Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by HannahMarie

Chapter 1 Her Dream

Mae's Point Of View [The e Has Two Dots Above it Btw] 


Oh no, not again, I can't bear it 

Having this same dream again, I only hope, hope he shows up 

The one that makes this dream worthwhile 

I wonder what his name is, god I can't seem to get him out of my mind 

Him with his short brown hair and gray eyes, yes he makes the dream worthwhile 

I can see him now at the end of the hall, but he hasn't seen me yet 

The castle, if that's what it is, is magnificent 

Yet the surrounding land is know where I have ever seen, yet it looks so familiar 

The places I've seen in it, there unforgettable 

The carpet is plush, so soft I would be able to have an untroubled sleep on it 

The colour is different in each room, and each room is the size of a house 

I've seen the living room it is made out of stone but the windows are full length, 

And one window covers half of a wall 

I've seen his room, his carpet white with creamy-gold walls. The little furniture he has adds to the glamour of the room, one wall is taken up by a 150 inch plasma televi-sion with DVD and video player. On that same wall are rows and rows of shelves. The shelves closer to the floor have DVDs and videos the shelves higher up hold CD's and underneath the shelves is a smart, small looking CD Player. Against his back wall he has a long suede looking suite in cream, He also has a king size bed, 

he once sad to me "you never know whos going to come along, you've just got to be prepared" 

They're beautiful too beautiful almost inhumanly 

All of a sudden a great commotion outside starts 

Fire? Water? Fighting against each other? In the air 

What sort of place is this? 

Outside i see a great army heading towards the castle, and by the looks of it, 

They don't have an army to fight back with. 

I can feel the terror rising up in me, 

He's seen me now, his face contorted with worry, is the terror shown on my face? 

He starts to run towards me, faster than any human should 

"Run" he calls to me "run before its too late" I do as he says and run into an empty hallway 

Suddenly a bright flash of light burst into the hallway and cracks the ceiling and floor 

I fell to the floor.

© 2011 HannahMarie

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Added on April 18, 2011
Last Updated on April 18, 2011
Tags: Vampires, elfs, Mae, Jared, Trisha, Sophia, Love, New Life, Playboy, Highschool



South Yorkshire, Rotherham, United Kingdom

Im Hannah Marie, I Love Reading And Writing And I Have Posted My Story That Im Currently Writing On Wattpad :) more..

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