told me,

Although I know that none of them will come true.

I don’t have a prince charming, and never will.

Because I have the man I need, the one in my dreams.


As much as my younger self wishes I had prince charming,

Prince charming doesn’t meet the qualifications that my love obtains.

Prince charming isn’t highly attractive in my eyes,

He isn’t intelligent, or self-confident, or independent.

He never was courageous, brave, fearless or even strong.

As he has never helped slay my demons one by one.

Prince charming isn’t polite, calm, and commutative;

As he never had to hold me down until my anger and hurt was all out.

Prince charming isn’t passionate, loyal, and reliable.

As he never had to stay with me through all the ups and downs that had came our way.

Quite frankly, prince charming isn’t so charming.

Prince charming may be rich,

Anf ay have a pretty white horse,

He will never be the man I need.


As I was younger fairy tales were to come true.

Fairy tales was love at first sight and happily ever after.

As I look at the love I have now.

He may have been love at first sight;

But our love has never always been so happy.

We learned to love and forget.

Learned to stay in there when the storms seem to dark.

Learned to love them even when it feels like the feeling are changing.

Learned that you stay with them no matter how much they changed.

How much they are going through, and fighting.

Although you stand by them to help them defeat the demons trying to overtake them.

Learn to always be there, as their lover and their best friend, love them unconditionally, and trust their word.


As I am told about fairy tales, prince charming and happily ever afters.

As I am told about love.

I know when I look into your eyes that none of them are true.

Because a fairy tale is wrote by the two loves,

Happy ever after’s are just getting through the storms together,

And never giving up on the love you have for them no matter how hard it is.

We are writing our fairy tale as a real one.

A fairy tale comes with heartbreak, tears, strength, and love.

As a true love is always a work in progress.

As of the happily ever after, they never do exist: true love never has a ending.

And that’s the way I feel about love when I look into your eyes.


I love you CMJ Always and forever. 

© 2016 Hana Linzi

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Added on March 10, 2016
Last Updated on March 10, 2016