Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by HannahMarie

Jared's P.O.V

Three weeks,  

Three restless weeks of pacing, 

hoping she would come back. 

"Ugh what has she done to me?" i screamed to the air while pounding my fists against the wall.

I was still weak from the last fight, over a week ago. 

These blasted elves where getting good, 

you could definetly tell they wanted to take over the lamia world 

"Jared calm down she will be fine, 

she wasn't here when the elves last struck, 

Oh and you need to feed, your eyes are bright red" Katrina stated skipping into my room 

My sister Katrina has platnium blonde hair and grey eyes 

that is the symbol to my kind, except when where hungry which there bright red. 

"I'm not hunting until i know she's safe" I shout-whispered at her 

the anger from my body disapearing 

"i knew you would say that so at least accept my [b]GIFT[/b]" Katrina snarled while putting empahises on the word gift 


Kitiara's P.O.V

I sauntered over to Jared instantly spotting the tell tale signs of hunger, 

Scarlet eyes glistened at me, taking in my appearance. 

Seeming to like how i looked he glided towards me. 

My blonde hair and blue eyes reflected in his red ones, 

I instantly became aware of what i was wearing, 

or should i say lack off.  

I felt like a first class slag -in my shorty shorts and vest top- 

even though i hadn't had sex yet. 

Jareds lips came to mine,  


But enought to make me want him. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine, 

so i could claim his soft lips. 

I heard Katrina walk out laughing quietly but i didn't care, 

all i could concentrate on was the feel of Jareds lips on mine. 

My head fell back giving him full access to my nack. 

i felt his lips make their way down from my lips 

to the main artery in my neck. 

through a dizzying blindness of pure ecstasy i felt him drink. 

i felt his pure joy of being able to drink and not use a substitute.

Jared's P.O.V

I saw the blue artery in her neck pleading me, 

making my throat throb. 

i slowly kissed my way down. 

leaving a trail of butterfly kisses in my wake and reached the artery. 

my fangs extended pleading me to drink,  

after so long of refusing to i gave into my nature  

damno is est nonnullus teres cruror i thought to myself 

elglish and latin mixing together in my mind. 

latin my language. 

Lingua of silenti etc, 

silenti etc lingua

laughting internally. 

this girls succulent blood came willingly into my mouth,  

she wanted to willingly feed me, keep me sustained 

this human girl wanted to sustain me, 

someone of the undead. 

un-mortuus, lamia is est totus idem eadem idem volo. 

i drank more and more, 

more deeply than i have drank in years. 

when she was unconcious i laid her on my bed and went looking for other life force 

only to run into Mae.

© 2011 HannahMarie

Author's Note

Latin Translations

damno is est nonnullus teres cruror - Damn this blood is good
Lingua of silenti etc - Language of the Dead
silenti etc lingua - The Dead Language
un-mortuus, lamia is est totus idem eadem idem volo. - The un-dead, vampire it is all the same to me

Some of these or gay things to think but he is in the middle of drinking after years of not touching a human life

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Im Hannah Marie, I Love Reading And Writing And I Have Posted My Story That Im Currently Writing On Wattpad :) more..

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