Happiness is only one step away

Happiness is only one step away

A Poem by Hana Linzi

It is talking about giving into peer pressure. As everyone makes fun of her she uses the analogy of killing herself to show that once she does what they want then she lost all that she stands for.

Give me a blade, 
as I hide my scars away. 
I am smarter than what you make me to be. 
As one day, this face will be something you wont see
Maybe till tomorrow, or maybe today. 
I just want out.

A fake smile hides all the nasty words said. 
A laugh hiding all the rude and untruthful remarks. 
A distractions, as you all laugh and say my name. 

I no longer have those passions, 
nor do i have those motivations to stand up.
The tears are the closest to relief. 
As my heart is starting to become stone cold. 
As I truly, at times, am giving up
I no longer want to live anymore. 

Give me those blades, 
Ill make everybody's day.
Give me those pills 
as Ill make this horror and pain go away. 
Give me a gun 
and Ill show you the sun.

I am caged up,
with a syringe, you removed my happiness, 
you became my overlord. 
I now know that my dreams are fake, 
my goals with never become reality. 
my life is just a pathetic mess. 

Just please let me give in. 
let me become happy once again. 
I am tiered of the fake smiles 
I am tiered of the knowing he will never love me. 
I am tiered of the trying to be who you want. 
I am just tiered of life,
Please let me be free once more. 

You have me caged up, 
you have me beyond miserable  
you have all that you want from me
As you now have me  on full Surveillance. 
Watching my every move 
Now watch me end it. 
Watch me make your goal come true. 
give me that blade 
and I will hide those scars you gave 
give me the pills 
As I can show you the slow agony that kills
give me the gun
as I can show you how fast the sun can shine. 
Congrats you officially won. 
I am completely done.

© 2016 Hana Linzi

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Added on March 19, 2016
Last Updated on March 19, 2016