Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Chapter by HannahMarie

I flung my bag down onto my floor and opened my laptop.

5 pieces of homework already, three to be handed in tomorrow and Two Friday...

I got word up and did my homework before going on Facebook.

Ever heard of that group? Love it when i get messages hate it when i get thousands of notifications?

Yeah well I'm like that now with 100 messages, 200 friend request and 500 notifications.

As you can tell i am quite popular and was at my old school.

I checked my Farmville and petville - yes i have them, my pet is right cute -

Before leaving a quick status Miss all my friends, can't wait till you come over. My new friends are awesome anyway NIGHT FACEBOOKERS and signed out before i got bombarded.

I changed into my jammies (pj's of course) after doing my business (y'all don't want any details about that) and climbed into bed.

I walked into his room to be greeted with a sight i never wanted to imagine, never mind see.

Jared had a girl pinned against the wall, her dress halfway up her body.

With his mouth at her neck, it appeared he was kissing it until a bead of blood trickled down her chest.

"J-Jared! I managed to stutter out before fleeing.

So this is what he means by he isn't human. He means he's a vampire i thought to myself.

"You always knew it, you just wouldn't believe it" a voice in my head regarded cockily.

Great that is the cherry on top of the cream, I'm going crazy.

"MAЁ" Jared shouted from behind just as I ran into his chest

"Ma�' I want you to forget you saw that" he stated


"Yes you don't need to know that or remember it" he stated again before looking deep into my eyes and concentrating

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I shouted at him

"You will forget this ever happened" he said talking softly while still looking into my eyes. I just stood there looking back at him before getting bored and pushing him out of my way.

"Honestly, don't try some mumbo jumbo shite on me, it won't work" I said while laughing.

"What you still remember what happened?" he asked a puzzled look on his face.

"No duh, I'm not going to forget that you're a VAMPIRE just because you will me to" I insisted before walking down the hallway.

"Ma�' just stop for a minute, I want you to have something." Jared whispered to me

"What?" I answered puzzled

"It's this necklace" he said before pulling out the most gorgeous necklace I have ever seen. It is a plain silver chain with a key on it; I don't think I'll be able to do it any justice with describing it but here goes. The circle bit that is hooked onto the chain has a cross in the middle with a design around it and at the bottom where the actual key is there is a love heart

"It is the key to our world. It may fit in a million doors but it will only open one to our world. However there is a caution with using it. We was locked in here centuries ago to keep the humans safe from us and the elves, if you open the door you may let us all out" he warned me. His gray eyes showing nothing but sorrow. I wonder if its sorrow for what he did earlier I wondered

"What so a bunch of blood suckers can't get through?" I asked harshly

"Look I know I deserved that but still it's in my nature I'm a predator, just like you're a predator to animals" he returned equally as harsh

"What did you want?" I asked turning away from him and looking out into the city. The city was built on a mountain, with beautiful lakes and gorges surrounding it. The houses closest to the castles were the biggest; I could only imagine that the more important people lived there, people of nobility and well up the merchant class. As the city got further out the houses were smaller but still better than any in the United Kingdom or America.

"Well I can't fault you on the fact that the city is beautiful and everyone looks well looked after" I said turning to him and clearly seeing the confusion on his face

"What do you mean, what do I want?" he asked me slowly as if trying to comprehend what I had said.

"Well I don't know you're the one that came to me the other night asking me to help you" I stated getting harsh again, but I couldn't help it he was being ridiculous

"I never came to you Ma�'" he answered the look of confusion still on his face but a tint of worry showing through his eyes

"Ma�' you need to try and wake up, you could be in danger" he whispered urgently while looking around the corridor, his eyes hesitating as they glanced at his bedroom door, to wear his 'blood bank' was. He then came behind me and put the necklace on me.

"Whatever you do don't take it off, man people will try to take it, you must not let them" he said before pushing me slightly [/i]

Unknowns P.O.V


HOW DARE HE TALK TO HER I shouted in my mind.

My beloved and that, that, that leech. Just stood there talking and worst of all he gave her the key to nostrum universitas, our world, the lamia and elf's. Well this could work in my favour. If only I can find out where the portal will open then I can intercept her before she goes to him. If she goes to him after what she saw him do to the poor girl.

Ma�''s P.O.V

I awoke with a start and looked at my clock, god damn it, it's only 5. Well might as well go and get ready now I thought before starting my usual routine I got into my shower. I washed my hair with my favourite strawberry shampoo and my body with my lavender soap before jumping out and drying myself. I put on a black mini skirt and a blouse with a tie - we may not have to wear uniform but I thinking looking formal at least one day is pretty good - I then started on my hair first frying it then straightening, to finish it off I added 6 curls all around. My make-up didn't take as long as I was only putting on eyeliner mascara and blusher it was now 7:30 and we had to set off in half an hour. I walked through to Trisha's room to see she was still sleeping.

"S**t, TRISHA Wake up now we have half an hour till we need to set off" I shouted at her

"Wha- what" she responded still half a sleep

"We have half an hour till we set off, get ready now" I repeated calmly. I walked through to my room and printed of the homework that was due in today before walking back to Trisha's room. Trisha's room had one purple wall and the rest black on her main wall she had a black canvas with a purple and pink flower on it. I looked around and saw Trisha walking out of her wardrobe sporting black skinny jeans and a white vest top with a checked shirt over it. Her hair back combed and make up thick again. I walked down into the kitchen and a grabbed a cereal bar before heading out and into my car. I drove to school and walked over to Sophia.

"Hey Ma�', these are the rest of my friends, Steven and Sarah (There twins), Chloe, Jake, Hannah and crystal" she told me pointing all of the different people out to me.

Steven and Sarah both have brown hair and eyes. Steven is slightly taller though. Chloe had blonde hair and green eyes and was about 5'4. Jake had black spiked hair and looked like a player he was about6'5. Hannah and blonde hair that you could tell was died, she was small about 5'3 but wore high heels to compensate; she looked like the type of person to hang around with Miranda. Crystal has long blonde hair that as far as I could tell was real, she also had pink in her fringe and pink streaks. She had crystal blue eyes -I think there contacts- she was also about 5'5.

"Hey guys" I said to everyone

"Aren't you the girl who Miranda hates cos you beat her?" Hannah asked with a California accent

"Yeah I am, has everyone found out about that already?" I asked nervously

"Course, Randa tried to keep it quiet but everyone who was there told people. You do know that all of the jocks are going to be after you now" Crystal told me as if it was planned Jason walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist,

"Hey baby thought anymore about my offer" he drawled his cologne so overpowering I was getting a headache.

"Ewwww Jason get off me, go to Miranda if you want anything. I Will Never Have Sex With You!" I told him making my last words stand out before pushing him off me. I looked behind me to see him extremely pissed off before a smirk came onto his face,

"Yeah, you'll see by the end of the year you'll be begging to be in my arms" he stated before stalking off.

"Ha-ha you proper owned him there Ma�', Nobody has dared do that before" Crystal stated clapping me on the back,

"Your part of the group for deffo now."

"Urm thanks I guess" I replied nervously.

"Oh My Gawd" Hannah Started Damn she's an 'Oh My God' girl "that necklace is beautiful, where did you get it?" she finished eyeing it up. I looked down to see what she was on about and saw the necklace Louis had given me. "My friend gave it to me before I moved" I told her hoping to change the conversation.

"MAЁ" Trisha shouted from behind me,

"Yes" I answered turning around with a smile on my face

"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course"

We walked off under a willow tree so we couldn't be heard.

"Make sure you don't mention too much in front of Hannah, she's going back and telling Miranda everything so they can overthrow you" Trisha said to me.

"So instead of saying a load of true things I tell them a load of false things so Miranda thinks I don't like it?" I ask forming a plan "Yes, what are you thinking now?"

"You should know you can read minds"

"Well your blocking me so I can't" a disgruntled look on her face,

"I'm going Now" I told her before walking back over to my friends

© 2011 HannahMarie

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