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Something that touched me so deeply- a true experience

I had just got out of my coaching center when my heel broke. I cursed, knowing that I had to go down the stairs barefooted.I slowly took them off and started going down the stairs, constantly looking around me to see if anyone was looking at me. But i was fortunate, the staircases were empty.
When i reached the ground floor i sighed in relief that no one saw me. Then i staggered down the garage with a pained expression on my face as if i had broken my leg or sprained my ankle, so that no one notice my torn shoes.
It was not long before i was close to my home when a scene, so disturbing, caught my eye. My hands are now shaking as I  write this. I saw this girl, same age as mine, begging in the streets. You might laugh that what is it about a simple beggar that i find so disturbing and that made so sad and traumatized.It was the way the girl dressed.
She had s tanned complexion, her hair rough and almost red due to lack of care. Her hands and legs dirty and the usual words coming out of her mouth. She was wearing a little piece of cloth, which she wrapped around her bottom and the cloth barely reached her knees. She had pulled up a part of that and had barely covered her front, the cloth tugged beneath her arms and her back completely empty. Extending her arms, she asked for alms but she had also managed to keep her cloth in place.
I stared at the girl for so long but I had to look away as my car passed. I was stabbed  with reality. I could feel my eyes welling up but I knew that it was of no use. As soon as i went home I brought out some clothes from my closet and rushed out to find her again. I didn't even waste a minute but by the time I went back to the place, she was gone.I couldn't give her the clothes. 
At first I was so ashamed and embarrassed that my heel broke. Then a few moments later I saw that poor girl who was begging for a little help, wearing nothing but rags, well not even rags, amidst so many people. I wondered that everyday we nag about clothes, food, maybe even a swimming pool but people like her don't even have enough clothing to cover their bodies.I wondered how could we be so selfish, so inconsiderate? I know a little piece of writing is not going to change anything but well, what's wrong in trying?

© 2012 Hidden Happiness

Author's Note

Hidden Happiness
every now and then we see a beggar, we should at least try and help them. This girl kind of opened my eyes and made me feel so terrible and so traumatized that i had to seek my ultimate remedy- write about it. So what do you think?

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Now, this is the kind of writing that can make a difference. It recognizes an egregious social situation and provides motive for change.

The challenge, from a writing perspective, is to find a target audience that is empowered to effect the desired change and rewrite it in such a manner as to encourage them to use their power to make a difference. It's good. Keep working on it.

Clean it up, show it to the right people in the right place at the right time and you may just surprise yourself with the kind of success this piece demands.

Posted 8 Years Ago

There is a saying that says we cannot open the eyes of the willfully blind, that doing so is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Because their hearts are of stone. But through your writing, through your eyes, people will see the world they have shut out. And their hearts will bleed.
On behalf of all the human race - I salute you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

Thank u so much for everything:-).
The story is really well written. It catches a grim reality unfortunately. I like the descriptions you use but think you could add a little more to them.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

thank you so much:-).

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Hidden Happiness
Hidden Happiness

wonderland, words city

Ummm what to say, well writing along with music has been my best friends who helped me out in every difficulty, picked me up when I was down and wiped away my tears to put a smile on my face. I love r.. more..

Humba Humba

A Story by Hidden Happiness