The Heart and the Third Eye

The Heart and the Third Eye

A Story by The Darkest Silhouette

4/19/12   I've just taken a big dose of acid about thirty minutes ago.  By big I only mean 2 hits of something I had been advised was strong, but it's only my third trip, so that's still quite a bit for me.

For the first thirty minutes I had felt nothing but "feels" undescribable almost orgasmic feelings of "fluidity".  It's as if you can feel all the barriers that make you feel "solid" (conceptually mostly) begin to break down.  I felt vaguely high, or buzzy, but coherent.  Despite being in the one place in the world that wouldn't care, I did begin to feel a bit paranoid about all the people around me knowing I was tripping.  But I still felt together and one of my favorite bands was set to play soon, so I followed a few friends over.  I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter, sweat formed all over my body, but despite this, I only felt the need to dance.

I was wearing a flowey dress, and I danced in such a way that was in between a dervish and a jellyfish.  My feelings of fluidity increased as I danced.  I felt almost as though I was bobbing at the surface of the water with soft waves pulling my up and letting my down in an alternating current of energy.  I danced more and more, and sweated harder.  I took off the dress and danced in only the pants underneath. 

Around this point a dredlocked girl offered my a rainbow LED hula hoop and I couldn't turn down her generosity, even though I was worried that my inebriation might show more when I hooped.  I did alright for myself, but not good.  It was as if the hoop was just on a slightly different frequency and it felt strange to move in the frequency that kept it in motion.  I too much wanted to return to my frequency, so I handed the hoop back.

My friends moved on to the main stage and soon I followed.  They were sick of dancing and sat, I on the other hand had to continue to flow in dance, though slower now.  The vibration of this stage was different, and made me feel more like a hula dancer.

Eventually I was able to sit for a while, though it still felt wrong.  I tried then to meditate, and assumed the lotus position with my hands folded in the way I had learned in temple meditation, which is shown in this diagram as the mudra for the sacral chakra.

This hand position though, felt wrong in the same way the hoop had.  It seemed like it just had a different vibration to it.  I began to fixate on my hands and contorted them until I found a pleasing position.  I formed a heart with my fingers, and then arranged my other fingers to make a triangle above it and then tightened the whole thing.  Though I was unaware of the concept of mudras at the time I was making the Third Eye mudra. 

In my mind I thought of this hand position as a gift, and a form of blessing.  I wished to bless the ground below me, so I leaned forward and placed my hands, still in position, in the grass.  It was then that I felt that I was grounded (in an electrical sense) and that the universe was connecting to me via current.  I looked up into the sky and felt/saw (its was both and neither at once) the sky, and all of space twist and condense in a spiral that came down through the heavens and flowed directly into my upturned forehead and out of my fingers into the Earth, as if I was a conduit.  In this moment I had a sense of full connection to my surroundings.  I felt/saw everyone at the park at once, as if I was beside each of them/ flying above them.

Afterwards, I noticed that my fingers had relaxed quite a bit and had a friend take a picture of the result.  This looks like to me a much more "open" version of the third eye mudra. Secondly, I was aware of a presence at a certain point near the entrance, but in a disconnected state I could not tell who it was.

I bid my friends farewell without trying to describe the experience and told the I had somewhere i had to be, feeling very much like the White Rabbit as I did.  Interestingly enough, I ran into two friends who I had been waiting on to show up all night almost as soon as I reached the destination that had seemed to be calling out to me.

I have no way of knowing how I knew any of these things, like how a third eye mudra I only first saw almost a year later just so happened to be the exact thing that seemed to have opened my third eye, or how when it opened I was able to immediately find a person I had been searching for all night.  All I can say is that the mystical seems to be alive and well :D

© 2012 The Darkest Silhouette

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Very cool account. These natural formations exist for a reason, and even with the unstudied mind, the heart and soul will make way for balance. And you're living proof. You obviously had some form of discontent, subconsciously, about not having found your other mates, but you managed to find a center, attune and thusly resolve your entire issue in one brilliant swoop. I bet the rest of the night was pure attunement.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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