Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by HannahMarie

--- Next Day Before School --- 

"Maë, Maë wake you lazy a*s up now" i heard Trisha shouting at me 

"yeah, yeah 5 minutes" i replied sleep layering my voice 

"No not 5 minutes now or you'll get it" she threatened 

"wait what do you me-" i tried to get out until i had freezing cold water poured all over me 

"that's what you'll get! now get up and get in a shower,  

i haven't got time for this if you want me to do your hair" Trish grumbled at me 

as i walked into my brand new gourgeus bathroom i started to feel the cold seeping into my bones 

b***h i though to my self 

"i heard that" she shouted through to me  

"also i'm going to pick your outfit for school and your not allowed to see it until your fully ready" 

she continued giving me instructions, while i stood in my bathroom my mouth agape. 

It was beautiful, white marble flooring, with aquamarine coloured tiles,  

a jacuzzi with a shower coming off it,  

it had jets up the wall to massage you while you are in the shower as well.  

all of that took up nearly half of my bathroom.  

the other half was taken up by a toilet that was white and had a black toilet seat, 

a sink that was white with aquamarine coloured taps.  

i had a blue cabinet with a mirror above it.  

and stacked in the cabinet was towels that where really fluffy and of all colours from blue to white.  

the cabinet also had a bit of basic make up,  

hair straightners, curlers and dryer along with hair care products. 

i jumped into a warm shower turning on the jet spas  

i alternated the temperature between hot and cold, hot to relax me and cold to wake me up.  

i washed my hair 3 times over and got out, using a majestic blue towel to dry myself.  

as soon as i walked into my room Trisha chucked some boy shorts and a strappy top at me.  

"where this while i do your hair and make up" she told me. 

she expertly ran her fingers through my hair parting it in specific places and turned the hair dryer on which she had got from my cabinet. 

she alternated from drying my hair upwards then downwards, i instently knew how she was doing my hair. 

as soon as she finished drying my hair she turned my curlers and straightners on and sprayed my hair with heat defence spray. 

she straightened my naturally curly hair and put ringlets in it here and there. 

next she started on my make up. she didn't put to much on as she wanted to compliment my natural olive toned skin. 

she brushed some blusher over my cheeks and added eyeliner and mascara to my eyes to add volume and the bring out my beautful crystal blue eyes. 

next she dusted eye shadow on my eyes, knowing Trisha it would be a pale colour at the top and a dark colour at the bottom to make my eyes stand out. 

"right i've done your hair and make up you outfit is laid out on your bed go and try it on so i can see if it suits our make up" she said to me. 

my outfit looked beautiul while it laid on my bed. it was a pair of clingy shorts, from hollister my favourite store.  

the top she chose out was a tight fitting pink cami that showed off all my curves and made it look like i had extra cleavage. 

(Her Outfit 

God i was so glad that at this school i didn't have to wear a uniform. 

"good your in it, your make up looks brilliant with it, does my make up look okay?" Trisha asked me suddenly self-consious 

"you look great, you know you need to show more skin, not just your black skinnys and panda top" 

(My Mate Actually Has That Outfit It Is Awsum :) I said hoping i would get her in shorts 

"you've got a great figure you just need to show it off" i continued smiling at her 

"okay mum, i'm staying in this, and i'm going to do my hair.

--- 1 Hour Later ---  

"TRISHA HURRY UP WHERE GOING TO BE LATE ON OUR FIRST DAY" i shouted upstairs, god what does that lass do. 

I then saw my answer walking down the stairs. Trisha was wearing the black skinnies and panda top still, 

with black pumps, her hair backcombed with pink and blue racoon tails in it and her make-up thick 

(Her Hair And Make Up 

"so much for blending in" i said under my breath 

"Oh shut the f**k up" Trisha said to me 

"where taking my baby" her baby is a black Mercedes Benz  

(her baby: i said smiling 

god i can't wait to drive her i thought with anticipation. i got into my car and instantly turned on the enginge, feeling the purr of it. 

Trisha started flicking through the music channels untill she got to a song she liked.

I'm in the business of misery,  

Let's take it from the top. 

She's got a body like an hourglass it's ticking like a clock. 

It's a matter of time before we all run out, 

When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth.

ugh i started to reach for the dial.

I waited eight long months, 

She finally set him free. 

I told him I couldn't lie he was the only one for me.

I turned the channel over and ke$ha started coming out (don't know any american channels so can't put any)

Stop ta-ta-talking that 

Blah blah blah 

Think you'll be getting this? 

Nah nah nah 

Not in the back of my 


If you keep talking that 

Blah blah blah blah blah

i started singing along with the lyrics while Trisha gave me dirty looks

10 minutes later we arrived at Pacific Collegiate School 

we got out of my Mercedes and it seemed like the whole school was looking at us. 

i was recieving lustful looks from the boys and jealous glances from the females. 

it slightly unnerved me, i knew i was pretty but this was ridiculous, 

i didn't want to be hated on my first day here. 

we walked through the school to the reception. 

as we walked through the door i saw a pretty woman sat there, 

she had brown curly hair, with naturally tanned skin. She wore little make up, only eyeliner and mascara 

"my name is Maë Brooks and this is Trisha, my sister, were new here" i said politly, a smile on my face. 

"ahh yes i have your timetable right here." she replied also politly 

"my name is nina if you get lost just come back here and i will help you out" she continued 

"okay we'll just be going to our classroom, and when is cheerleading try outs?" i asked 

"there today actually the last lesson if your wanting to trial" she replied smiling looking at the both of us. 

we walked to our home room and got their just on time. 

"god i'm not used to being up at this time, in england i'd still be in bed" trisha moaned at me. 

"shut up we need to try and fit in, its not like our accent isn't going to make us stand out" i whisered back. 

I entered the room and introduced myself. 

"hello Mr.Phillips my name is Maë Brooks and this is Trisha,  

where new students here and have been assigned to this homeroom." I spoke to him politly  

"well come in, tell us abit about yourself's" he said smiling kindly at us 

"My names Maë i love ben and jerry's ice cream, i jog every morning to keep my figure in shape, 

i love swimming, reading and writing, i would love to join the cheerleading team,  

i started a cheerleading team in my old school and was the head cheerleader. my favourite colour is pink, 

i listen to all kind of music, and prefer scary movies to girly movies" i told everyone in the class. 

I could see some of the girls i saw this morning only they weren't looking at me jealously anymore, 

more like hope, hmmm that's weird i thought to myself. i tuned myself back into the lesson and heard Trisha talking 

" favourite colour is blue, i love action movies and i like to play football" she said a small smile on her face. 

all of the girls looked disgustdly at her while the boys looked with wonder at her. 

we looked at each other then at the same time we said "and we're also twins" with huge smiles on our faces 

"okay girls go and sit down where ever you want, homeroom finishes in 5 minutes,  

ZAC you can show these two girls around to their lessons" he said to a good looking boy with brown hair and blue eyes.

--- End Of Homeroom --- 

"so girls what lesson you got first?" zac asked flirting slightly ad triumph in his voice as he saw all the over lads stalk past us 

"umm, we've got science - physics" Trisha told him and instantly a smile came on his face 

"brilliant, ive got that aswell" he said excitedly. he started walking down the corridor with us on either side of him. 

"so what made you move to santa cruz?" he asked 

"our dad got an amazing job offering out here" i answered him smiling.  

"answer me truly, how bad do we stand out?" i asked him, wincing before i even got his answer. 

"Truthfully? as soon as you talk you can tell your english, and its kinda sexy" he replied looking suggestivly at me. 

ugh these boys are just lust filled animals i thought to myself hoping trisha was looking at my thoughts

--- Science --- 

we walked into our science classroom and instantly everyone fell silent 

"why hello there, and you are?" the teacher asked us. 

he was quite young, too young to be a science teacher, but yet he was. 

he had short brown hair with flecks of blonde in it, and stunning green eyes. 

"where the Brooks sisters, Maë and Trisha." i told him 

"well im Mr.Smith, do you want to tell us a bit about yourself are shall i just get straight to the lesson?" he asked us. 

"you can get on with the lesson sir, we can talk to people at break or something" Trisha said smiling  

"okay, well go and take your seats you can sit at the table at the back" Mr.Smith said smiling 

we walked to the back of the class and when we sat down the nearest lad turned round to start talking to us 

"so your them English chicks?" he asked smiling 

"yes we are, why?" I asked back. 

"well i'm the captain of the football team a-" 

"is that supposed to impress me?" 

"well it normally impresses lasses, but anyway i heard you wanted to get on the cheerleading squad" 

"yeah i do, i can do it without doing a 'favour' to you" i answered smiling 

"but what about if the other lasses don't want you?" 

"i don't care" i replied and turned to listen to the teacher. 

at the end of the class Zac walked up to me,  

"i see you've met justin?" he asked a grimance on his face

[A/N Okay im not gunna give a run down of each class, ill just put the class name and then skip to dinner]


Time Table

Science Physics ~ 7:25 - 08:15 ~ Mr Smith 

English ~ 8:20 - 9:05 ~ Mr Phillips 

Science - Bilogy/Chemistry ~ 9:10 - 10:00 ~ Miss Langard 

History ~ 10:05 - 10:55 ~Mrs Jones 

Maths ~ 11:00 - 11:45 ~Mrs Sanders 

Lunch ~ 11:50 - 12:30 

Art ~ 12:35 - 13:20 ~ Mr Lee 

Cheerleading ~ 13:25 - 14:15 ~ Miss Chasdon


--- Lunch ---

Lunch was interesting as me, Trisha and Zac kept getting weird looks.  

I grabbed a pizza and a bottle of water and headed towards an empty table, I sat down with Zac and Trisha on either side of me and the table instantly filled up. Everyone asking us questions 

"So are you really from England? 

"What's it like there?" 

"How come you moved here?" 

"Do you like it here?" 

"Do you want to try out for Cheerleading?" 

It got all so confusing just listening to everyone talking at once, I burst out laughing 

"yes we are from England, its brilliant, my dad got an amazing job offering,  

yes I like it here well from that I've seen,  

and yes I'm going to try out for cheerleading" I told them all turning to each of them in turn.  

I then started eating my pizza everyone else started eating occasionally asking questions like what lesson I have next.  

Then that jerk Jason walked up to me. 

"So baby, you thought anymore about my offer?" he asked me winking. 

He's extremely tall about 6'6  

he has brown hair that he spikes up and brown eyes that can go the colour of golden honey.  

He was well muscled I could see that through his white, tight fitting top.  

The muscles on his arm were probably twice the size of me and he put on of his big arms around my shoulders.  

I stood up and twirled out of his arm, 

"As I said earlier, I'm not interested" I replied a smirk tugging the corners of my mouth and then walked off,  

instantly a flock of people surrounded me 

"Oh my g-" 

"God as if-" 

"You dared to turn him down" a mixture of people said cutting each other off. 

"What's so special about him? He just reminds me of my ex and he's just as arrogant" I told them shrugging my shoulders 

"Oh, okay" they chimed 

A pushy blonde walked up to me and introduced herself 

"Hello I'm Miranda, Last Year I Was the Head Cheerleader, were going to be great friends" she said a huge fake smile plastered on her face. 

"Yeah of course we are" I replied also supporting a fake smile. 

She came towards me and hugged me while hugging me she whispered in my ear "Don't take my spot b***h" 

"Don't worry I'll try not to out do you, but it won't take a lot" I whispered back.  

"you b***h, i'll see you at the tryouts" she then pulled away, 

"i can't wait to see you on the pitch, it's going to be so fun" she nearly squeled with pretend excitement 

she walked away and i could hear her annoying high pitched voice 

"jason baby i'm back, now where were we?" she almost purred. 

The other girls saw my face and burst out laughing 

"Don't mind her she is an A Class slag, and she hates that your getting the attention, 

Oh and my name is Sophia" she smiled and held out for me to shake. 

I took it and smiled back at her. She was pretty, and had an exotic look to her, 

she sounded Spanish or had some family that was Spanish, she was a golden brown, but that was common here. 

i guess I'm going to ft in here, Trisha, not so lucky.


--- Cheerleading Last Lesson --- 

[Okay Cheerleading Isn't Very Easy, I Done It at School] 

i walked into the girls changing room and instantly saw Miranda, i mean how could you not her platinum her stood out a mile 

"Hey Randa how are you?" i drawled out, while changing into my cheerleading outfit 

"Oh hey there Maë, i didn't see you there, I was just telling my friends how pretty you was" she answered 

God does she ever stop with the fake-ness I wondered. 

We all headed out onto the field to start our try outs, 

"Okay girls to start off with do some basic routines one at a time" Miss Chasdon shouted to us 

I did my old cheerleading routine minus the pyramid and lift 

"That was excellent Maë your definitely on the squad, i may put you up for cheer captain" Miss Chasdon 

"B-b-but Miss I thought I was the cheer captain" Miranda whined at the teacher 

"you was, but there's going to have to be a cheer off for the captain spot this year" she smiled at Miranda and walked away 

"you b***h i told you not to upstage me" Miranda whisper shouted at me then walked off to her wannabe's

"Okay class who do YOU want to be cheer captain, Miranda and Maë are going to have a cheer off, 

As you can probably gather from the name you are going to be cheering for the girl who is best" Miss Chasdon told the class 

I started cheering, doing the one that won me the gold medal, and then Miranda started doing her cheer,  

We took it in turns for the next half an hour, 

"Okay girls that's enough you are both really good, but there an only be one captain" Miss Chasdon said to us, 

Miranda had a sly look on her face, a look that i didn't trust 

"Girls cheer as loud as you can for Maë" 

A loud cheer met my ears, i felt surprised, but the look on Miranda's face was priceless, 

"Okay girls settle down, settle down, for those who want Miranda, Cheer Now" 

A cheer met my ears but not as loud, I looked at Miranda, her face had a mixture of anger and shock on her face, I resisted the urge to laugh while she sort herself out 

Randa walked off with her clones not far behind. 

"OMG as if you beat her, nobody has beaten her before" Sophia shouted to me running up and jumping on the spot. 

I smiled and walked towards the changing rooms with her still babbling on, her slightly pointed ears showing through the top of her hair

© 2011 HannahMarie

Author's Note

What do you think Sophia is?
if you guess right i will include a character of your choice, you make the character up :)

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