Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by HannahMarie

My first week at Pacific Collegiate School went really fast and it was finally the weekend. I woke early on Saturday morning with a call from Sophia,

“Hey biatch you up yet we need to get the stuff for tomorrow” she practically sang down the phone, before bursting into my room.

“Sophia, how do you know where I live” I groaned from my place under my sheets before pulling the pillow on top of my head. She quickly ripped it off my head and squirted me with freezing cold water from a water gun.

“SOPHIA I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” I screeched before chasing after and nearly knocking my Dad over

“Sorry dad” I called back to him before racing down stairs and diving at Sophia, knocking me and her to the floor at the same time

“Apologise” I said to her pinning her to the floor

“GIRL ON GIRL ACTION” an idiotic lad shouted before running to get his mates.

“Come on Maë I told you to be ready for half 9” Sophia said laughing at me

“What time is it?


“S**t, give me five minutes and I’ll be ready” I told her before running upstairs and chucking on my laid out outfit. A pair of black leggings with a long white top and black gladiator shoes. I brushed through my hair letting it lay naturally and added some mascara to my lashes. I quickly took in my appearance to make sure it all looked okay (even though I tried it on last night) and grabbed my bag with my purse and credit cards in it before running out saying bye to my mum and dad on the way. I jumped into my <b> Baby </b> scowling at Sophia’s car, It looked like the face of evil. Seriously it looked like the kind of car you would see on the bad side of the transformers franchise. I shouted across to Sophia who was getting into her seat

“RACE YOU TO THE MALL” before screeching off, my exhaust humming beneath me. I flipped through the music channels before stopping at a roc channel as Black Veil Brides �" Knives and Pens came on. I may be a ‘girly girl’ but I still love this kind of music. I sang along to the sound of Andy Sixx’s voice and screaming the bits he did. By the time I got to the mall I saw Sophia there smirking at me.

“You know, when your singing you really get into it” she told me the smirk still in place

“Oh shut up” I snapped before stepping into the mall and heading towards hobbycraft. While in hobbycraft we bought paint, a load of paper and superglue before heading off to the nearest joke shop.

By the end of the day we had bought everything we needed and was giving designated jobs to people.

“Maë, you, me, Hannah and crystal are going to target the classrooms” Sophia told us before moving onto the next set

“Chloe, Jake, Steven and Sarah, you’re on bathroom and changing room duty. You know what to do” she then got on the phone and started giving orders down it.

“Trisha you and your gang are on locker duty, and get someone to sort out the top floor. Remember where not doing it until tomorrow night. That goes for you lot as well” she said the last part to us before hanging up

“Right were all sorted has everyone got all black clothing?” I asked thinking about the cameras

“S**t I never thought about the camera’s, come on guys we need to buy some more things to hide our faces” Sophia babbled on panicking

“chill Sophia, we can get some wash in wash out black hair dye and the crème to take it off, some black balaclavas, black tight jeans/trousers or leggings, a black long sleeve top and of course black gloves” Crystal replied to her calming her down.

“right everyone split, Maë you get the clothes for everyone, ring Trish to get the other peoples size’s, Crystal, me and you can get the hair dye, Hannah you go with Maë and the lads can get the balaclava’s seeing as it won’t look as suspicious if there buying them” Sophia told us, well more like bossed us about, a calm look back on her face.

“Meet back in here in half an hour” I shouted before walking off Hannah trudging behind me


-         Hannah P.O.V �"

<i> God must really hate me making me go around with this slag; seriously who does she think she is taking Miranda’s place. </i> I know I don’t know her, but from what I can see then I don’t want to know her I thought about the records my brother found out about her - My brothers a computer genius and managed to hack into the school records for me - then it seems she had to get permission of the police and government to leave England, we tried finding out more but the school locked us out. Unfortunately. I looked at the shop we was now in front,

“Jane Norman, Seriously you’re going to buy our clothes from here?” I asked confused as to why she would spend £15 each on a pair of leggings

“Yes Hannah, I’m not buying cheap leggings when I can re-wear mine, and besides why not, you’re going to have some decent clothes in your wardrobe for once.” She sneered at me. Well I take it she doesn’t like me as much as I like her I thought to myself, I quickly pushed that thought away as I thought about what she said about my clothing
“what’s wrong with my clothing” I asked confusion plain in my voice

“Maybe the lack of clothing your wearing” she replied picking up 12 leggings, 3 jeggings, 5 tops in a variety of colours and two pairs of heeled shoes in silver. She quickly paid but not before I saw how much it came too.

“Seriously $200 on clothing, you must be mad” I told her not quite believing the amount on the till

“Ha, this is nothing.” She replied disconcerted.

We then walked to Primark and picked up 8 pairs of trakis for the lads and 20 long sleeved black tops, she also picked up 20 pairs of gloves and loads of black pumps in a variety of sizes

“Why that many pairs of pumps” I asked confused again, and probably sounding stupid as I always did when I was near her

“because I don’t know what foot size everyone is so I might as well get plenty of pumps in different sizes so they will at least fit and besides I can keep the ones that fit me and so can Trish, then you lot can keep the ones that fit you and the rest can go to charity” she replied before paying for this lot. I know Primark is a cheap shop but this is probably the most they have sold to one customer in one day the bill came to $500. We walked back to meet everyone and they was shocked by the amount of bags Maë was carrying

“Everybody, come to mine at two, we will get ready there, and Trish will do everybody’s hair while I sort out the clothing” she told us before walking off towards her car

God she sure was bossy all of a sudden I saw Miranda strutting towards us in her too short mini skirt and her too small vest top she also had on her signature high heel shoes on.

“Hannah I need to speak to you” she called in her nasally voice

I rolled my eyes before strutting over to her. The others didn’t know that I was secretly undercover for her but they’ll live in the end

“So” she said dragging out the ‘o’ “what have you found out” she demanded the gleam of excitement evident in her eye.

“Well she hasn’t had many boyfriends and she’s only had one serious one” I told her, the gleam becoming more prominent as I could see she was forming a plan. God to say she was blonde she could come up with the most cunning plans ever.

“thank you, well I’ll get to work on what I’m going to do you can keep on spying on her, I don’t know who she thinks she is coming to this school and losing me the top spot but it won’t last” she stated before stalking off her hair bouncing up and down.


-         Maë’s P.O.V �"

I quickly walked away before I had a run in with Miranda. I could see that Hannah and her was talking but I couldn’t hear what they was saying but when I saw the excited gleam in her eyes I knew it was going to be bad for someone. For me. I saw Sophia jogging over to me so I waited for her to come to me

“Is it okay if I sleep tonight?” Sophia asked quietly

“My mum will have locked the door and I don’t have a key”

“Yes of course it is” I replied a smile on my face, my first sleepover and I’d only been here a week. I think that’s a new record.


2 hours later


“OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU USED TO DATE HIM” Sophia screeched after me told her the story of Trisha and Charles

“Yeah, and keep it down, mum doesn’t know he’s our school teacher. If she did she’d try to rekindle the romance” Trish told Sophia laughing at her startled expression.

“So that’s why it was awkward between you in art?”

“Yep, Although he said he still loves me but he has to wait until I leave school as his dad says he has to treat me indifferently otherwise Charles is out of a Job, house and will.” Trish replied while pulling out a note. After I read it I looked at Trisha a sly grin on my face

“What are you thinking?”

“Not a lot, just a way to make him jealous”

I looked at Sophia and saw the same mischievous gleam in her eye that I was sure was in mine.


-         Charles P.O.V �"

I sat staring at my ceiling thinking about Trisha. What she was doing. And most importantly who she was with. I could feel a pang of jealousy building up in me as I thought of her with other boys. I quickly texted Maë asking what she was up to.

Me: Heey Maë wuu2? Xx

Maë: Charles why are you texting me? you only text me to find out information about Trisha

Okay so I checked up on Trisha a lot

Me: I know. Where is she?

Maë: Sat across from me and I bet she’s tryna get into my mind to see who I’m texting so give over k. you know it will push her away if she finds out how much you’ve been checking up on her.

Me: I know I know, but I can’t help it, I love her so much

Maë: Get a hold of yourself Charles, you’re a teacher. Stop texting me k? I’m having a sleepover.

And with that she stopped texting me. I know I’m pathetic but I couldn’t help it, I haven’t been able to get her out of my head ever since I left.

Lily�"rose, or was it Ellie-may stalked closer towards me, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in her hand.

“Baaaaaaby, come to bed” she whined.

I may miss Trish, but I’m not going to leave myself unhappy waiting for her to grow up.

“You go on, I’ll be straight through” I told her, my teeth lengthening.

© 2011 HannahMarie

Author's Note

Don't know when i'll next be uploading

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