I'm lost without you

I'm lost without you

A Poem by Samantha Taylor

To Kaylee, 6/22/98 - 10/9/2016

Has life ever given you a friendship that's beyond it's name itself?
Have you ever been BLESSED to be so close to someone that a simple look told a story?
Have you ever had a sister/brother that shared no blood.  
I have.
And now I don't.  
There was no petty fight,  no chance to make up.  
There was no betrayal,  or unforgivable regrets. 
There was a cliff,  and a girl with too much adventure for this world.  
And it's been two months exact of just being completely speechless..  
Still unable to come to the reality that she is no longer breathing. 
One night.  A single night.  In a single minute..  I lost half of who I was..  
I lost half of who I am.  
To the girl who held my hand,  as we felt the wind in our hair,  
To the girl who held my hand down the scariest hills we flew on.  
To the girl that hugged my insecurities away..  
To the girl who could read my mind just the same,  as I could for her.. 
To the girl who healed wounds left open by others.  
To the only girl that made my entire would full of light. 
I miss you..  I miss who I was with you.. 
I miss your laugh,  and your smile. 
I miss your insane ideas,  that I obediently followed. 
I miss you making me want to live.  
Years ago I promised..  I promised I'd continue to live no matter how bad it got.. 
Even after our facetimes became less and our texts were stretched to weeks..  
Even when my life seemed to fail..  And I was falling to what I thought was my doom.  I kept breathing. 
When I sat in hot showers till they were cold,  drinking liquor from a bottle.. 
I didn't give up.  
Even when my mind was screaming that I wouldn't survive..  I kept pushing.  
For a single promise to my sister.  
Have you ever met your soul mate,  that wasn't your true love.  That wasn't the person you would marry and have children with but instead,  was your soul mate in a whole new level. Your soul mate you wanted to spend your whole life with,  along side as you grew old,  with husband's and children and watch as your children became best friends.. 
Jokes about having a son and daughter who'd fall in love sharing the same friendship but in a different way..  

© 2017 Samantha Taylor

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I have never had that kind of relationship, but thanks to these words, I can imagine what it would be like. Thank you.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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A truly revealing and emotion tale. I am honored to have witnessed it. What beautiful and heartbreaking words. Nicely done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Samantha Taylor

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much.

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Added on September 20, 2017
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Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor


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