To The Society

To The Society

A Poem by Hidden Happiness

Sometimes no matter how normal you are to yourself, the society thinks otherwise.

I am a strange person, well to the society 
Recently i started swimming
I go out wearing a zebra-print legging
An extremely tight t-shirt, and another shirt over that
And a pair of violet slippers
No in no way do i look vulgar,
I just look plain weird, well to the society 

When i go to school
I read a book, sometimes fiction, sometimes a journal
And when I have a free class and go the library,
I carry that book with me 
My friends, they laugh at me, they call me crazy
They snatch the book from me and pass it around
Until I beg them to give it back
Well yes I'm strange but to the society.
See i believe in female freedom
I believe in female education 
Oh and i don't accuse the girl when she gets raped
I have no interest in money 
I only find my peace in books and music
But I am abnormal
Well to the society.

© 2012 Hidden Happiness

Author's Note

Hidden Happiness
Why is it so wrong to be different?

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Sorry, i was so touched by this poem i just had to respond creatively.
Society is a paradox (we're social beings i've heard, but have a habit of blowing up social beings outside our own circle), and we're told we have 'problems' if we can't understand it.
Personally, i've found society says no to:

1. being proud of what sets you apart
2. dancing without an alcohol excuse
3. loving a lover

We're made to feel out-of-line, alone, misunderstood, stupid and ashamed. It's unconscious mostly, society is supposed to be like gravity but because we don't have such narrow-minds we can see it from the outside too - we haven't got the sort of limits most people are stuck with, so our priorities are different, so that not only do we accept other people's differences, we friggin love them more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Member of Society - (sign to authorise you're commitment to the following)

i am a duplicate, therefore i belong. i will dress to show i profit the most expensive, corrupt, exploiting business i can afford, and that i want to be just like you so long as you will be just like me.

i will take an obssessive-compulsive interest (real or imaginary) in making myself the instant 'cool' person you'll want to be friends with (simply to bump up your own fragile self-image), whilst seamlessly talking, walking, and moderating my behaviour at all times to fit the mould that makes me better than you - (shallow and on-gaurd is always appropriate). This way i will always find someone as insecure as myself, who likes the things i like and does not like the things i do not like. i will, therefore, be happy.

if our ideas of happiness are identical, if we agree that abnormailty is embarassing/dangerous, we can all get along.

if you aren't with us you're against us


hell no :p

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 16, 2012
Last Updated on August 22, 2012
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Hidden Happiness
Hidden Happiness

wonderland, words city

Ummm what to say, well writing along with music has been my best friends who helped me out in every difficulty, picked me up when I was down and wiped away my tears to put a smile on my face. I love r.. more..

Humba Humba

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