Across the Room

Across the Room

A Poem by Hana Linzi

My mama always told me, 
You never truly love a man,
Unless you can list more than five things 
That you love about him if he was a room away from you. 
I always started with I love the way I feel when im with him. 
And she said no, real reasons. 
Today I walk in the door, 
A smile bright and wide and tears slipping down my face.
“I love his smile, 
The way his eyes glistens in the sun. 
I love the way he stands, 
As he stands so accomplished and proud. 
I love the way he laughs, 
As it lights darkest skies up, 
I love the sound of his voice, 
As it makes me feel at peace with myself. 
I love the way that he 
As his smile melts my heart 
Because it could light the earth for a trillion years. 
I love the way he looks at me. 
As I feel like I am, for once in my life time, special.  
I love the feeling of comfort, safety, stability
As I am within his presence.”
Tears streaming down my face
“As you always told me there’s more to love then just the outside. 
As I love the way I feel when I’m around him, 
The sense of life and adventure. 
I love the laughs that he does, even though we both know those jokes aren’t funny. 
As It makes me smile because he knows that it makes me feel a bit more happy. 
I love the way he wipes my tears away 
And tells me everything is alright. 
As He has been there to help me slay demons, right by my side. 
I love the way he encourages me, 
To live my passions and my dreams 
Even when I feel like giving in, he pushes me to stand on my feet again. 
Mainly I love the fact that he’s more than my lover, he’s truly my best friend. “
As that list goes on and on.
The tears coming down like rain,
“Only thing I hate about him, 
I am terrified of messing up, not being good enough. 
I am terrified that one day, he will realize that I am not good enough to be his one and only. 
That he will pack up his bags and leave me. 
I am scared of losing the one true man I put my heart into, 
The one I never gave up on, 
The one I shared memories with, 
Told secrets with, 
Gave him the most special things that I could give. 
As one day I am scared that I will be a room away, 
And he wouldn’t be able to say the five things he loves about me.”

© 2016 Hana Linzi

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Added on March 15, 2016
Last Updated on March 15, 2016