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About a girl suffering from autism



‘Momma, Humba,’ little Alice pointed at the guard sitting underneath the tree. Ever since Jennifer had shown her a photo of Humbert, standing with his comrades in his uniform and his face shining with his bright smile, every guard, every sergeant, every single person in a similar green or yellow or just plain grey suit seemed like him to the little soul.

‘No sweetie, that’s not Humbert. Humbert is not here,’ Jennifer consoled, her heart sighing a painful sigh, as the bright little 6-year old sitting beside her pouted her red little lips.

 Alice’s eyes scanned the park, the little spark in them burning a little brighter when she saw the slippers.

‘Slip! Slip!’ she squealed, her puppy dog eyes pleading to her mother. Jennifer stared at her daughter, the pain showing through her eyes. But she had sworn to herself she would give Alice as much happiness as she wanted as long as she lived, so she let her little bird go.

Alice ran over to the slippers as fast as her little legs could carry her, her lips unable to remain close as the widest grin spread through her face. But it was only a matter of time before that beautiful smile was cruelly wiped away from her face. Soon the pointing started, the jeering and the poking. Autism had become quite common, but it’s human nature to forget their sense and humanity whenever they come across someone’s deformity.

Alice ran back to her mother, the tears now replacing the spark as the other kids booed her off. Jennifer engulfed her in a warm hug, a sad smile on her lips, a smile that only expressed the sadness and pain which she had gone through over the last six years. Although most people cry when they are sad, Jennifer smiles. Her tears had dried up a long time back.

Glancing once at the ‘normal’ kids who still pointed at her most precious jewel, Jennifer walked forward, holding Alice close by her shoulder. But bells of happiness rang again when Alice brought her face up to see the ice-cream van at the side of the road. She turned to face her mother, her smile back on and her pearly whites shining in the mild sun of the November afternoon. Jennifer now truly smiled at her daughter as they walked over to the ice-cream van. Funny how a simple ice-cream can wipe away someone’s tears, isn’t it?

Alice rushed inside her house as soon as Jennifer opened the door with the little bronze key. The ice-cream now rested in her little tummy, but her face still bore its memories. Jennifer smiled when she saw her daughter sitting at the bench in front of the piano, waiting with eager eyes for her to come and play. So she played for her daughter, her soft fingers working out a beautiful symphony out of the black and white rids, as her husband smiled at her from the picture that rested on the table beside. And to that beautiful symphony, little Alice fell into a peaceful slumber, one of her little hands resting on her mother’s lap, the other against the cold bench, waiting for that one person who had already said his goodbyes to this world to come and hold it, waiting for her father, her Humba.

© 2012 Hidden Happiness

Author's Note

Hidden Happiness
i have a cousin who suffers from autism and i know what he and his mom go through everyday..just a request to all, everytime you see a child suffering from some kind of a disease, don';t treat him like shit, dont laugh at him...he is a person with feelings just like you are

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this story was so touching, it seriously got to me. My best friend's brother has autism.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

Well my best wishes to him and thanks to you:-):-):-D.
A fine work, that will surely advance the acceptance of young people with autism. I`v worked with young people with Asperger`s Syndrome, and I found them often easier to handle than other youngsters - you get feedback, you can get to them.
So a good piece of literature, noble and well written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

Thank you:-).
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Wow, Very powerful. I agree with your author's note. These individuals are people ,too. I am currently going to school so that I can become a special education teacher. You did a great job reinforcing this voice, that many of these indivdiuals do not have. Great Job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

Thanks Cord:-).

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Hidden Happiness
Hidden Happiness

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Ummm what to say, well writing along with music has been my best friends who helped me out in every difficulty, picked me up when I was down and wiped away my tears to put a smile on my face. I love r.. more..