Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by HannahMarie

Chapter 2


???? Point Of View (The Lad From Her Dream)

That girl who is she, I see her every night. An apparition I feel I have to protect.  

Have those damn elves got a new machine,  

A machine that makes your deepest fears come true?  

Well even if they haven't, my deepest fear has come about.  

Falling in love. But not just with anyone, oh no. With a human.  

She looks so frail, so gentle, how can she survive?  

So pale, yet so beautiful. 

She has nothing on my sisters 

Her beauty only intensifies every time I see her 

How could I do this, covert her, yes she has no power to stop herself.  

But me I can, I have to, to protect myself, my family. Her.  

I can't stop myself; I have to see her again. 

That poor innocent girl, so much would happen if I just go to hug her.  

I could accidently squash her.  


Don't think that way.  

I love her, yet I hate her. 

How could one insignificant human make me feel so, so human 

Instead of telling her how I feel,  

I tell her to run,  

to run before it's too late.  

To late for what though? For me to fall in love? too late for that.  

To protect her? I could do that with her close to me  

or is it so she doesn't fall in love?  

Even now I can see her, at the end of the hall.  

So beautiful it makes my still heart ache 

Longing for her to be next to me, to be mine 

I start to walk to her.  

But she hasn't even seen me yet,  

maybe its not too late to escape before she does see me. But she can usually sense me, 

sense where I am, and she walks to me, now she's just stood at the window, 

looking out, terror apparent on her face. As soon as I see her face I start to run. 

Running faster, 

Faster than a human should 

Would she realise? 

Would she realise that I'm not human? 

What could make her show that much fear on her face?  

"run" "run before its too late" I yell to her before I even realise what I'm saying.  

She runs in the opposite direction from which I'm running then lightning strikes the hall she ran into.

© 2011 HannahMarie

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Added on April 18, 2011
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South Yorkshire, Rotherham, United Kingdom

Im Hannah Marie, I Love Reading And Writing And I Have Posted My Story That Im Currently Writing On Wattpad :) more..

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